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What is a subdomain and how to create it?

What is a subdomain and how to create it?
What is a subdomain and how to create it?

Have you ever created a subdomain from the main domain for your website? Do you know what is a subdomain? Have you been thinking of domain and sub-domain as the same till today? If yes, then friends, let me tell you that it is not like that at all. Sub Domain is a part of Main Domain itself but it is not Main Domain Name.

You will be surprised to know that Subdomain is used more than Main Domain. Why did you think? Friends, it is absolutely correct that the subdomain is used more than the main domain. How is the use of Subdomain done, I will tell you more in this article.

Subdomain does Set different Section of your Website and Navigate maintains as well as you can make a lot Subdomain the Main Domain | 

If you want to expand your website means you want to make your website a brand then you must know about subdomain and in this article, I will give you complete information about subdomain.  

This Article is for you is going to be very Useful This Article is also what happens Domain Sub’s do not miss the Point so let’s start?

Domain Just as the “Top Level Doman” (TLD) is said similarly Subdomain the “Second Level Domain” (SLD) has called it so because regarded as Subdomain Main Domain is create your Main Domain Name Fashion .com is now or or and several types Subdomain can create | 

Do you know which is the most common subdomain name? No, let me tell you www is the most used common subdomain in the world. This subdomain contains the home pages of the website and their important pages . 

Another interesting thing about www subdomain is that it is also used as a domain.     

Why Sub Domain is Necessary?

As of now my go Subdomain what happens? Now I’ll tell you the subdomain why is it important? Many bloggers (Specially new bloggers) think that if they have purchased the domain, then that is enough, do you also think exactly the same?

Yes, then let me tell you that it is not enough just to buy a domain to make your website a brand or to top Google ‘s SERPs or to earn money from Multi National Advertising Companies. 

Subdomain is also needed for all this. For example, if you have a branded website, on that website you create a website for big companies or create other sites, then how will you show a new website for them on your website or how do you create sites for them on your website? 

It cannot happen that you have directly purchased a domain for their website and then showed it by designing the website. 

You must first create a website for them on your subdomain , then after liking the website, after taking approval, you will have to give website design by purchasing a new domain . Similarly, you can add many subdomains like Food, Fashion, News etc in your website.

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How to Create Sub Domain?

Let us know that what is a subdomain and why is it important? Now understand how to create a sub domain? If you know how to create a subdomain.

So it is not very difficult to create a subdomain and if you do not know then it does not matter, I will tell you how to create a subdomain?  You can easily create a subdomain in“Domain Register” or “WordPress Hosting ” Account.

Here I will tell you how to create a subdomain on cPanel , but this process is almost the same on all platforms .

Sub Domain kese banaye

To create a subdomain, you must first come to its homepage. After scrolling the cursor a little, you will see the option of a Subdomains, click on it, then you will see Create a Subdomain there.

Create a Subdomain below the Subdomain, Domain and Domain Root ‘ll see | In the subdomain, you have to put the name that you want to publish. Domain already contains the name of your main domain like

Sub Domain kese banaye

When you publish your subdomain name with Domain Root (HTML) , your subdomain is ready immediately. 

Conclusion: What is Sub Domain?

Like in this article you have learned what is Sub Domain? Why is this necessary? How to Create Subdomain? One more thing I told you at the beginning of this article that Subdomain is used more than Main Domain. 

So let’s know how Subdomain is used more than Main Domain? In order to run your Website Domain and Hosting is both needed so you Domain and Hosting both the Purchase is |  

Now that you have purchased a domain once , when you add different sections to it to increase your website, to expand your website, will you buy different domains for different sections? no no no 

Then you will need Sub Domain here because Subdomain is a part of Domain and you do not even have to purchase Subdomain. That’s why I said that subdomains are used more than the main domain.          

FAQ: What is Sub Domain?

Just like there is a tree which has many branches Excatly in the same way Domain works as a tree for your website, Sub Domain works as its branches , if said in simple words then Subdomain is made up of Domain .

Many bloggers still have some confusion about the subdomain, I will try to clear their confusion through these questions and answers .

Q1. Is WWW a sub domain?

Ans. Many bloggers think that WWW is a domain, but let me tell you that it is not like that at all. WWW is a subdomain used for the World Wide Web . WWW is a very common subdomain , so many bloggers understand this domain. 

Have you ever noticed anything in the setting of your Domain Name System (DNS) ? Otherwise, let me tell you, there you will often get to see something like this that would have your domain. and www is the subdomain .

Q2. Is a sub domain a saprate site?

Ans.   The separate section that you add to your website is also called Sub Website and this Sub Website is completely separate from your Main Website, it does not have any interaction with the main website and let me tell you one thing that even in the Subdomain you have to. Like the main website, all the work has to be done.

You have to do SEO Exactly for your all Website in the same way as you do SEO for your Main Website.

Q3. Approximately how many subdomains can be added to a website?

Ans. Although you can add any number of subdomains to a website, but keep in mind that they also have a limit. You cannot add more than 500 subdomains to a website. Creating a subdomain means creating a completely new sub website and from the point of view of SEO to the new website, you have to do the same focus as the main website.

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