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What is hosting and where to buy it?

What is hosting and where to buy it?
What is hosting and where to buy it?

Friends, you must have heard about hosting but do you know what is Exactly Hosting? Bloggers who have already been blogging, they must know what is hosting? But the new bloggers who have just started blogging do not know very well about hosting.

Hosting is required to run any website. Simply put, hosting is a process that lets you rent a house to run your website on the World Wide Web or you can even buy a house for yourself.

Do you want your website to run well on the Internet and you should not have any problem in running your website ? In this article, I will give you complete information about hosting, what is hosting? How to do Hosting? Where do you buy hosting? etc. So this article is going to be very useful for you, so do not ignore a single point of it. 

If you miss a single point of this, then you will not understand web hosting properly and the result will be that you will be left behind in the world of blogging, so let’s first start what is hosting? (Hosting kya hota) hai)          

What is Hosting?

Hosting gives space to any website to store the applications of that website on the Internet Server. 

If you have decided to create a website, then you must know that where will you publish your website? Suppose you have published your website on the Internet but do you think that your website will run? Yes, then let me tell you that this is not going to happen at all because Internet Server is a very big server where many new bloggers come daily and Make your website 

You have to run your Website on Web server requires space to be and that space you rent must mean or purchase a Hosting First your website to make your Website Run Purchase must | Online you will find many web hosting organizations where you can buy a good hosting for your website. 

Do you know what you can do through hosting? Otherwise, I will tell you that through hosting you can save files, images, important data and assets of the website. Once you have purchased Hosting, your website runs well on the Internet Server without any interruption.                                           

Why is hosting necessary?

Now you know what is hosting? (what is hosting in hindi) Now I will tell you why hosting is important? In 2021, the Business any kind of grow a good Website to Requirement is | You can generate a good income by doing online business from that website, but all this is possible only when your website will have a good hosting.

Most of the bloggers think that hosting is good only for the website and it is of no use, but let me tell you that hosting is not only necessary for the website, but it also has many other uses. like 

With a good hosting, you can increase the loading time speed of your website. With Hosting you for your Website Secure IP Address (HTTPs) to get your Website Safe lives and who Important Data in your Website that is secure | It is also called Secure Socket Layers (SSL). 

Do you know that you can also organize separate email and online accounts for your website from hosting? Otherwise, I tell you that in the Web Hosting Package, you also get the option of email link to your website, if you have a business and for that purpose you have created a website, then make sure your website and your email address are almost the same. With this, your visitors can easily access your website.     

Hosting Type

As you now know what is web hosting? (web hosting kya hota hai), what is the function of hosting? Now know about the type of hosting, do you know how many types of hosting are there? Although there are many types of hosting in the world of web hosting market in 2021, but here I will tell you about 5 types of hosting which are the most main hosting .        

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most common and cheap web hosting. If you have just created a new website, then this is the best for you, you do not have to pay much money for this hosting, as you must be knowing from the name that in Shared Web Hosting you share the web hosting means you You share  resources with other websites on the same server.

Do you know that Web Hosting Providers offer a variety of plans for different hosting? I didn’t understand what happened, I’ll tell you like on Hostinger you will get shared web hosting services with 3 different hosting plans . 

If Your Business No Business more means small runs and you have a website to expand Business Create then the or Your Website entry level Website The most your best solution is | 

In Shared hosting your multiple client can share the resources of our Website on the same server with the | I understand you with examples of resources like computing power, memory, diskspace and many more.

If you have taken a room on rent in an apartment and your roommate also lives with you in it, then like you share all the room, water electricity with your roommate there Exactly you have to do the same in shared hosting also. If you have less money then Shared Web Hosting is the best.   

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

  • If your website does not have more than 10,000 or 15,000 visitors, then Shared Web Hosting is the best option. 
  • Shared Web Hosting is the Cheapest Web Hosting. 
  • Bluehost is great for web hosting.
  • Share web hosting does not require much technical knowledge, you can easily setup it. 
  • Share web hosting has a user-friendly control panel. 

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting 

  • In Shared Web Hosting, Blogger does not have control over the server of his website. 
  • There is slow loading in Shared Web Hosting. 

2. Dedicated Hosting

Hosting means that you create a space for your website on the Internet server. But what if you have to share your server with others? 

What happens in Shared Hosting is that companies make a limited GB server in this and give bloggers to host their website at a very low price. Due to low price and limited data, you have to share the resources of your server with other websites in which you do not get security. That’s why Dedicate Hosting has been created.   

Dedicated Hosting You must be knowing from the name itself that it is always dedicated for hosting your website, meaning Dedicated Hosting is your own personal server , in Dedicated Hosting you do not have to share your server with anyone else. 

In Dedicate Hosting, you get good facilities to manage your website. You can run the server of your website accordingly. Through Dedicate Hosting, you can choose those operating systems and softwares, configurations that you require. 

Do you have Idea what you can do through dedicated hosting? No, then it’s ok, I will tell you that through Dedicated Hosting you can set up your server accordingly because it gives you high updating rates and fast loading speed. is provided. In dedicated hosting, there is technical control over the setting of your server. 

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  • In Dedicated Hosting, you get complete security and it is also reliable, meaning your data remains safe in this. 
  • Fast loading speed, high updating rates are provided in Dedicated Hosting. 
  • You can choose good softwares in Dedicated Hosting. 
  • Dedicated hosting can be easily managed. 

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting 

  • Due to Dedicated Hosting being your own personal server, it is costly. In this you have to pay montly from 10,000 to 15,000 or you can pay even more, it depends on your budget.  
  • Dedicated hosting is not for small websites, so I would recommend you to purchase dedicated hosting only when traffic starts coming from 50,000 to 60,000 or more on your website.   
  • To manage Dedicated Hosting, you should have technical knowledge, only then you will be able to handle it well.                           

3. VPS Hosting

Most of the bloggers are very confused about VPS hosting, what is VPS hosting? How to manage VPS Hosting ? Is VPS Hosting Good For Website Or Not? Are you also confused about VPS Hosting in the same way? Yes, then I will try my best to clear your confusion here. 

VPS Hosting Shared hosting is the updated version is | VPS Hosting the “Virtual Private Server” is called | Like I told that VPS Hosting is the updated version of Shared Hosting, so in this you can also upgrade VPS Hosting. 

In VPS hosting also you have to share the server of your website with the owners of other websites but as you share the server with more website owners in shared hosting, not much has to be done in this. 

Do you know why VPS hosting is called Virtual Private Server? Otherwise, I called because I tell you VPS Hosting and Virtual Private Server because the Main server to divide into multiple Virtual Server is | In VPS hosting, even though the main server is shared with many websites, but in this you get VPS with dedicated resources for your website.  

If you want to run custom configurations on your server, then you can choose them with your VPS Hosting Plan, this will give you the advantage that your website’s loading time and high updating rates will increase and your website will crash with someone else’s website. will not 

For example, suppose you have rented an apartment in a building and do not have to share kitchen, bathroom, living room or other common spaces in that apartment with anyone else, this is your personal apartment but all the members living in that building. With you will share some resources .  

Benefits of VPS Hosting   

  • Like Dedicated Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) also has high updating rates and fast loading speed. 
  • There is so much ability in VPS hosting that it keeps your server by custom configuration. 
  • VPS Hosting has dedicated server resources and space. 

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting 

  • In VPS hosting, you have to share your main server with other websites like shared hosting. 
  • You cannot easily setup VPS Hosting like Shared Server. 
  • In VPS hosting, you get limited data just like shared hosting. 
  •  VPS Hosting is costly in Dedicated Hosting compare.              

4. Cloud Hosting

Many bloggers think that there are so many types of hosting available in the market, so what is the need of cloud hosting? Most of the bloggers still do not know what is Cloud Hosting? (cloud hosting kya hai) Have you ever heard about Google Cloud Hosting? If not, then it’s ok let me tell you what is cloud hosting?

The 2021 market for Hosting Cloud hosting most of Reliable Server | Cloud Hosting VPS The Hybrid version is | Cloud Hosting Plan is provided to you with many remote servers . 

By remote servers, I mean that each server has its own responsibilities in cloud hosting. Therefore, this is the best quality of cloud hosting, if there is any problem in any server of cloud hosting, then other servers of the network handle it with their responsibilities.

In cloud hosting, the high uptime rates of your website increases even more and due to the error on your server , then the problem in downtime also ends. Due to which the performance of your website becomes very good. The scalibilty of Cloud Hosting is its best thing. 

Benefits of Cloud Hosting 

  • Cloud hosting is very good for medium and large business websites, so that you can grow your websites quickly. 
  • Cloud Hosting is a good option compared to VPS Hosting. 
  • High-security is available in Cloud Hosting. 
  • Website downtime is very less in Cloud Hosting. 

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting 

  • You should take Cloud Hosting Plan only when there is more than 50,000 traffic on your website.  
  • The pricing of Cloud Hosting is very high and the most important thing is that its pricing keeps changing, so I would recommend you to buy Cloud Hosting only when you have a good budget. 

5. Reseller Hosting

Friends, so far have you known what is hosting? What is the job of hosting? What is hosting service? From all this, you must have understood that hosting is such a good platform to earn money and now I will tell you about such hosting from which you can  generate a sizeable income.

Have you heard about Reseller Hosting ? No, it doesn’t matter, let me tell you about Reseller Hosting, Reseller Hosting is not for everyone. Because hosting is sold in this. Like you have created a small website and for that you are looking for hosting service. So this will be the personal hosting of your own website. Whereas in Reseller hosting, you resell hosting for others’ websites. 

Reseller Hosting is also called White Level Web Hosting. In Reseller Hosting yourself by Hosting Purchase of Provider Companies Clients Resell to do | It works in such a way that you purchase hosting from the hosting company provider at wholesale rates . After that you have this opportunity that you can earn profit by selling your hosting accordingly.

Reseller hosting is mostly done by web developers and web designers , they are already making their customers in this field. Keeping in mind the needs of the website of their customers, they provide web hosting to them accordingly, so if you also want to resell the hosting then you also have to follow this process. 

The best thing about reseller hosting is its stability like if you do web design for a client, then you will work only once or at most two or three times but if you provide hosting service to them, then they need you. The need will be for lifetime because monthly wise money has to be paid for hosting .  

Benefits of Reseller Hosting 

  • In Reseller Hosting, you can resell Hosting to Clients according to your pricing. 
  • There is stability of income in Reseller Hosting. 
  • Reseller hosting is a good option to earn money.  

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting 

  • To earn money in Reseller Hosting, many clients are needed, for which you have to give more time and efforts. 
  • In Reseller Hosting you need a good hosting provider company because if they gave you such hosting which is not working properly then you can lose it. 

Where to buy hosting?

Most of the bloggers have this confision that where to buy hosting? (hosting kaha se kharide) But let me tell you that in 2021, many good web hosting companies have been established in the market to provide hosting to your website. But the most important thing is that what is the level of your website? Meaning you have just started your website or it is time for you to start your website.

If you have recently started your new website, then for that you should buy cheap pricing hosting, for that I will tell you the names of low budget hosting providers from where you can buy hosting. 

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator 
  • Hostinger 
  • HostitBro 

If it has been some time since you started your website and monthly traffic of 20,000 to 60,000 or more comes to your website, then you should buy hosting with good budget because with good hosting you can reduce the downtime of your website. Can increase the loading speed .

A big problem with cheap hosting companies is that they have many limitations and do not get that much security , so let me tell you the names of good and reliable hosting providers from where you can buy hosting. 

  • Godaddy
  • Google Cloud

What is the difference between Domain and Hosting?

Many new bloggers do not know what is a domain? What is hosting? They do not know that these two are different. In this article, I will tell you the  difference between Domain and Hosting.

Both Domain and Hosting play an important role to make your website. Take life one thing without these two Blogging Domain can not do anything in the world to your Website Address brings Hosting is the home for your Website in the world of internet Large | 

Because of the domain, your visitors and Google crawlers are able to recognize your website and because of hosting they are able to find your website. These are some of the types of work when a user Domain to learn more about a topic in your Browser’s address bar name the type that user logged in Search Keyword so get your content to server the content your users reaches to 

In the online market, you will find many companies that provide both Domain and Hosting. Now it depends on you that how much is your budget, if you are a beginner, that means you have recently started writing a blog, then it would be right for you to take cheap domain and hosting and if you have a lot of monthly traffic on your website. |

So you should take both Domain and Hosting for your website with a little costly pricing, so that the performance of your website will be good in front of your users. You have to purchase different domain and hosting from many provider companies. 

Your domain name should be unique so that it is well remembered by your users. Understand in this way that if your friend understands the address of your house properly, then he can easily reach your house.                           

Conclusion: What is Hosting?

As you have learned in this article, what is hosting? Why is hosting important? Friends, hosting is important because through hosting you can create space on the Internet server to publish the content of your website. Due to which your website also remains  secure on the Internet server .

For example, if you want to build a house of your own, then you will first need a place for that. So that you can build your house at that place. When you build your house, you also need an address for it. None in which he replaced tell I you can access easily to your home to your Website Hosting works and Address Domain works | 

Together you learned from where to buy hosting? I also told you in this article what are the types of hosting? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting?

The interesting thing in this is that most of the new bloggers do not know what is the difference between Domain and Hosting? So in this article, I have tried my best to explain this to you as well.           

FAQ: What is Hosting?

Hosting is a field where bloggers often have many problems, then they do research on Google or other social media about hosting. By doing research, they get answers to some questions and some do not. I will try my best to answer 3 important questions searched by him here.

Q1. Where to get hosting for free?

Ans. Mostly there are people who want to do blogging but they do not have enough money to buy hosting to start their blog and keep it going because as you know, hosting is needed to run the website. And for that money has to be paid monthly wise so that they do not even start blogging. That’s why I will tell you the names of some such hosting provider companies from where you can take hosting for free and you can create a blog. 

Q2. Can I host my own website?

Ans. What a lot of Bloggers They also think that they themselves can host your website would then tell her I Yes, you can certainly host yourself your Website because the world of Hosting Internet Foundation Invisible is | The best way to host your website is that you should have good experience of that level. You can host your website through WordPress.

Q3. What is Private Hosting?

Ans. It is known from the name of Private Hosting that all the resources of your website remain private (secured) like hosting files, database, email etc. To secure the Private hosting visitors to the content of your website will be able to easily read means if you with someone else’s website to your Hosting files, database, the email will not be secure in the private hosting that after destroy or server to crash

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