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What is SEO? how to do SEO of your blog?

What is SEO? how to do SEO of your blog?
What is SEO? how to do SEO of your blog?

Do you want to become a successful blogger? Do you want to rank your website on Google? If yes, then it is very important for you to know what is SEO and why it is important. So that you can do SEO of your blog properly.

Do you know that there are more than 40 lakh blog posts on Google every day ? Out of which only 10% blog posts are able to rank on Google. And only 1% of them are able to rank on the 1st page of Google. So friends competition is very high but it is not impossible.

If you do smart work along with hard work then it will become very easy for you. how?

Today I will give you very important information related to SEO in this article, which you may not have read anywhere. I am going to share this information with you based on my own experience. Like What is SEO , How to do SEO, on-page, off-page technical SEO, keyword research, etc. So it is very important that you read and understand the whole article very carefully.

Let us first understand what is SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a composite of more than 200 ranking factors of Google. By which Google determines which article is shown first and which one is shown last.

What is the Full Form of SEO?

SEO Full From  is "Search Engine Optimization".

Conversion: Search Engine Optimization

Can you rank only on Google through SEO?

No, this is absolutely wrong. If you do SEO of your article well, then you can rank on 15 more Search Engines besides Google’s alternatives like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex. Even though you will get less traffic on these search engines, you will definitely get it.

Why SEO is Important for Your Blog Post?

If you give exam without preparation will you ever be able to pass? No, that’s why SEO is very important to rank any website.

When any person searches anything on Google, then Google shows it first in whichever blog post the information related to it is well shown, taking that search query basis. It should be written in such a way that Google can understand its meaning better.

Learning SEO is not a big task like breaking a mountain, you just have to keep some important things in mind while writing content, which I am going to tell you further. Once you have learned SEO well, then you can not only help your blog but also help others to get the blog ranked.

Do not make any mistake to think that immediately after learning SEO, you write any content and it will be ranked. You also have to practice it, only then you will get good results in the long term.

Let us try to understand the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a little more deeply.

  • Most people search on Google to know the answers to their questions, so if your blog ranks at the top of those results, then your chances of clicking on your blog will increase by 31.7%.
  • Organic search results 100% depend on SEO. All search engines choose only through SEO, which result should be shown to the user first so that he can be satisfied.
  • Always No. in search results. By ranking at 1st, the user starts treating the website as a trusted brand. That’s why if you put No. If you are ranking on 2nd also then he will click on your result only.
  • If your website ranks at No.1st on Google and if your content is strong, then the user also shares it on social media, which increases your following on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • It is obvious that if your blog ranks on the top on Google, then the traffic of your website will also increase a lot.
  • If you are selling any goods on your website and you have written a great SEO optimize blog post for it, then the chances of the reader buying that item greatly increase.

You must be wondering whether only SEO is necessary for Google.

But this is wrong. You will rank on the top by doing SEO, but if your content is not strong, then Google slowly starts decreasing the ranking of your blog posts. Google does this on the basis of the data received by your readers. So along with SEO, you will need to pay attention to the quality of Content |

Let us now try to understand the types of SEO.

Types Of SEO (3 Important Types )

Did you also know till now that there are only two types of SEO, on-page and off-page?

This information is wrong as well as true, how?

About 7 to 8 years ago there were 2 types of SEO, but as Google upgraded itself, new types of SEO also came. Currently there are 3 types of SEO:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

But still some people know about only two types of SEO. Although he would know about technical SEO, but he does not consider them as a type of SEO.

I agree that On-Page and Off-Page SEO is the most important but without technical SEO, you are Google’s No. Can’t even rank on 1st result. So that is why technical SEO is also very important .

So let’s first understand what On-Page SEO is and how to do it.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO: it appears from the fact that it constitutes about 50% of your whole SEO is, Which tells Google’s bots on which topic your blog post is based and whether it is worth ranking or not.

Under On-Page SEO, you have to follow some important rules recommended by Google, which helps in ranking your website on Google and increases your traffic, as well as helps in improving the user experience.

Today much of the early bloggers to On Page is not much information on SEO he just keyword research and makes him understand On Page SEO to place | While On Page in SEO and also contains a lot of things like image SEO, quality content, internal linking, URL structure, etc. |

On Page SEO kaise kare? If you want the answer to this question, then you will also have to include these things in your On-Page SEO. So let’s see what are these important things?

How To Do On Page SEO: 5 Important Things

Although many things are included while doing On Page SEO, but here I will share 10 important things with you. Without which On Page SEO is incomplete.

1. What is Keyword?

Every query searched on the Internet is a keyword. In simple colloquial language, keywords are used to understand the complete meaning of a sentence. But in the SEO or blogging industry, keyword means the word that you and I type to do some search on Google. Now if someone asks you what the keyword is, then tell it cool.

Whatever blog post is optimized well for that keyword, Google shows it at the top in its Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Let me explain you with example.

If you want to search for something on Google, how will you do it? First of all, you will open Google and search in it like “What is keyword” or “How to use keyword for SEO”. Both of these will be called your keywords.

Note: If you target only the first blogger always Long tail keyword you will surely Rank.

2. What is Image SEO?

Image SEO is a process in which you have to optimize the way the images and graphics used on your blog post to search crawler bots easily recognizable on search engines.

The easiest way to understand this is to search the keyword you are targeting on Google and go to the image section and download the starting 4 images.

Now see how the keyword is inserted in its file name.

image ko seo friendly kaise banaye
image ko seo friendly kaise banaye

You get the same or a similar keyword so you can put the images start to rank your images Google Image Search |

After that add image to your content. Then when the image is completely added then you will have to do one more thing. You have to give alt text to the image, don’t worry, it is a very easy task.

First of all click on the image and open the setting option. At the same time, you will see alt tegs (Alternative text) at the bottom.

3. What is High Quality Content?

High Quality Content means to deliver content to the reader in such a way that everything can be understood by him. And it can connect with your website. If your reader understands your content well, then it is obvious that it will be your entire blog. It is not directly connected to SEO, but it makes a big difference in your search ranking.

You must have heard that “Content is king” but in my view “Quality content is king”. If your content is not quality he is just some text that does not like to get there |

That’s why always write content for the satisfaction of the reader and not for the satisfaction of Google. If not today or tomorrow Google will start ranking your content without any SEO. Because Google puts its user above everything.

To write a quality content you can get others to blog can try to understand it, because quality content are no rules of writing that you just can learn from best practice are |

4. What is Internal and External Linking?

Internal and are an important part of External Linking On Page SEO which you insert blog posts and other website blog post connecting through a hyper link to |

So let us first understand what is internal linking and how to do it.

Internal linking is a process under which you link one blog of your website with another blog through a link. This helps Google bots to find your other blog posts.

Let me try to understand you with an example .

Suppose you wrote 2 blog posts in your website, out of which only one could be indexed on Google but the other was left to be indexed. If you have given an internal link to another blog post in your indexed blog post, then Google will automatically index it.

External Linking works like a trap. Under this, when you write an article of yours, after reading the blog of another website and collecting information from it and writing it in your blog, then you can mention that blog post through a hyper link.

External link kya hota hai

It is not necessary to do this, but if you do, it makes Google think that you have written your article after doing a lot of research. And this also helps you in search ranking.

5. What is Header Tags?

Header Tags are a combination of your headings or subheadings that ranges from H1 to H6. H1 header tag is most important because it is the title of your article. In which you have to add your focus keyword, which tells both Google’s bots and readers on which topic your blog post is.

These header tags have to be used in a sequential manner like:

<H2>Prime Minister<H2>
<H3> Chief Minister<H3>
<H5> MLA<H5>
<H6>Party Worker<H6>

These five are very important parts of On Page SEO, which makes a big difference on your search ranking.

  • Yoast or Rank Math are both very good SEO plugins for On Page SEO, which analyzes your content and tells you what can be improved in it.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is also called Off Site SEO which is a technique that is completely different from On Page SEO. Just like On Page SEO you do while staying on your website, you have to do Off Page SEO by staying outside your website.

But it helps a lot to rank your blog post. In this, after writing your article, you have to send initial traffic to it and create backlinks to support it.

This gives a good signal to Google that you are not dependent only on Google for traffic. You get traffic from other places too. Many bloggers consider Off Page SEO to be only link building, while many more important things come in off page.

How To Do Off Page SEO: 4 Important Things

Friends, if you want to learn how to do Off Page SEO, then you will have to read the information given below very well.

1. What is Brand Building

Brand building is an important part of SEO in which you work to make your website a brand. Brands have a different identity in Google search. If you have made your website a brand, then you do not need any kind of SEO, whatever content you write, it will start ranking in a good position in Google. It is also called Google brand awards.

But it is very difficult to do this, for this you have to make people aware about your website. So that whenever they need something, instead of putting it in Google, they first come to your website by entering the name of your website, after that search the name of that thing on your website.

Slowly Google starts to notice that your website is a brand and it is related to this topic. It won wakes instance your front Amazon and Flipkart | Google considers both these websites to be a brand, due to which its products are easily ranked in Google without any SEO.

2. What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is the work done on other online platforms to promote your content. Content marketing is used in both On Page and Off Page SEO so that people know more and more about the topic of your website. can walk

When you publish a good content on your website taking full care of SEO, then it is called On Page Content Marketing.

And when you work on any online platform to promote the content of your website, it is called off page content marketing.

For example, suppose you have a blog and you have opened a YouTube channel to promote it, then it will be called content marketing.

3. What is Influencer Marketing

Within online marketing, you get many ways to do marketing and influencer marketing is the best way among them. In which instead of a company, you pay money to a person who has a lot of audience related to your industry to promote your brand or product . Because of this, its conversion increases significantly.

The best way to SEO, which is why you can promote your website included in it I Off Page SEO is |

Are you still confused about what is influencer marketing? So let me try to understand you with a simple example.

Now one of your online marketing websites to suppose and you’re Yoast plugin’s promoting | and his blog to post is to bring targeted traffic you will have related influencers find online marketing no matter what platform like Instagram , YouTube , Facebook etc.

4. What is Backlinks

When a website adds the link of your blog post to its blog post through a hyperlink, then it is called Backlink. Which acts as a backbone for off page SEO and helps in ranking your website. Some people also call it link building.

I knew that you must be thinking that then why I have kept the backlink at the bottom. That’s because 90% of bloggers only consider backlinks as a part of off page seo, while many more things come in it, which I have mentioned above in a few words.

I know that backlinks are very important in seo because it increases your website’s DR (Domain Score), authority, trust, and overall search ranking of your website.

But this backlink proves to be effective only when you take a backlink from a website which is a very good and big website in the eyes of Google.

So let us now understand what is Technical SEO and how to do it.

What is Technical SEO

The technical SEO of any website is completely different from its content, in which you make your website easy for Google. So that Google can crawl your website as quickly as possible.

There are many complicated technical things in the technical seo of any website, which beginner bloggers cannot understand at all. That is why it is very important to learn technical SEO, otherwise the website does not run well.

So let’s understand how to do technical seo and how to make your website search engine friendly.

How to do Technical SEO: 4 Important Things

In Technical SEO, all the technical things related to your website are taken but I will not be able to cover all in this article but I will definitely tell you about some important technical things. So that’s why read very carefully.

1. What is Domain, Hosting, Server Location

These three are important parts of technical SEO, in the absence of which your website may fail to rank in Google. If you want to rank your website in Google, then you have to take special care of them.

Now let’s try to understand them better.  

Do you know what a domain is and how important it is. Domain is the name of our website, which identifies our website, with the help of which people are able to access your web site. You must have seen .in, .com, .org, .gov next to the name of the website and blog  . All these come under the domain. 

Web hosting is a process in which we get the facility to save the data of our website securely online so that any internet user can easily access our website. Web hosting provides a place to store your website data and access to all Internet users.   

The place where our website is hosted is called Server Location . If you want to target Indian traffic, then it would be better to host your website on the server of Asia so that your website can be loaded more quickly. 

2. What is Page Speed

Page Speed ​​is the loading time taken when a website is opened on the Internet. Page speed has an important place in Google’s ranking factors.

So let’s try to understand it with an example. 

When we open a website, it takes 3, 4 seconds to open that website , if any website takes more than 5 seconds , then we close that website without waiting to open and open another website So that we can do our work quickly.

If there will not be fast loading on the website, then the traffic on the website will be less and users will not open your website because users prefer only those websites whose page speed is fast. If the speed is less then your website will not be able to rank above on Google. You can use GTmetrix tool to know page speed.

3. What is AMP 

The full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages . It acts like an application that converts any kind of pages into mobile friendly pages . AMP only shows important things in your article, due to which your website starts loading fast. 

To know what is AMP, you have to install Mobile Friendly Theme on your website. Which will make your website easier for both users and Google. 

If you install AMP theme on your website, then it will show your website to the user in 2 ways. First mobile in AMP theme and desktop standard in Theme 

3. What is Broken Link

When you delete a blog post on your website and you have added that link to another blog post on your website or any other website, then it is called a broken link . |

???? Confused!

Let us understand what is the broken link with an example and how to remove it.

Suppose you wrote an article on your website that “what is a broken link” and published it. Another blogger has added a link to your article in his article. But after some time you deleted the post with the broken link. But the backlink that was made of your post is the same. Those links will be called Broken links.

It’s your website to put much pressure on Search Ranking | So if you find broken link in your website then either you remove it or give backlink to any other website.

4. What is Robot.txt and Sitemap

Robot.txt and Sitemap both search engine for your website crawl and Rank will help | Friends, as you know that without crawling, indexing, and ranking no one will be able to access your website.

First of all, it is very important for you to understand what Robot.txt is so that you can get your website crawled.

Robot.txt is a small text file that you have to add to the root folder of your website. So that Robot.txt file page which only shows the website whenever crawlers visit your site crawl and index to |

Sitemap generates a list of links to each page of your website for the ease of search engines, which you have to submit to Google Console. It can say that XML sitemap is only designed for search engine | To prepare a sitemap, you just have to install Yoast SEO or Rank Math .

What is Local SEO and how to do it

What is Local SEO, you must have come to know as soon as you read its name. Local + SEO means SEO that helps to rank any website locally. It is mostly used by local business like any restaurant, hotel, shopkeeper etc.

If you also want to do Local SEO, then first you have to create a simple website and add it to local business directories like Google My Business, Yahoo My Business, etc. so that whenever someone searches around you, Google recommends your website. gives |

How to Optimize Images in the blog for SEO

FAQ: What is SEO and how to do it

By the way, people ask me hundreds of SEO related questions every day, out of which I will answer some important questions through this article.

If you are also facing any problem while doing SEO, then you can write in the comment box, I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Q1. Do you need to know coding to learn SEO?

Ans: No, this thing is completely wrong, even if you do not know coding at all, still you can learn SEO easily. There is absolutely no coding work in this. But when you become an advanced blogger, you may need coding to improve the design of your website to make it more SEO friendly. But it is not necessary nor does it make much difference.

Q2. Is it right to learn SEO in 2021?

Ans: SEO is a never-ending process that will be beneficial to learn anytime whether it is 2021 or 2051. Yes, the way of doing SEO will definitely change but SEO will continue. Can you ever stop searching on Google? No, that’s why if you want to learn SEO, learn it, it will change your life as mine changed

Q3. How much time should a beginner blogger spend on SEO of his website?

Ans: It is very difficult to answer this but most bloggers ask me that how much time should we give to the SEO of your website. But my point is that you should first put content on your website and also do it on page SEO, now it is about off page and technical SEO, do it in whatever free time you have to do it.

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