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Who invented WhatsApp and when?

whatsapp ka avishkar kisne kiya

Who invented WhatsApp?  In today’s digital era every person is connected to each other online. The experience of WhatsApp has been most spectacular in one way or the other. Till now, there are many messaging apps through which we can say our thing but WhatsApp has maintained its own identity.

But do you know that because of which we are able to get a move from our relatives so easily, who had discovered it and when? If not, then today we will talk Who invented WhatsApp and when If not, then it will not matter, we will tell you in this post.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp Its name is an app what’s up Is a game of phrase. It is also made for this purpose. People use this to inquire about each other. msg, file, video, photo, video calling, voice calling It provides the facility of freebies, it provides reliable support with calls and messages.

It runs in mobile devices but now it is desktop computer Is also available for which Internet must be connected to mobile to use it.

More than 2 billion people in around 182 countries by 2020! Use to keep in touch with your friend’s relationship partners. This app was first launched in the app store for the iPhone and later it was launched in 2010 for ios Android.

In 2010 itself, the owner of the app embed the location sharing feature in it, after this in 2011, he gave the option of group chat, after that it was as if WhatsApp was worth 1 billion sms a day which made WhatsApp the fastest and popular since then. In 2014, this app is constantly being made a record, in 2014, Facebook was bought by its owners for $ 19 billion.

History of whatsapp

Friends, as we all know that WhatsApp is a messaging app that helps us free sending chatting, video calling, files, photos and documents to each other, which is the favorite messenger of all today. It was discovered in 2009 by two friends Brain Acton and Jan koum, both of whom were employees in yahoo, a search engine.

This app was first launched in the app store for iPhone and then later it was launched for ios Android in 2010. 1 billion sms a day which made WhatsApp the fastest and popular.

Since then, this app is continuously being made a record, in 2014, Facebook was bought by its owners for $ 19 billion. Today we will know in detail how and when it was discovered. Stay tuned to know. Let’s start with us.

Why WhatsApp is so special?

Here you also share your personal profile, which means the end to end encryption feature means that no one else can see it except the one you are talking about. In 2014, Facebook bought it for about US $ 19.3 billion in 2015. It became the world’s most popular messaging application. On January 2018, WhatsApp launched an app for small businesses so that the company can communicate with its customers.

Why was WhatsApp invented?

Initially the purpose of inventing WhatsApp was only to understand but later on seeing the increasing reach of its user, other features were embed in it so that every kind of media text, photos, videos, location, file as well as video and The facility of making voice calls was also added easily.

This has been done to make it easy to contact any person in any corner of the world.

Who invented WhatsApp?

WhatsApp was invented by Jan koum and Brain Acton in California, USA in 2009. Both of these friends were employed in Yahoo for about 20 years before leaving the country, both of them went to South America in 2007 and after some time they aplyed the job on Facebook, but they did not get the job.

Then they thought of starting their own work and got about $ 400,000 in money saved during the job at Yahoo, after which I decided to build an iphone app and bought an iPhone after which to focus on the app store to understand the potential of app industry. Began

Soon, he came up with the idea of ​​a new type of msg app that needed an iPhone developer to make, for this, another friend of Jan koum Alex fishman visited and created WhatsApp with the help of Russian app developer Igor solomennikov .

Listening to what’s up messy rhyme Karta was included in WhatsApp inc in California on February 24, 2009. However, when its first version was launched, it was either being censored or hank. Later the problem was fixed by launching 2.0 version.

When was WhatsApp invented?

WhatsApp was invented in February 2009. WhatsApp one to one In February 2009, two friends Jan Koum and Brain Acton who had worked for 20 years in the yahoo company were invited to California in February.

It was first made available to the iPhone user in the App Store, but later in 2010 it was also made supportable for iOS Android.

What is the invention of whatsapp?

WhatsApp was invented in the US city of California in January 2009. Jan Koum and Brain Acton did it.

Who is the owner of whatsapp?

After its invention in 2009, Facebook bought it from its owners in 2014 for $ 19 billion dollars, now all its Facebook right now WhatsApp Facebook The biggest property is Messenger and Intragram on the other.

How does WhatsApp make money?

We always have questions in our mind that we think that WhatsApp is free, then how does it earn money.

WhatsApp has two ways to earn.

1. Through subscription fee : WhatsApp subscribes to its user for free, but income does it through 1 WhatsApp Business: Through api.

2. Second click Via whatsapp ads.

What is the biggest market of WhatsApp?

India has the highest number of users worldwide, 340 million users are in India only, followed by Brazil with 99 million.

What did you learn today

Friend today, when we said about the invention of WhatsApp in the article, how to go through every aspect in detail.

I hope that the article “Who invented whatsapp and when“You must have liked.

If you liked it, please share it with your friends on social media and always keep smiling with us for reading similar information post. Thank you always.


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