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What is Ring Topology


ring topology There is a network configuration. In which each device is connected to its neighboring device (Workstation, Server, Printer). It forms a ring to move around the signal.

in this Data packets move from one device to another until they reach their destination. ring topology To Active Topology It is also called because it serves to deliver messages to every single device.

How will all the devices in a network be connected to each other? topology is called. In other words, the arrangement of computers in a network is called topology.

Definition of Ring Topology

ring topology The devices are connected to a Ring and Ring Structure In this, it gives information to each other or to each other according to the device near it. Many Repeaters are used along with Nodes to do the work of sending data in Ring Topology.

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In ring topology, the device is defined as a hoop network. In this, each network node lives in 2 connections. by which it Dual Ring Topology also says. Use of this Topology Based on Network Card in Computer Lan and Done in Wan.

Ring Topology A Coaxial Cable and Rj-45 Network Cable are used to connect the computers together, depending on the network cards used in all the computers used.

How is ring topology formed?

In Ring Topology, each device is connected to two devices. So that all the devices join together to form a circular path. whom Ring Network says. The data is sent by the node to the destination node through the token. So this Topology is called Token Ring Topology also says.

If there are a large number of nodes, then the token has to jump through different types of nodes before reaching its destination. Due to which data loss can occur and to avoid this loss and to increase the signal strength, repeaters are installed periodically.

  • Unidirectional Ring – In Unidirectional Ring Network, data flows in only one direction, either Clockwise or Anti-clockwise. Half-duplex Network says.
  • Bidirectional Ring – Unidirectional Ring Network can be converted into Bidirectional Network because of having two connections between two network nodes. to whom Dual-ring Network is called. Under this, two rings are made to send the data in the opposite direction.

Why use ring topology?

Selecting Ring Topology depends on it.

  • Complexity of IT Landscape.
  • Budgeting.
  • Expected End User Performance Level at the performance level.
  • On the Operational Model of an organization.
  • Selecting the right topology ensures easy management of network operations, high performance, increased data efficiency.

About Access Protocols

Rings are used to reach circuits or packets or a combination of both. The circuit is setup with Out-of-band Signaling Protocols but the packet is Medium Access through Access Control Protocol (MAC).

Media access control determines which stations are broadcast when. Media Access Protocol is divided into 3 classes Slotted, Token and Register Insertion.

ring topology History of

Ring Topology was invented by IBM in 1984 and defined in IEEE 802.5 criteria by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Usually this used to be 4mbps standard and the systems being used today are working at 16mbps. Also the new systems work at a much faster speed.

history of ring topology Talking about it, in earlier times it was used in offices, schools and small buildings, where networks used to be small, Ring topology is rarely used today.

Advantages of Ring Topology (Advantages)

  • The data transfer speed of this topology is quite good.
  • A network server is not necessary to control connectivity between each workstation.
  • It is a very well organized network. Where each device can access the token.
  • You can add additional workstations without affecting network performance.
  • In this topology, the flow of data is in one direction, due to which The risk of packet clash is less.
  • It is very cheap to install and expand.
  • Ring Protection Reconfiguration for Line Faults in Bidirectional Rings can be faster as it involves high level of switching.

of ring topology Loss (Disadvantages)

  • When one workstation is shut down, it affects the entire network.
  • Because of the unidirectional ring, a data packet (Token) has to pass through all the nodes.
  • The Ethernet Cards and Hubs/Switches required to connect each workstation to the network are quite expensive.
  • It is very difficult to add and remove any node during the network which can cause problems in the network activity.
  • Moving, adding and changing devices can affect the network.

Myths/Misconceptions of Ring Topology

  • Rings Prevents clashes. Rings refers to the cable layout itself. No clashes of any kind arise on IBM Token Ring. This is because of Layer 2 Media Access Control.
  • A token ring is an example of a ring topology. 802.5 (token ring) networks at Layer 1 do not use Ring Topology. The IBM Token Ring (802.5) at Layer 2 mimics a Ring.
  • Token passing is done on the rings only. Token Passing is a way of managing access to cables, which is implemented on the Mac Sublayer of Layer 2.

What is Ring Topology?

In a ring topology, each device is connected to two nearby devices, just as a ring network is formed.

When was ring topology invented?

Ring topology was invented in 1984.

How is ring topology formed?

When all the devices join together to form a ring structure. Ring Topology is made.

What did you learn today?

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