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What is the Burari case, the story. Burari [Murder Suicide] Case, Web Series in Hindi


What is Burari case, murder or suicide, what is the secret, story, web series, Netflix (Burari Case Latest News in Hindi) [Murder Or Suicide] (Mystery, Web Series, Netflix, Release Date, Full Story)

The subject of the wrong effect of Tantra-Mantra in the country has been a topic of discussion for a long time. But in the recent past, when the same family was found dead collectively in Burari, Delhi, Tantra-Mantra Vidya and its effect had sparked a new debate, and it became an issue of international level. Although now Delhi Police has solved this mystery to a great extent. But some questions related to this are still waiting for answers.

Burari Case

Burari Case

Case Name Burari case
What happened 11 people from the same family committed mass suicide or were murdered.
Age and Name of the victims Narayan Devi (77) Bhavnesh (50) Lalit (45) Savita (48) Tina (42) Pratibha (57 years) Priyanka (33 years) Neetu (25 years), Monu (23) Dhruv (15), Shivam (15) .
Day of the Scandal 1 July 2018
Reason behind suicidal mystery Finding a diary and some hand-written letters in the house indicating a plan to commit suicide after a ritual
Reasons behind murder mystery The family should be happy, prosperous and educated, as well as being social.

What is the Burari case? (What is Burari Case)

The joint family of Narayan Kaur of Rajasthan lived in Sant Nagar area of ​​Burari in Delhi for the last 20 years. Among them, the elder brother had a grocery shop while the younger brother had a plywood business. On July 1, 2018, 11 members of this family committed mass suicide. Out of which the bodies of 10 people were found hanging on the first floor of the house, while the body of a 77-year-old woman was found in a nearby room. Some of the dead bodies had their faces covered. And hands were tied. In which there were 7 women and 4 men, including 2 minors. The police had suspected murder in this case from the beginning. Due to this the crime branch was given the responsibility of investigation.

Burari Case Chronology

1The whole family had gathered for the engagement of Narayani’s grandson on June 7. At 8 pm on June 30, Bhavnesh closed the plywood shop and reached home. At 10 o’clock another boy Lalit also reached home after closing his shop, at 11 o’clock Lalit called his sister Sujata.

On the night of June 30, the children of the house and some elders had bought black stools which were shown in CCTV and these were used in suicide.

Due to non-opening of the shop in the morning on July 1, the neighbors reached his house and saw everyone’s dead body hanging. Police got a call at 7.30 pm and the team reached the place, consisting of Inspector MP Bhardwaj, Manoj Kumar and ACP. After the Chief Minister’s visit at 12 o’clock, all the bodies were sent for post-mortem till 1 o’clock.

Suicide or Murder? (Suicide or Murder)

People belonging to the family had denied the police claim. Ketan Nagpal’s maternal grandmother was also among the dead. According to him the family was educated and he had got his house renovated some time back. He had not even taken any loan, meaning he was not going through any financial problem or pressure. Because of this, there is no reason for him to commit suicide. He has been murdered, Nagpal also said that if it was a suicide, then his face would not have been covered.

Neighbors also told that there was friendly behavior between the two brothers. He can never commit suicide. Another neighbor told the media that the family was satisfied and happy that they did not have any financial problems. There was no problem with the school fees of the children. Till now he had not had any quarrel with anyone.

Why did the police become suspicious of Tantra Vidya? (Why did Police Suspect about Tantra-Mantra)

The police had received a hand-written letter, according to which it was done religiously or on the call of some spirit. At that time, the police officer said that a search would be made about whether the family was under the control of some tantrik or whether someone has had a wrong influence on them, but later the police got evidence on evidence in this direction.

The family has a house and a grocery store in the same building in Burari. According to the police, his shop used to open every morning at 6 o’clock, but on that day, the milkman at his shop went to his house with the neighbor, he saw everyone hanging and informed the police.

According to the police, no signs of any kind of theft or robbery were found in the house, no valuables were stolen or any sign of coercion was seen with any corpse. It was because of hand-written letters and diaries that the police felt that the family was doing some tantric rituals or was under the influence of tantra-mantras.

In fact, in the initial investigation itself, it was confirmed that Lalit is the soul of his father. Relatives and some neighbors also agreed to this. Lalit used to do all the work according to the orders of his father. His voice was gone, which had come back only by some miracle. The progress of his family was also done by the grace of his father. Priyanka was not getting engaged, that too under the direction of Lalit’s father. Some of these things were also written in Lalit’s diary.

What was written in the mysterious diary? (What was Written in Diary)

Lalit used to maintain a diary in which it was written that a ritual was organized to thank the father and God on that day. After this ritual, everyone had to hang with their hands tied. It was also written that the whole family had prepared it together, which the police have seen in the footage of CCTV. Lalit claimed that his father would come and save him at the last moment. Everyone had tied each other’s hands and Narayan Devi had also fed food to the whole family before that.

After the successful completion of Priyanka’s engagement, her father came to Lalit’s body and asked him to worship the banyan. The 7-day long ritual was started from June 24. The family used to perform this puja every night. On the last night of worship, everyone had to stand like banyan branches. Who said whom and how to stand have also been found written in the diary. This diary was last written on 30 June.

Why is there suspicion of murder?

Lalit’s brother Dinesh says that his niece Priyanka was very bold, if something like this had happened, she could have faced her uncle and father, she would never have agreed to commit suicide.

While Dinesh refused to believe that he had written something about suicide in the diary, the police say that he had taught it to Dinesh. Dinesh told that Lalit was the most intelligent brother, he did not have any mental illness. Neither his mother was a religious woman. Dinesh said that he himself is a civil contractor, his house was very dark, so he had suggested to Lalit that he should get the holes done on the wall till the nearby plots are empty, we will have light and air for at least a few years. How is it possible that the soul used to come from those holes?? And all of them have been found hanging from the same pipes.

The matter was also seen by connecting a tantrik Geeta Devi, but the police did not get any big success in this direction and Lalit’s elder brother Dinesh’s daughter also said that they did not know Geeta Devi.

Lalit’s niece told the police that her family was Singh Chandawat, not Bhatia, only Lalit’s wife Pratibha and daughter Priyanka Bhatia were engaged.

He also said that there was a special enthusiasm for Priyanka’s marriage, like ordinary families, all her siblings had formed a WhatsApp group together. And there was no salvation diary in the house, only Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana were in their house.

Vishakha also told the police that she stayed at her grandmother’s house with her brother from June 11 to June 19 and used to go there several times. He never heard or saw that the spirit of Lalit’s father comes in him. If this was the case, she would have seen or heard about it once.

On the matter of buying a stool, Priyanka also said that her aunt used to teach tuition, she may have bought stools for the children. On returning, Priyanka told her uncle’s voice that she had lost her voice due to the fire in the plywood shop. That had returned after a lot of treatment.

Delhi Police wants to get the family’s mental test done, for this they have sought permission from the Delhi government.

Action Taken by Government and Other Political Leaders

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had also reached to inspect the spot. He said that this is a sad situation, I have spoken to the police, we should wait for the results of the investigation. Apart from this, BJP President Manoj Tiwari and Congress leaders also reached. In a video released by the Aam Aadmi Party, neighbors of the family are telling Arvind Kejriwal that the Bhatia family was busy with wedding preparations.

Burari Case Web Series Release Date

A family living in the Sant Nagar area of ​​Burari, Delhi, which died suddenly in the year 2018. On hearing the name of that heart-wrenching Burari case, it still breaks the mind of many people. To show this scandal, a web series is going to come on the Netflix OTT platform. A glimpse of which you can see in the form of a trailer. You can watch this web series on Netflix foot on Friday, October 8.

While the country is astonished on this whole episode, the psychiatrists are also bewildered. Doctors say that in cases of suicide of the whole family, that family distances itself from the society long ago. It has never been seen like them that before doing anything like this, they are dancing in the joy of engagement and planning their future. No one person can ever mind wash the family of so many educated and intelligent people.


Q: What is Burari Case?

Ans: 11 people of a family had committed mass suicide.

Q: When did the Burari incident happen?

Ans: On the 1st of July in the year 2018.

Q: What is the name of the web series to be made on the Burari case?

Ans: Burari Case

Q: Burari Case web series is coming in which?

Ans: Netflix on OTT platform

Q: When is the Burari Case web series releasing?

Ans: 8th October day on Friday

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