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What is India e-market that will give competition to Flipkart and Amazon


Bharat E-Market First of India E-Commerce The portal is being built with the effort of the Government of India. The main objective of this unique portal is how they can reach the local Indian store near us. That is to make our local shopkeepers reach us through the internet.

India’s own e-commerce app of portal ‘Bharat e Market’ has been launched by the Merchants’ Association CAIT. This new application will enable businesses and service providers to register on the portal and create their own “e-shop”.

CAIT national president BC Bhartia told that he is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Of ‘vocal for local‘ And ‘Aatmanirbhar BharatTaking inspiration from this, we have prepared this Bharat e-Market portal. These portals will work to promote both B2B and B2C businesses. According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), this Bharat E-commerce portal is completely Indian and is also following all the rules and regulations of our country.

According to this app, they will help to bring all the local shoppers online through these digital mediums. At the same time, now everyone can gradually bring their E-shop online along with offline. Really, this thinking is very good for our local shopkeepers as well as our customers, who will be able to get the things they need at an easy and accessible price.

The India e-Market portal has been launched by

CAIT to Bharat E-Market Portal The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT). He has also developed an app for this, which we will soon get to use.

What is the goal of creating an India e-market?

If we talk about the goal of this app, then it is going to give a good challenge to the main existing e-commerce companies. CAIT general secretary Praveen Khandelwal says, through this portal Bharat e-Market, they will help the retailer to reach our homes within the stipulated time frame.

With this, they will make all the things available inaccessible prices, which is going to be a very good thing for you customers like us. At the same time, he has also thought about providing home deliverables. All these things are going to be very good for both the seller and the customer.

What is the official site of India’s e-market portal?

if you Bharat E-Market Portal Are known on the official site of. You can reach there by clicking on this link here. For your information, let me tell you that this site is not working completely yet, but soon this work will also start working.

When will e-Market be made of registered shopkeepers?

Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) According to the shopkeepers’ e-Market March 15 2021 Going to start from So there is no need to worry. You will get information about this topic only.

Do you have to pay any money to make an e-Market?

Shopkeepers will not have to pay any kind for making e-Market. In this portal you are neither going to face any kind of charge for using it nor will anyone get any commission from it.

Where other e-commerce portals charge a commission ranging from about 5 percent to 35 percent per transaction that is from their portal. Right here in this portal, you will have all the services for free.

What are the reasons behind making India an e-market?

The main reason behind creating Bharat E-Market Portal is that today’s foreign multinational e-commerce companies do not provide the right opportunity to our Indian sellers to sell their things. In such a situation, they have to face heavy problems. Therefore, through this type of portal, vendors can be given the right opportunity.

Does India e-Market have an Android app?

G android app of Bharat Bharat eMarket is also being made. It is also going to be launched very soon.

Is Bharat eMarket going to be externally funded?

No, foreign investment will not be approved from anywhere in this portal. Right here, the user’s data will be kept in India only. This means that the privacy of the customers will be taken care of.

How is the future of this portal?

The vision of Bharat E-Market is looking very bright. This survey has revealed that December 31, 2021 By the time more than seven lakh vendors are going to be part of this portal. At the same time, with the participation of thousands of trade associations, this platform is going to be very big.

Is India’s e-market purely an Indian app?

Yes Friends Bharat E-Market is completely an Indian app. It has been built by Indians and has been made for Indians only. At the same time, this Bharat eMarket portal is going to follow all the rules and regulations of our country.

While other E Commerce companies are not accepting these rules, in the coming time, India’s own Bharat E-Market platform can definitely provide a good challenge to them.

Will Chinese items also be sold on the India e-market portal?

No, Chinese items will not be sold on Bharat E-Market portal. At the same time, mainly women entrepreneurs, artisans and craftsmen will be provided more facilities in this portal to sell their goods.

When is Bharat eMarket Portal officially launched?

Bharat eMarket Official portal is going to be launched officially on 30th October 2021.

Which authoritative body is behind the launch of Bharat eMarket Portal?

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) is behind the launch of the Bharat E-Market Portal. They only check everything on this portal.

Do the sellers have to pay some money to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)?

No, sellers do not have to pay any money in any way, no matter how CAIT.

Is there any opportunity for foreign companies to invest in India e-commerce portal?

Any in Bharat E-Commerce Portal Foreign companies There is no opportunity to invest.


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