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What is the difference between a computer and a laptop?

computer aur laptop mein antar
Nowadays technology is reaching home fast. And as such online, The practice of studies is motivating everyone to buy technical devices such as phones, computers, laptops, etc. If you too are thinking of getting a new laptop or computer and are not able to decide whether you should take a desktop computer or a laptop.Whenever people think of getting a new computer device, this is the first question that comes to their mind. Although desktop computers and laptops are both computers, still there is a lot of difference between the two. While buying a computer, people think that if one place has to work, then the desktop is right because it cannot be carried everywhere.

But if your work is out then in such a situation, taking a laptop will prove to be the right option for you. In this way, the way of buying computers became outdated. Today if you buy a new computer or laptop, apart from this, you also have to take care of many things.

Which you will know about in this post. In this post you computer And laptop If you will be told the difference between, then read it completely.

Before clarifying the difference between a computer and a laptop, let us know what the Desktop computer and Laptop

What is a desktop computer?

Desktop computer Is also known as a personal computer. This computer is specially designed to work in one place. This type of computer is mostly used by placing it on top of a table.

Such computers have different types of components like monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU Are fitted separately. A desktop computer is also known as a traditional computer. Such computers do not have batteries.

What is a laptop?

Laptop Computer is the advanced version. Where monitor, CPU, mouse are all different in a computer. Their laptop is one such device in which these three components are present simultaneously. A laptop is a small-size computer. Which can be easily carried anywhere in your bag.

The laptop functions completely like a computer but it is only small in size. The laptop is just like a notebook. The laptop is good for those who work while traveling.

What are a computer and a laptop? You must have known about it. Although both are computers, how is it different from each other? So let’s see what is the difference between these two which makes them different from the other.

Which is the world’s first laptop?

Was the world’s first laptop Toshiba T1100.

Which company made the laptop for the first time?

Toshiba company made the laptop for the first time.

Who invented the laptop?

Laptop invention by Adam Osborne.

Computers and laptops Difference in

Both computers and laptops work the same. But there are many such factors, on the basis of which there is a difference between a computer and a laptop. Difference Between Computer and Laptop

Price – Price is one of the factors that affect both computers and laptops. Where you have to spend 25,000 – 30,000 rupees to get a good laptop, you get a good computer for 20,000 – 25,000 rupees. That is why, based on price, an efficient computer is better.

Portability Talking about portability, the size of the computer is so large that its space cannot be changed again and again. Also, the CPU and mouse are connected with the computer. Which makes it difficult to carry it anywhere. The same laptop is the size of a notebook. So it can be easily taken anywhere. So considering the portability, laptops are the best option.

Screen size – Screen size is very important in a computer or laptop. The monitor of the computer i.e. the screen can be changed as per your convenience. But the laptop comes with a fixed screen size. In which any kind of change cannot be done. So if you want a bigger screen, you can choose a desktop computer.

Functioning – Functioning means the ability to work, the most important feature of any computer or laptop is its ability to work. Processors are better in computers than laptops, RAM, GPU, etc. This is the reason that most of all high definition work is done in desktop computers like – video editing, gaming, animation designing, programming etc.

Upgrade – Both computers or laptops need to upgrade after prolonged use, that is, to increase their storage capacity, RAM, Processor, etc.

Talking about upgrading, it is easier to upgrade to a desktop than a laptop. In addition, the computer upgrades well at a lower cost. Upgrading the same laptop is a bit difficult, plus it costs more.

Repairing – Repairing is a factor that explains the huge difference between a computer and a laptop. If the computer goes bad, then its bad parts can be repaired or replaced and then brought into use. Also, it does not cost much.

Due to all the things inbuilt in the same laptop, if there is a slight defect in it, then it has to bear a huge expense in repairing it. Sometimes the cost of fixing a bad laptop is so high that a new computer can be purchased in it.

In this way, if you work at home, then you should close your eyes and take a computer. But you have to do your work while traveling, then laptop will be best for you.

Parameters of Comparison Desktop Laptop
To switch on the powering process Works on electricity through wall sockets Works on batteries
Portability Not so portable Portable
Mobility stationed Mobile
How is storage capacity High storage Low storage
Components (keyboard, CPU, mouse, etc.) External components Built-in components

What did you learn today?

Friends, I hope that after knowing the information in this post, you must have understood that What is the difference between a computer and a laptop Now you will be able to choose the right device for you. How did you like this post, tell it by commenting below.

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