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What is Hybrid Topology

hybrid topology


Hybrid Topology two or more network topology Consists of. In which – Bus Topology, Mesh Topology, Ring Topology, Star Topology are included. For example, if a big network is formed by combining Star or Ring topology, then it will be called hybrid topology.

Hybrid Topology is used based on the need of the users, school or business. In this, the desired network performance, number of computers, their location are all factors.

Definition of Hybrid Topology

Hybrid topology There is a combination of two topologies. Different types of technology are required for its physical implementation, its structure is very complex.

hybrid topology kya hai hindi
diagram of hybrid topology

To meet the variation in computer network Hybrid topology is important. Under this topology, the configuration of each network topology remains in the entire network section.

Hybrid Network Using the

There are some reasons that an organization decides to choose a hybrid topology.

In which there is flexibility and ease in the development of the network, where it is needed.

Network growth occurs when more network nodes are added to the existing network and Hybrid topology It is very easy to add new nodes to the network because it makes it easy to make changes to the basic network levels as well as to the main network.

Why use hybrid topology network?

The applications and examples of Hybrid Topology are growing at a fast pace. This topology has a super-power set as well as a flexible option which is pronounced as Smart Option. Because of which it is used at home or office.

Along with using this topology for small industries, a compact is given for their subunits. In this we can choose whether like Hub or Switch What will be Backbone Network and can also choose Network Segments which are different due to its Topological Configuration.

For Network Segment Hybrid Network complete in Computer networking system is dependent on the main backbone. Which is connected to Network Segments. hybrid network It is not necessary to have any complicated structure in its setup, which saves time and labor.

Normal Basic Topologies Setup and networking break down causes a lot of damage. Which can be solved by hybrid network. by Network Programmers Hybrid topology are developed to minimize the strengths and weaknesses of each topology.

examples of hybrid topology

Hybrid topology is used in various places.

  • in office
  • in schools
  • in banks
  • in business
  • Research Organizations
  • Multinational Offices
  • on university campuses
  • Automated Industry

Types of Hybrid Network Topologies

Here the types of hybrid topologies are discussed.

1. Star-ring Hybrid Topology Star Topology The structure of the star is constructed using both the star topology and the ring topology. Each using Wired Connection star topology is linked to the ring topology.

Origin from data star topology through a connecting node ring topology reaches in. Data flows through Unidirectional or Bidirectional (Bidirectional) method.

The bidirectional method of data flow ensures that if one node of the original ring topology fails, it will not affect the entire network of data flows.

2. Star-bus Hybrid Topology – Star-bus Hybrid Topology Two topologies Star topology and bus topology Consists of. Bus Topology Connects two or more star topologies to each other by wire connection. The basic bus topology provides a backbone structure in the form of a wired connection.

3. Hierarchical Network Topology – Hierarchical Network Topology tree topology also says. It is designed as a hierarchical tree. Its minimum level such as two to maximum level and maximum and top-level is called root or parent node.

The next level of Hierarchical Network Topology (Hierarchical Network Topology) involves child nodes. It returns the child node as level three.

Advantages of Hybrid Topology

Different types of benefits are combined under this topology.

  • This topology is very flexible.
  • This brings traffic to a large amount Handle does.
  • It can be amended if needed.
  • of Hybrid Topology Due to being scalable, the size of the network can also be increased.
  • Error detection and further troubleshooting is very easy.
  • In this topology, data can be easily transferred between different networks.
  • It is used to build large networks.
  • Hybrid network is very reliable.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

Hybrid topology The disadvantages of this are explained below.

  • This network is an expensive network.
  • The installation process is difficult.
  • The hubs associated with each topology combination are very expensive.
  • Damage to the backbone of the network affects the performance of the network.
  • The process of designing a hybrid network is very difficult.
  • To connect the Hybrid Network to another topology, hardware changes have to be made.

Hybrid Network Wired Vs. Wireless

Wired networks have faster speeds such as Fast Ethernet cables that can send data at speeds of up to 100mbps, while most Wi-Fi Network can send data only up to 54mpbs.

so if you If you want to setup Lan Gaming Party or want to share large files for office, then Wired Connection is a great option for good speed.

Mobility and flexibility are one of its main advantages when it comes to wireless networks. Wherever you are in the office Internet can access. You can use a wide selection of devices to access the network, such as Wi-Fi-enabled Handhelds and Pdas.

Both wired and wireless networks are equally easy (or difficult) to set up depending on the size and complexity of the organization.

What is the definition of hybrid topology?

Hybrid topology is a combination of two or more network topologies, that is, it is made up of two topologies.

Where is hybrid network topology used?

This topology is used in offices, schools, banks, business and many more places.

What are the types of hybrid topology?

Mainly it is of 3 types Star-ring Hybrid Topology, Star-bus Hybrid Topology, Hierarchical Network Topology.

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