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Why is Spark Plugs so important for your car engine?


Spark Plugs Is a very important part of your car engine. It is responsible for the start of your car engine. These small plugs produce electricity sparks within the combustion chamber of your vehicle. This spark, along with air and fuel, also helps the car’s engine to start. Spark plugs do not stop working when ignition is complete.

Spark plugs provide continuous spark so that combustion is on within the combustion chamber. these auto parts They help the engine and also provide the power up it needs. Their job is to provide a smooth combustion for air and fuel mixture in the engine of your car within the combustion chamber.

Spark plugs are a very important thing by the way. automotive According to the parts but it is needed only for a few intervals. But to take care of them properly, you will need some expert advice that can guide you in the right way. With this, you can take care of all your car parts in a good way, including spark plugs.

Spark Plugs for Engine

If you want such a good consultation so that you can take care of the spark plugs of your car, then you can take advice in this way Of Boodmo, this Is India’s largest automobile spare part seller. You can check here best car spark price from

Spark Plugs Types of

Spark plugs are present in all cylinders of an engine. So, a four-stroke engine has four spark plugs. It is also similar to a six-stroke engine, they have six spark plugs. If your car engine is a hemispherical V-shaped engine, then each cylinder will be fitted with two spark plugs. Whatever spark plugs you will be told about here, they all come in different types, while they have their own pros and cons.

1. Iridium Spark Plugs

These spark plugs are made of a material called iridium, which is harder than platinum. These spark plugs are the best in the market as they last the longest and provide better performance than other products in the market.

Iridium spark plugs come at a higher price than other products on the market. This cost, however, is justified with the service they provide over time. The product is worth the money you spend.

Iridium spark plugs have a small center electrode that consumes very little power to generate the spark. It also has a different benefit of using iridium spark plugs.


1. They have the longest service period.
2. Uses very little electricity to produce sparks.


It is very expensive compared to other spark plugs which are available in the market.

2. Platinum Spark Plugs

Platinum spark plugs are also working well up to 160,934 km or 100,000 miles. Platinum heats when spark plugs are used. This heat helps reduce the formation of debris inside the combustion chamber of your engine. This is good for the long term health of your car engine. Newer cars with electronic distributor ignition systems are recommended to use platinum spark plugs.


1. Minimizes the formation of debris in the engine.
2. Has better service period than other products in the market.


It is not as strong compared to other products.

3. Copper Spark Plugs

As the name suggests, copper spark plugs are made using pure copper. At the same time, the center electrode is made of nickel alloy. This spark plug requires considerable amount of electricity to be charged because it has a large diameter.

Since nickel alloy is used to make spark plugs, it is made of copper, which is not very durable. This is the reason that these copper spark plugs do not last long.

It was used in older vehicles, because old trains did not require much electricity. Any vehicle that was made before the 1980s used copper spark plugs.


It is used in vintage vintage vehicles.


1. A large amount of electrical current is needed to produce a spark.
2. They are much younger than others.

Importance of spark plugs for vehicles

Spark plugs help a lot for the ignition of the engine and for the vehicle to run properly. If the spark plug in the car is removed completely, then your car will not start nor will it be able to go forward. The spark plug is an essential auto part of your engine. The health of spark plugs can directly affect the health of your car’s engine.

Good spark plugs are of paramount importance. A good spark plug can ensure that your car does not cause an issue with any misfire when starting cold or accelerating your vehicle. Low quality spark plugs can cause a decrease in fuel economy of your vehicle. The reason for this is that inferior spark plugs cannot maintain the engine’s high power for a long time.

The conclusion

Spark plugs are a very important auto part for your vehicle. Spark plugs need to be replaced sometime if you want your car to work at its optimum performance. If you want to buy the right spark plug for your car, then you must consult an expert, such as

Boodmo is India’s largest automobile spare part seller in today’s time and together with his help you can find the best and best spark plugs of your vehicle and among other things. The best thing is that you are going to get a good price here as well.


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