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Who invented the telescope and when?


Do you know that Who discovered the telescopeThe

As we know, telescopes use telescope to see distant things. Today, the use of telescopes to see planets, stars and other bodies located millions of kilometers away from Earth has increased a lot.

In many countries of the world, giant telescopes have been installed and scientists have also put telescopes in space to see more D in the depth of space.

For example – Spitzer Space Telescope, Fermi Gamma Telescope etc. So in this article today, we will get all the information related to the telescope.

durvin ka aviskar kisne kiya

Then let’s start.

Who invented the telescope?

The telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey. Hans Lippershey was an eyeglass maker from G Pesay. In the 17th century AD, in 1608, the son of a spectacle trader living in the city of Middleburg, Holland, did sports.

The name of this businessman was Hans Lippershey. A telescope or telescope is a device that shows distant things easily.

Lippershey has her kikjer Was named.

kikjer is a highly spoken word. Let me tell you that Hans Lippershey did not do any special work in the search for binoculars and neither was Hans Leppershey a great scientist. So let’s know how the telescope was discovered.

When was the telescope invented?

Telescope invented 17th century Year 1608 Happened in.

Where was the telescope invented?

Telescope invention of holland Middleburg Took place in the city.

How was the telescope invented?

One day, Leppershey brought his son to work at the shop and asked him to sort the colored glass out of a basket, but he looked at the glass with all the glass in his eyes.

He started looking at red and sometimes yellow all colored glass together and then he was afraid that he saw that the front church has come in front of his eyes. He thought it was an illusion but if he looked again, he showed the same perspective.

Now he thought whether he should tell his father this magical thing or not?

But he could not stop himself for a long time and he gave a voice to his father Hans Leppreshey and told him that he should see these glasses in his eyes. Seeing this miracle Hans leppreshey He was also surprised and after applying those glass, the distant things were coming 3 times closer and he saw the tower which was located far away too.

Hans leppreshey Mad with pleasure, he started dancing with his son in his lap but yet his son was worried about what happened and then he told that son you inadvertently invented one. To see the distant object in front.

Hans Leppreshey said that now we will make a machine which will also be our name. This is how the telescope was inadvertently invented.

On September 25, 1608, Hans Leppreshey had his telescope patented. Both the convex lens and the concave lens were used in this telescope.

Galileo also made an attractive telescope

After that Galileo After hearing the news of this telescope, he also started making binoculars and by adding more lenses in it, he failed the telescope which was seen 3 times closer and he prepared the telescope looking 20-30 times closer.

What are some of the world’s famous telescopes?

Let us now know which telescope or telescope they are most famous for.

1. Hubble Space Telescope

2. James Webb Space Telescope

3. Kepler telescope

4. Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (ALMA)

5. Arecibo Observatory

what did you learn today

Today you learned how the telescope was invented and Who invented the telescope. However, this invention was not very difficult and special. Still, this invention further benefited humanity.

If you have any doubt about this article, then do comment it.

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