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What is Video Markup Schema & how to Generates?

What is Video Markup Schema & how to Generates?
What is Video Markup Schema & how to Generates?

What is Video Markup Schema, how it is generated (Advantages, How to use) (Video Markup Schema in hindi)

Nowadays video content is given a lot of attention on the Internet. If you feel that it is not so, then we tell you about it in detail. According to a recent research, 80 percent of the total traffic on the Internet is video based. Users do not just like the video, but want it more and more. Still, however, the crawlers are unable to read the media object on the web page correctly in many places, due to which it does not appear correctly in the search results. For this it is important that you correctly insert the video into your content and use the video schema, structure tool. This will give your data a place in the search results, as well as create a rich snippet, which will attract users to visit your site.

To insert video into your content, you have to use schema markup, this is a very powerful tool, which will help search engines to understand your content and your site in a better way, by which it will know what your site is about. And what do you want to give? Through this you will get ranking so that you will be able to connect with more and more people. Let us know in detail what is video schema markup, how it works, how you can use it. Before understanding schema markup, we need to understand what is structure data, how it is used.

Some code is written in the structure data, which helps the search engines to understand the content and structure of your page. Then all the search engines pass this information to the user. Google search engine gives you a good position by generating rich snippets through this same code.

What is video schema?

This is the markup for the video content. With this structure data, you guide the Google search engine to find and watch the video. Here you can give all the information related to the video object with it.

How to use Structure Data for video –

Before you generate these codes, you have to get a good knowledge about all. is a similar structure data tool that most bloggers use. Using this, you can create structure data in your website, which will increase your chances of coming up in the search engine.

Apart from this, you can also implement structure data in the site through JSON-LD. You will not have to do any coding while using these tools, you just have to enter the data, the code will be generated automatically.

There are two steps required to make your site eligible for video-rich cards and rich snippets in search results

  • Add the structure data about the video to your page, here your data will be shown in microdata or JSON ID format by markup.
  • Create a video sitemap and submit it to the search engine.

How to fix video markup

If your markup is not correct then you will get notification through Google Search Console that your markup is wrong. You can markup videos well by using video markup generator.

What is Schema Markup?

After understanding structure data, we talk about schema markup. As we also mentioned above that the crawlers can read the text data on the website but it is still unable to read and show the video data. After watching this video, he understands that there is data here, but what kind of data is it, what is in it, he is not able to read it.

The schema markup is designed in such a way that it gives this additional information to the crawlers, which they do not have, so that they are able to read the media type data also.

What information can be given through video schema?

Through schema markup, you can share your information widely with people, in this you have to give every information related to the video. In which information like thumbnail URL, total duration of the video, title of the video etc. has to be given. Along with this, you will get other important information like the detailed information about the music you have used in your video. If you do not give all the information in it, then your video will not be read well by the search engine, due to which you will not get ranking. By giving all this information, your data will show a rich snippet in the search result.

How video schema will work in blog post –

If you have uploaded your own video to YouTube before, then you want to embed it in the blog, then you will still have to embed it using markup, which increases its visibility and connects with more people. If you want to add video to your blog, then select a correct and powerful schema, using which Google will be able to read your information and reach as many users as possible.

The search engine always helps the user, so that he can access the right data according to his choice. You must keep these properties in mind while using Schema Select –

  • Name – This is very important, the title of your video, the stronger the name, the better response you will get.
  • Description – By this you can tell additional information, you can tell the important information related to the video here.
  • Duration – Most of the people like to watch short short videos, if you tell the timing of your video here, then you will click more.
  • Transcript – Here you get a chance to explain the information of the video in detail, here you can explain in as many words as you want.
  • Upload date – If you will update the upload date of your video, then it will help people to understand that your video has fresh content.
  • Thumbnail URL – If you provide the thumbnail link of your video to the crawler, then you allow the search engine to show your video thumbnail to the user in the direct search result.
  • Expire – You can enter here by setting a date where people will get information that this video is no longer available.

Google search video how to get rich result –

You first make a video scheme with the help of generator, then by inserting the code, upload the video which is visible to all. After this the search engine will recognize it and index it.


Q: What is Video Schema?

Ans: You tell Google about your media object with the help of schema, which makes it easy to understand and see that it is a video. After which he shows it to the user in the same way.

Q: What is a video snippet?

Ans: Video snippet is a kind of short video, which you can also call a kind of teaser. When a user searches a video on Google, through the rich media snippet, you see a small video at the top of the search result, which makes it easy for the user to understand what is in the video.

Q: What are the benefits of video schema markup?

Ans: This will make it easier for the Google crawler to understand that your data is a media object and not text data. Then it will show that media object in the search result in the same way.

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