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What is Ring Topology?


Star Topology The connection of all these devices to each device or Central Node in this is shown as a star. so it star topology Known as.

If Nodes or Computers want to communicate with each other, then they send a message to the Central Server i.e. Hub and Hub sends this message to all Nodes or sends it back to the computer.

star topology Definition of

Star Topology The network is widely used for LAN. It was first adopted by Ethernet after it was popularized by ARCNET.

star topology kya hai hindi
star topology picture of

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is a type of Ethernet cabling used to connect devices to a hub. Coaxial cable as well as optical fiber can also be targeted.

Star topology can be implemented with Cable Structure, Wireless Router, Ethernet or other components.

In this topology, all the computers or devices are not interconnected but connected to a central hub. The central network is a server, and other devices are clients.

Whenever a computer is connected to other computers through the network Sends data. After which it is sent along the cable to the Central Hub or Switch, after which it determines which port the data should be sent to it to go to a suitable destination.

star topology examples of

Star Topologies Mostly used in large organizations such as educational institutions, and in business where high performance is required.

It is also used in home networks. Especially those who are wireless, in which Wireless Access Point (WAP) provides the facility of a central connection for all the nodes.

How does star topology work?

For example, if a computer wants to send information to another computer, then that computer will send that information to the Hub, after which the Hub checks the address of the computer to which the message is to be sent, then it forwards that message.

Hub does not have any kind of memory of its own, so when the information is sent by the first computer, the Hub has to find out from other computers and ports whether it is the address of that computer.

Name of this process Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is.

Which we can understand in this way that Hub can find the correct address of the Recipient Computer and send information to it and transfer the data to the place where it is to be transferred.

Star Topology Active or Passive Networks

Based on the information given below star topology Either Active Network or Passive Network.

  • If the Network Central Node does the process of data expansion or correction.
  • If sources of electrical power are needed.
  • The network actively controls the data transit.

star topology Advantages of

Uses of Star Topology We will tell about the benefits that come from it.

  • New nodes can be added to the network by simply connecting to the switch.
  • In this, new computers or machines can also be added and removed without affecting the entire network.
  • If one cable or device fails, other devices still work.
  • It is less expensive.
  • The fault is easy to find because the link in it can be easily identified.
  • It is a high-performance topology because it does not contain data clashes.
  • Different types of machines can also be included in Star Network, that is, a large network can be made in it.
  • In this, the message is sent to the desired device so that it is a high-performance network.
  • It is completely safe from Cyber ​​Attack.

star topology Of Loss (Disadvantages)

Now where it has advantages, it also has some disadvantages, let’s know. Disadvantages of Star Topology What.

  • Wired Star Topology requires more cables. Due to which it is expensive for large networks.
  • When the switch fails, the entire network fails because no node can communicate in it.
  • Hub requires more resources and complete maintenance as it is the central system of Star Topology.
  • Extra in Hardware (Hub and Switch) is required

Is star topology secure?

Star Topology In Remote Branches, you can communicate in a secure manner with the central site or corporate headquarters. But these branches are not allowed Intercommunication.

It is of paramount importance that if the central site fails, all connections are lost because star topology The central site has an important role in

How would you define star topology?

In Star Topology, the devices are connected to a central network without interconnection, so that they form the shape of a star.

Where is this topology used?

This topology is mostly used in large organizations.

How does star topology work?

First the computer will send any information to the Hub. Hub checks the address of that computer and sends messages to that computer. Central Network (Hub) works to send information to all these devices.

what did you learn today

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