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Who invented Facebook and when?


who discovered facebook? Friends Facebook is a social media app. You all know this, along with this it is also a free social media networking service running on the internet. Through this we can communicate with each other. Even if you are not in any corner of the world.

In this you can contact with your relative, friend, acquaintance, it gives us free signup facility. Together we can make new friends and stay in touch with them through sms, video images, calling.

The popularity of Facebook is so much that about 2 billion people are active in it every month. Do you know who are the people who provide this facility for free. If you want to know who invented facebook And when was it, then you have to read this article completely today.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking site. Its headquarters are located in Maloneo Park, California. It can be used on all devices, mobiles, tablets, Can be done in computer or desktop.

facebook ka avishkar kisne kiya

In this, you can connect with other people by creating your profile (meaning information about yourself) for free. You can share your posts in this with others. Facebook has business pages and groups, by joining, Facebook gives us the facility to sell and buy your goods online for free. Through Facebook, you can also check the notification of the activity of your Facebook friends.

Why is Facebook popular?

In the digital age, every person is present online in some way or the other. Facebook is a place where you can easily contact with anyone around the world, whether it is calling video or audio through your thoughts, articles, and images, you can connect through all simple means.

Millions of people are active here all the time, this is the only place in the world where millions of people live together because it gives membership for free, a large marketplace for any business, where it is very easy to connect with a large number of audiences to do business. It is a very big digital market to increase business on a large scale sitting at home.

Who invented Facebook?

Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg. He invented this social networking service in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg made his college Harvard University roommate along with classmate friends Eduardo Saverin, andrew McCullum, Dustin Moskowitz, Chris Hughes.

facebook explorers

Initially, this website was limited to Harvard University students only. But later it was also started for the United States and Canada and other Boston area universities.

In 2006 September, Facebook was made available to the public with some rules. The condition was that only people above 13 years of age with a valid email can signup in it for free.

When was Facebook invented?

Facebook was invented in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with four of his friends in America.

In which country was Facebook invented?

Facebook was invented in America.

history of facebook

We know this when Facebook was launched in January 2004. But now we also know how it started. It was the year Facebook’s main creator Mark Zuckerberg, while studying at Harvard University, created a website facemash, which was like a game played online, in which two aspects were told, there was a rule to play hot or not.

On playing it, it used to compare and tell one of the two options, there were two photos on the screen in which the hot person was asked to choose or there was an option to tell Facemas, in its first 4 hours, about 450 visitors got the result of 2200 photos. Compare and tell, which raised the expectations further.

The website was also sent to campus elsewhere, but Harvard University banned Zuckerberg for violating safety regulations, copyright violations, and violating personal privacy.

However, in the end, he was acquitted of all charges and then Zuckerberg made his project and made a social media tool and uploaded all the images in the website and shared it with his friend by embedding the share like comment feature for the first time.

Then finally came the date in the month of January 2004, Mark Zuckerberg was writing the code for a new website website “thefacebook” which was taken from a crimson editorial in an upcoming add on about facemash.

The reason behind which was that Zuckerberg had all the technology to bring the world together in one place and he was confident that he told the Harvard Crimson that the name of universal Facebook is going on in the campus.

The college staff are saying that it will take a few years to make it but I am finding it silly because the work which these people are asking to do in years, I can do in a week.

This required investment, for which Zuckerberg, along with his friend Eduardo Saverin from Harvard University, got a $ 1000 investment in the website and, starting with controversies, finally launched on February 4, 2004.

But six days later, Harvard University senior students Cameron Winklevoss, Tylor Winklevoss, and Divvy Narendra K Zuckerberg were accused of misleading Zuckerberg, who had told them he would help build a social network But instead of helping, he stole our idea and used it for himself.

Whose investigation was started, a lawsuit was filed, in 2008, the matter was finally settled by the court, Zuckerberg got 1.3 million shares in Facebook worth $ 300 million, which was showing the strength of Facebook.

Initially, membership in Facebook was restricted to Harvard University students, yet within a month more than half of undergraduate students had registered.

How did Facebook get its name?

In mid-2004, entrepreneur Sean Parker, co-advisor of Zuckerberg and co-founder of napter, became president of Facebook, in June 2004 the company shifted to polo alto California.

Here the company was first invested by cofounder peter theil of paypal company and thefacebook bought its domain name for us$ 200000 and removed the to only bought because this domain name from another company aboutface corporation was related to.

Some interesting facts of Facebookk

Now let’s know about some interesting facts of Facebook.

1. Facebook has claimed that according to 2018 research it has manthly 2.3 billion active users.

2. And it was the most downloaded mobile app in the whole world.

3. On the basis of Alexa rank from 2010 to November 18 2020, Facebook is #6th most used in the world
is on.

4. The reason for the blue color of Facebook is the colorblind disease of Zuckerberg, the main creator of Facebook, due to this disease he does not know green and red colors.

5. Facebook is available in more than 70 languages.

6. You can permanently block any person other than the owner of Facebook.

what we learned today

Friends, today we have created the biggest social media service. who invented facebook When and where how to go into detail about each and every aspect.

I hope that you have got information about Facebook from our article.

Share this important information with your friends on social media and thank you for staying with us for reading such informative posts.


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