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What is Plagiarism & How to avoid this?

What is Plagiarism & How to avoid this?
What is Plagiarism & How to avoid this?

What is Plagiarism ? How can this be avoided ?

Blogging is a platform where it is very important to be creative and original, but in today’s world of online blogs, there are many people who do not have the art of doing something creative, but they just want to earn money. Let’s start this work. Such people copy and paste the work of others, use it to earn money or for other work. Plagiarism means copying wrongly and posting in your blog. People copy-paste data, images, or anything else in their blog. Copy-pasting data, images is a common practice in the world of blogging, but in the eyes of SEO, it is nothing less than a serious crime. Today we will tell you through this article that why keep your blog copy paste free, how to protect your blog from these copy paste bloggers.

It is not so important for a blogger to know who copied his data, it is necessary for him to protect his blog from such cheaters. The way Internal Links and Outbound Links are important in SEO so is Plagiarism. 

What is Plagiarism ?

Plagiarism is the copying of articles or data written by others. Copying the thoughts, language or thinking of another author is also called Plagiarism. This is dishonesty, which is considered very bad in the eyes of SEO. In the world of SEO, any article should be Plagiarism free, otherwise it does not get a good ranking.

Why should save you from having to copy and paste your blog 

  • One of the biggest reasons for this is that you would not want to give credit for your hard work to anyone else. You would not want to share your hours and years of hard work with anyone else.
  • People will take lakhs less by sharing your work in their blog that too without giving you credit.

Plagiarism is a two-way street  Plagiarism has an effect on both sides, that is, who has copied, and who is copied. If someone has copied your data, then the person in front will be punished, but it will also have an effect on your site. You will also get a penalty from Google, and you may not get a good rank in the search engine, or may be thrown out of rank. In many cases, the person in front even copies the entire website. This is the worst situation.

How does Plagiarism data affect your site ?

  • How Plagiarism Deteriorates Your Search Engine Rank  Traffic comes to the site through Google search engine, although Google is a very smart engine, it understands who has copied whom, and the copying site does not rank in the search engine. But Google also misses it many times and Google gives the copying site a higher rank, while the original site does not get a good Google rank. Blog This will also affect the SEO in your blog. By the way, the algorithm of Google search engine has made itself more strict, due to which it is difficult for the copyer’s post to come in the top. Google declares such a post as spam, and does not even keep it in the index of search engines.
  • lagiarism data will spoil the value of your site  copying someone else’s data and putting it in your site will spoil the value of your site, because whatever visitors come to your site, they will not read anything unique, fresh data in your site You will get Compare to original data which is in your site. Along with this, Google places such sites in the category of low cost sites.
  • Your visitors will easily understand  you cannot run your site for long by copy-pasting, this method will not last long. Your audience will eventually know that you are pasting someone else’s data. They will know that nothing is fresh and creative in your site, you steal from others. Therefore, you do not have to break this important rule of SEO.

How to Create Unit Data (Content) –

For Plagiarism free article, you just have to do some hard work, but you will get positive result only. You have to spend time in your site, so that a quality content can be prepared. You can also hire a writer for your site from outside, Freelancer There are many writers who work online, who have a good knowledge of Unique Content Writing. By investing money and time, you can create your own good site. You should keep these things in mind –

  • Give complete information about this topic to your writer and editor. Explain all the instructions to them.
  • Check the data, and also check all its sources carefully.
  • Make sure that whatever is written is unique, new data.
  • Do not keep cheap writers in the pursuit of saving money, because they will also give you that kind of work without quality.
  • Keep a professional writer, who understands all the terms and conditions of SEO, and gives you good data by writing the correct data.
  • You should keep the expert writer of the niche in which you are working only to write. With this, they will write correct and good information about that subject.

What are the types of Plagiarism ? ( Degrees of Plagiarism )

  • Patchwriting  This is to rewrite the data of another site, in this you create new data by moving your words around. This is a very easy and common method, which most writers are adopting in today’s time. If your writers are good at rewriting then this Plagiarism will come free, you will not even understand that it is written from any other site, but it is still unethical. Patchwriting causes many SEO problems, many times the writer rewrites the data, but without putting his mind, it does not make any sense, the format has the same thing. Google also understands this in a short time, and declares that site as spam.
  • Cut and Paste – Some people take a small part of a big site and copy paste it, this is also part of Plagiarism. By the way, it is also natural for some data to be duplicated, because there are some topics on which all writers write in the same way. Google search engine does nothing in such articles, but if more sentences or paragraphs are copied then Google takes action.
  • Accidental Plagiarism  Professional writers have their own different way of writing, which makes them different from others. Sometimes they use the same word, pattern. If the writer is working in a niche then it is natural that he will copy his own data, and he will not even know. Professional writer is also human, whose it is impossible to remember last 50-100 articles, this kind of copy data is called Accidental Plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker tools

To check Plagiarism, there are many tools available in the online market today, some of which are free and some you can buy by paying. With the help of these tools you can check Plagiarism.

What with the purpose of copying 

Most of the copy-pasting people are those who do not know much about it. They do not know that doing such work online is wrong. If someone has copied your data, then do not be too aggressive. You go to his site and get his contact information email id or phone number. You inform him about this in the mail, and ask him to delete that article. If you do not get a response, then you should choose another route.

  • Contact Google  If the person in front is earning money from your article, then you can give information about this topic to Google.
  • Contact Webhost  You can also contact the web hosting company of the site and tell them that illegal work has been done by this site. The webhost company will investigate it, and if the things you say are true, then action will be taken against that entire site.
  • Contact with advertising company – There is a lot of advertising available in the internet, most of them take strict action against illegal work. Big advertising companies like Adsense, Mediaburst take strict action against Plagiarism. You wait for some time by giving them all the information through mail, action will definitely be taken.

Copying someone’s data does not mean blogging, eating the fruits of someone else’s hard work does not make you a good blogger. If ever you also need to copy some data in your blog, then first take permission from that writer or site owner and they say yes to you, then you copy that data to your site, along with this you have to give credit to the author. Must be given. This will increase the value of your blog. Even while creating a backlink, keep in mind that you do not create a link by copying someone else’s or your own data. This is also immoral. 

We hope that we have given you all the information related to Plagiarism, you can make your blog better by adopting it. Share with us your experiences related to Plagiarism. 

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