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What is human religion – how a great saint did not get the path of salvation


This Going through the story what is actually human religion? Sometimes a great ascetic does not get salvation, why? What should be the definition of religion in Kaliyuga? How people consider themselves to be knowledgeable by performing religious rituals, but is it really a religion?

kya hai manav religion

What is human religion?

(How a great saint did not get the path of salvation)

There was a great saint who was a very fierce ascetic. He had knowledge of many scriptures. Many verses were memorized by mouth. The discussions of his wisdom were for miles. The saints were engaged in devotion to God every moment of the day. He used to do severe penance but he was not interested in service. They used to think that service does not give knowledge. Life flows only by the meditation of God. That is why they used to be engrossed in devotion to God day and night. Neither did he have to take nor give from anyone else. He did neither good nor bad to anyone. There is no danger to the society from such a person. People consider them good. That is why his fame was everywhere.

One day, the saint sat under the Wat tree for his spiritual practice. Suddenly, sitting there, his life was lost. When Chitragupta came in front of him after death, he said to the saint – O ascetic! Seeing your penance and devotion to God, you will be given the next birth in a noble, prestigious family. Hearing this, the saint said in a sad voice – O Chitragupta! I did penance for years, there was no shortage in it. did not hurt any living being. Still, why am I not getting salvation? On this Chitragupta presented the saint in front of Dharmaraja.

The saint told all his grief to Dharmaraj. Said in detail about all his religious rituals. Hearing all this, Dharmaraja smiled and he said – O Vatsa! In fact you could not even know the human religion. I know you did the hardest penance. Didn’t hurt anyone but you didn’t do charity either. He did not help any ignorant with his acquired knowledge. did not treat any patient. Didn’t show the right path to a wandering traveler. In fact you do not even know that charity is the real human religion. Service should be the basis of human life. In this way, the saint came to know about his mistake and in his next birth, along with austerity, he also made the goal of service with austerity, then he attained salvation after years.


In fact, man does not even know what religion is and he is engaged in religious rituals day and night. As always one thing comes to be heard that on Teej festival people give donations to Brahmins and provide food. Even if a Brahmin is prosperous, he himself moves in a four wheeler vehicle, but with great pride, charity is given to him and he also accepts it. Think for yourself what will be the importance of such donation. If you give this donation to a poor person, then perhaps his hunger for many days will be satisfied. He will get support to live.

Worshiping or worshiping for many hours is not wrong, but if this time is spent in teaching an illiterate person or in the service of a patient, then it will definitely benefit someone and in the eyes of God, it will be his true worship.

Many people give a lot of charity. Many Bhandaras do worship and worship, but they reprimand a poor beggar and drive him away. Is this religion?

We always fight for money while taking vegetables and fruits. Sometimes they forcefully take vegetables or fruits from a poor person for less money, but they do shopping in malls, supermarkets or online without any question. Have you ever thought how rich you have become by getting five to ten rupees less from a poor person. But yes, for that vegetable seller, he must have slept on an empty stomach for at least five nights of the month.

We want to explain to you, yourself, through this the knowledge of what religion really is. In today’s era of Kaliyuga, no one thinks of attaining salvation. Yes, but everyone wishes for a prosperous and healthy life. And if we believe in God, then we have to believe in action and its results. Only our actions can give us good or bad results.

What did you learn from this story? And after reading what you will change in yourself, do tell us.

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