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What is Right to Match Card? Right to Match Card in IPL Auction in hindi


What is the written and right to match (Joker card) card in IPL auction, when is it used (Right to match card in IPL Auction in hindi, RTM)

There is good news for the spectators of IPL, IPL match is going to start. When will these matches start from 7:30 pm on Friday, so all the spectators are eagerly waiting for tonight’s match. The team of players has been divided and today it will be known which team is going to start and make its name in IPL. You must have heard about the Right to Match card with IPL but do you know what it is and how it is used? So, today we are going to explain to you in detail what is the meaning of right to match card?

right to match card kya hai in hindi

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IPL NS 13th season

All the viewers are eagerly waiting for this 13th season of the Indian Premier League starting in 2020. All eyes are on the title of Delhi Capitals mainly among all the teams participating in the tournament. The name of Delhi Capitals is one of those teams which have not been able to win the title even once. But this time under the captaincy of Shreyas Iyer, Delhi Capitals, who made the playoff journey last year, are eyeing the title of this season that they want to win the title of this season. Let us tell you that on September 20, Delhi Capitals will play a match with their opposition team Kings XI Punjab on the Dubai ground. After that, on November 2, Delhi Capitals will take on Royal Challengers Bangalore inside the stadium in Abu Dhabi.

Right what is two match?

Actually, the Right to Match card issued by IPL is very important for the IPL team because according to this card, if a team has retained three players, then they can return two players to their team under Right to Match. and if less than three players have been re-retained by a team, it is able to use the right-to-match card on those same three players. This card has so much power that the player will not be sold until the franchise has bid for it. During this auction, the players who are not able to be auctioned are re-bid.

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What is the use of right to match card

According to the rules of Right to Match, the player who has been bought in the auction, then the auctioneer inquires from the old team of that player whether he wants that player back to his team under the Right to Match card. If the team wants that player back in its team, then that player is sent back to the old team at the same price. If that team does not want to take that player in its team, then after re-bid of that player, he is sent to the team which pays a good price to him.

How to bid in IPL

You must be aware that during the auction, players are selected and a team is prepared, who are given a chance to play during the IPL match. In the IPL, all the selected players are fielded and their base price is determined, after which the bidding starts. And then starts the auction of players and adding them to their team, whichever team the player who wants to include in their team, they express their desire by walking on foot. The team that makes the highest bid is assigned that player.

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This time the season is very important for all the team because there will be no spectators in the field, the match will be completely digitized, only the spectators will be able to enjoy the match on TV and big screen. Somewhere the players will not be able to get the encouragement of the audience. Now this thing can have a positive effect on the players and negative effect can also be seen. Whatever happens in the end, but amidst Kovid-19, the audience will definitely get a support for entertainment due to IPL.


Q: Who benefits from the Right to Match card?

Ans: To the owner of the team

Q: How many players can be retained in the team with the Right to Match card?

Ans: Maximum three

Q: When can the Right to Match card be used?

Ans: Before any team member bids

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