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What is the difference between a computer and a calculator?


What is the difference between a computer and a calculator By the way, both computer and calculator machines are designed to make the work of a human being easy. But when it comes to utility, then there is a lot of difference between these two. In this article we have explained the difference between computer and calculator with the help of different points. So be sure to read it

Before knowing the difference between a computer and a calculator, it is important to know what a computer is. And what is a calculator? After knowing these two machines, you will be able to understand the difference between them even better.

what is Computer?

computer It is an electronic device with the help of which to store, arrange, organize data and information as well as calculate it. Along with controlling the data, the computer also controls other devices. Simply put, a computer input device After processing the data given by it, its result is transmitted to the user.

What is a calculator?

The calculator There is a small mechanical machine with which large calculations are done. This is a machine that helps the user to solve large math operations easily. Everyone can buy calculator easily.

Nowadays, calculators have started coming in mobile and computer too. This calculator is so small that it cannot be carried even in the pocket. A calculator is also used to add large numbers and subtract them.

Difference between computer and calculator

By the way, both the computer and the calculator have been made to make human work easier and both work to extract the result by processing the data given by the user, but still there is a big difference between the two.

Computer one Big device And calculator A small device Happen. In addition to the number in the computer Too many calculations Can be done and other ways can also be done. But in the calculator Count only number Is done.

This is the most primary difference between a computer and a computer.

Apart from this, many others are also seen inside the computer and calculator, which you will understand by reading the next questions.

Complexity of calculating Moderate High
Memory Less (much less) More (much more)
Other tasks Can’t be done Can be done easily
Programming language There is no concept of programming language in it A lot of programming language will be found in it.

What is the difference between a computer and a calculator?

Difference between computer and calculator Is expressed in the points given below.

The computer works above the number as well as the computer works on alphabets as well. But the same calculator only number count Does.

On calculating anything with the help of computer, you can show different types of results simultaneously. On calculating anything in the same calculator, he can show only one result.

The computer works with the help of different programs. The same calculator does not work in any kind of program. The calculator does its work without a program.

The memory of a computer is much larger than that of a calculator, which is why the data being processed in a computer Memory There is a store in The calculator has very little memory, so after calculating, the data present in the calculator is automatically deleted.

Two types of memory are found in the computer, first, permanent and second, but only temporary memory is found in the calculator.

The computer is used in many different tasks such as making projects, emailing, making and editing videos, making video calls, making applications, software, making graphics. Only calculations can be done with the help of the same calculator.

Different types of graphics can be made with the help of computer. But no graphic of any kind can be made using a calculator.

Other devices can also be easily controlled with the help of computer such as pen drives, projectors, printers, speakers, microphones etc. But no device can be controlled through calculator.

The data processed in the computer can be converted from soft copy to hard copy. But the calculus going into the calculator cannot be directly converted to hard copy.

Computer screens are found in different sizes, but calculator screens are as small as a strip.

In addition to the numbers calculation, images, videos, graphics can also be seen in the computer screen. But only the numbers can be seen in the calculator screen. At the same time, no image and video can be seen in the calculator’s screen.

The screen that is used in a computer is called a monitor. In a desktop computer, the monitor and keyboard are different and in a laptop computer, the screen is attached to the keyboard but performs all the same functions as a desktop computer. In the calculator also, the screen already attaches to it.

A computer is a device that is used to store information and then the computer processes those information based on the instructions given by the user. The calculator is used to solve mathematics and algebra problems.

A program of its own calculator works inside the computer, but the same calculator does not have a single feature of the computer.

Is a calculator a computer?

We can call a calculator a mini computer. Because a calculator is a small device that is used only for mathematical calculations. At the same time, with the help of a computer, we can do complex things.

Which is faster calculator or computer?

A computer is much faster than a calculator.

Was the first computer in the world a calculator?

Yes, the first computer in the world was a calculator. Its name was Pascaline. It was also called an Arithmetic Machine. At the same time it was designed and built by a French mathematician-philosopher Blaise Pascal ji between 1642 and 1644.

Which is the world’s first calculator?

The world’s first calculator was Pascaline. This was the first machine that was able to perform arithmetic operation with ease.

Why can’t we call a calculator a computer?

One computer He can do all the things that a calculator can do. But at the same time a calculator cannot do all the things that a computer is capable of doing. That is, it is unable to perform logical and highly complex problems. At the same time, a computer is programmed so that it can decide on its own, whereas a calculator cannot do this.

What was the first calculator or computer in the world?

The first one calculator came into the world. Later it was developed to do as much operation as possible.

What did you learn today?

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