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What is Jio Glass and How to use it


Do you know that What is jio glass, The Even in this odd situation of Corona virus, Reliance Industries Limited virtually reminded its 43rd annual general meeting. At the same time, looking at the need of today’s time, Reliance has announced its new Mixed Reality Solution – Jio Glass.

It is believed that in view of the need of future Augmented Reality (AR), Reliance has solved it in the form of Jio Glass. Jio Glass which is based on mixed reality and it can be used in both cellular and wireless networks also using paired phones. In reality, Jio Glass is going to be able to change people’s video calls to a great extent in the coming time.

So today I thought why don’t you guys What is live glass, What are its new features going to be and how will it be helpful for us in the future, I am going to tell you about that topic. So let’s start without delay.

What is Jio Glass 

Jio glass One of a kind Smart Glass Is, which is really a very unique change in the technological world, while it provides the best Mixed Reality services to the people so that they can feel a true and amazing feeling.

With this latest Jio Glass innovation from Reliance, users can now connect virtually with the world in many intuitive ways. This new smart glass uses cutting-edge technology that makes people best-in-class Mixed Reality services Provides.

Jio Glass is really a better solution for video conferencing, so that people have a better experience in Video Calls. Jio Glass is based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality such as a 3D holographic image of the participants. Jio Glass has really changed people’s experience of Video Calls.

Why is Jio glass made?

Jio glass Has not only been designed to do Virtual Meetings but now it provides the facility of 3D virtual rooms for teachers and students.

This mixed reality headset Smart Glass allows three-dimensional interactions, so that users can view holographic content. It would not be wrong to call this a new step in the world of Augmented Reality, as Jio Glass enables teachers to conduct holographic classes through that Jio Mixed Reality service in real-time.

Features of Jio glass

Now let’s try to learn about the features of Jio Glass.

1. In Jio Glass we will see a single camera in the center.

2. While behind JioGass Operation Mixed Reality Has a huge hand. Users can interact very easily with each other in a conference call, which can either be added to their 3D Avatar or in regular 2D video call format.

3. Jio Glass is also compatible with voice commands and together you get to see high resolution display and a spatial and personalized audio system.

4. In Jio Glass we get built-in speakers and battery which are safely placed on both the legs.

5. Its weight only 75 gms Is and it is going to work in 5G Services only.

6. In this we get to see 25 in-built apps which allow augmented reality video meetings and other functions.

7. Along with this, some other added support is also spatial and directional XR sound system for.

8. In order for Jio Glass to function properly, it has to be connected with a SmartPhone through a cable so that it can get power.

9. It supports HD quality video And all types of standard audio formats.

10 Reliance smart glass allows very fast to quickly share and view content in a large virtual screen.

Who will use Jio Glass?

By the way, Reliance has not told much about its Jio Glass, but this mixed-reality glasses are going to be the most used in education and entertainment industry. At the same time, if ordinary people also want, they can use it, which will get a different feeling in Video Calls.

Jio glass Both individuals And businesses , And will allow its users to share their files and presentations.

How much does Jio Glass cost?

Reliance Industries Limited has so far officially Jio Glass Price Have not told But the price of Jio Glass in India is estimated INR 14,000 Or expected to be close to $ 200 USD.

Where will Jio Glass be used?

Jio Glass uses students in virtual classrooms Online Education can be done. Because it is not easy to have schools and teachers everywhere, but if somewhere Internet

Jio Glass is going to offer virtual demonstrations later, such as a virtual tour of different locations, people and online marking. It is coming together to hear that Jio is going to launch its online education platform Embibe soon, which is going to come with Jio Glass from the very beginning.

It is also going to be very helpful for corporates who want to make holographic video calls with their teammates. They can also share their presentations in a call in a big virtual screen.

what did you learn today?

I hope you find this article of mine What is Jio Glass Must have liked It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about what is the price of Jio Glass so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

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