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What is the Hindu population in China in 2022


In this post you will know What is the Hindu population in China In 2022, if you too have a little knowledge of the world, then you will also know that at present China is the most populous country in the world. Now there is a country with such a population, then you must have felt that people of many religions would be living here the way we live in India, but the reality is on the contrary, according to a report, most of the people in China are atheists. Those who do not belong to any religion, just as Hinduism has the highest population in our India, similarly many people in China believe in Buddhism, apart from this, there is a good population of Muslim people in China.

What is the Hindu population in China

After America, China is the second largest superpower in the world, China has made as much progress in the last decades as it took America hundreds of years to do. Today you will get to see Chinese products in most of the countries of the world, but now you must be wondering how China has progressed so quickly. So there are many reasons for this, such as the stable government and their government never allowed religion to come ahead of development, China mainly consists of followers of Buddhism, but apart from this there are Muslims, Christians and very few Hindus too.

What is the Hindu population in China

If you also want to know how many Hindus live in China, then you will get accurate information about it very hard at the moment because China does not officially release the population of people on the basis of religion. If some reports are to be believed, then the population of Hindus in the vast country of China can be in lakhs, most of which can be immigrants, meaning those who have settled in China from countries like India.

As you would know that China has the highest number of followers of Buddhism, but do you know that in the history of China, people of Hinduism also lived in the medieval era. And the biggest evidence of this is the archaeological evidence found in China such as statues of Hindu deities and temples. The history of Buddhism in China is 2000 years old, which has spread very rapidly in China and other countries.

what is the population of china

China’s population often remains the subject of discussion because in the last few decades their population has increased so much that they had to implement the One Child Policy to control the population. However, in this also they had to face many problems because due to the one child policy, most of the Chinese parents considered it appropriate to raise the son, due to which there was a big difference in the population of women and men in China. This is the reason that now China has abolished the One Child Policy.

At present, the population of China has crossed 141 crores, which is about 19 percent of the total population of the world, about 30 percent of the people in India live in urban areas while in China about 80 percent of the people live in cities. By the way, India is better in residential area than China because in India you will get to see a good population in all the areas. But this is not the case in China because more than half the population in this country lives in East China, that is why China is trying to settle its people in the border area.

so now you know that What is the Hindu population in China For your information, let us tell you that China is officially an atheist country and the ruling Communist government here has imposed tax restrictions on religious people. Not only this, all the workers in the ruling Communist Party cannot publicly become a follower of any religion, although Christianity is spreading very fast in China amidst such restrictions.

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