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What is Outbound (External) Links in SEO

What is Outbound (External) Links in SEO
What is Outbound (External) Links in SEO

Outbound links or external links in SEO: In SEO, you must have heard about the term Outbound Link. Just as Internal Link or Inbound Link is necessary for a blog for SEO, in the same way, according to SEO, outbound link is also necessary in the blog. Have you ever wondered why it is important to have a good quality outbound link in your website and how to build it? In today’s article, we will explain to you the importance of outbound links in SEO. Why is it necessary to have outbound in a blog? How to create outbound link? How can you make your blog effective through Outbound Link? What is the difference between inbound link and outbound link? You will find answers to all these questions today in this article.

What are Outbound Links

Outbound links are links that lead from your site to another site. By clicking on this link you will be taken to another domain. The way an internal link is added to the blog, but through it you will remain in the same domain, just you will go from one page to another. Some similar domains are added to the blog by making outbound links, this gives information about your niche to the search engines, as well as increases the quality of your site and the trust of the people, which increases the trust of your blog. Takes you one step further in SEO.

Advantages of outbound links (Outbound Link Benefits) 

  • Due to this link, the search engines get clear information about your blog.
  • Through outbound links, the blogger can contact other bloggers of his similar niche and can build a relationship.

What are the types of outbound links (Outbound Link Types) 

There are 2 types of outbound links – nofollow link and dofollow link.

  • Dofollow link – Dofollow link is a normal common default link. You can neither add code to it, nor can you make any changes. After any link is created, it becomes automatic Dofollow link. Through this link, Google passes the PageRank Juice from your site to another target site.
  • Nofollow link  This is an unusual link. Through this link, Google does not pass any kind of PageRank Juice to the target webpage, rather Google blocks the PageRank flow. There is a rel= “Nofollow” tag in the code of nofollow link, this tag tells Google that it is a “not to follow” link.

Why is Nofollow tag used in outbound?

Adding the nofollow tag can prevent the target page from being crawled. Many web masters do this when they do not want Google PageRank Juice to reach the target webpage. Most people use the Nofollow tag while promoting their page in Facebook.

Why it is important to add external or outbound links to your blog

  • Many bloggers avoid adding outbound links to their blogs, because they feel that this leads their readers to another domain, their traffic is less. This is absolutely wrong information in the eyes of SEO. When you start adding another similar website to your niche, you mainly give more depth information about your content to the search engines, which increases the connection of your website to other websites.
  • You should put a link to another blog of your kind in your site, this will increase traffic to your blog, and the number of good visitors will increase. But always keep in mind that the domain link you are putting in your blog should be a good reliable blog and its Moz Rank and Domain Authority should be good.
  • Two way backlink should not be made. Whenever you are putting a link to another domain in your article, make sure that it is not connected to a private blog network. According to the new update of Google, it is removing all such blogs.
  • Also avoid creating too many outbound links in your blog. Adding a few links is fine, but putting too many links can irritate your reader. Therefore, while putting outbound links, do not put more links keeping the reader in mind.
  • Blogger should pay more attention to putting internal links in his blog. For outbound links, select only a few websites which are according to your page.
  • Make your content good and useful keeping in mind on-page optimization.
  • In today’s time, the give and take fund runs, this fund also fits in blogging. If you have a blog domain, then you can put another author’s blog post there with its link, this will improve the content of your post, and you will also get a chance to exchange links with other bloggers. This link exchange will be helpful in bringing a good traffic to both the blogs.
  • Keeping the bounce rate in mind, always make the outbound link in the new tab, so that even if someone clicks on this link, that link will open in the new tab.
  • According to experts, there are some outbound links in the top ranking page of Google, due to which their ranking also increases.

How to choose outbound link

There are many ways to choose an outbound link. If you want to reference any other link in your post, but you are not fully aware about where to create this link, then we can give you some suggestions for this –

  • Select the link of such a page, which has given correct and good information about that topic, has covered the topic well. Also, if you find that site Authentic, check its veracity.
  • Add a link to an article that has a good Page Authority or Domain Authority.
  • You can also choose the link of such an article, which has more Likes and Share on social media.
  • You can only link the articles of bloggers related to your Niche and Network, by this, you can create a community with fellow bloggers.
  • Google has made available Google related link operator for the convenience of bloggers. Through this operator, you can see which link is relevant to your article according to Google. This operator will show you the list of all the important and popular sites according to your niche.
  • If someone is commenting on the link in the comment box of your article, then it will also be counted as related links.

Why Anchor Text is Necessary in Outbound Links

It is very important to choose the right word while creating an outbound link, which is called Anchor Text. We should choose such text which is useful, even if it is not friendly to the reader. If we have any article related to that subject, then we should make its internal link. Through anchor text, we can also add keywords to our article, which will make your article better in terms of SEO.

We have given you all the necessary information about outbound links in our article, apart from this, if you have any information, then tell us through the comment box. Apart from this, if you want detailed information in Hindi about any other SEO topic, then you can ask it through comment, we will be happy to help you.

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