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What is Google Question Hub and why is it important?

What is Google Question Hub and why is it important?
What is Google Question Hub and why is it important?

Do you know exactly what your readers want and which topic they are searching for more? In order to give answers to your readers according to them, first of all, you have to know what is Google Question Hub? And why is Google Question Hub necessary? How to create an account on Google Question Hub?  

14 December 2018 in, Google has Google Question Hub to launch a | More than 400 YouTubers and bloggers were called in the launch event of Google Question Hub. This event took place at Pullman Hotel Aerocity ,  Delhi.

Before 2018, answers to most of the questions were found on Google, but the answers to the questions were not found. This used to frustrate the visitors of Google. Google never wants its visitors to be disappointed or upset. So Google has all the searches on the Search Engine Questions of Hub made |  

Taking advantage of Google Question Hub, many bloggers have increased visitors on their blog. So do you also want to take advantage of this opportunity and make your blog a successful blog? Yes, then you miss a single point of this article. 

In this article , I will give you complete information about Google Question Hub , what is Google Question Hub? Why is Google Question Hub important? This article is going to be very helpful for you. 

So let’s first start what Google Question Hub kya hai?

What is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub is a product of Google itself. In Google Question Hub, you will find all those questions which are searched a lot on Google. Competition is also low on the questions which are on Google Question Hub. Because no blogger has created any blog on these questions. Google Question Hub is given only to Blogger and Publisher. 

There are many new bloggers who do not even know that what is Google Question Hub? They just start writing direct blog and in this way they are not able to do SEO of their content properly. Due to which his blog is not able to rank in the search engine. Don’t make this mistake at all. 

If you are thinking of starting a new blog, then you can take the help of Google Question Hub. You will find such questions in this tool, on which no content is written on anyone. Since Google Question Hub Google itself is a tool, they found both Blogger and Publisher Free Tool is | 

Do you know that Google Question Hub is also available for Hindi bloggers? No, then let me tell you that according to the research done by Google, there is only 0.1% Hindi Blog on Google. And on the other hand English Blog is available up to 50% on Google. The number of people speaking Hindi in India is high, so the search in Hindi on Google is also up to about 20% .

That’s why Google launched Google Question Hub. Google Question Hub helps Hindi Blogger a lot in finding the right content so that Hindi Blog can also increase. 

Why is it necessary for Google Question Hub Publisher?

What is Google Question Hub? After knowing this, why is it important for Google Question Hub Publisher? This is also very important to know. Google is very innovative . Google keeps on doing some inventions for its visitors from time to time. One of which is the Google Question Hub tool.

There are many publishers who write their blogs by doing keyword research. Google Question Hub can help even more in finding out about their correct Niche. 

Publishers who publish their blogs in Hindi earlier used to have a lot of trouble in writing blogs on Hindi topics. Because they did not even know that what topics should be taken to write a blog in Hindi. 

It was not known what the people of India used to search on Google’s search engine. All the searches were done in English because the number of bloggers writing blogs in English is more. That’s why most of the tools are available on Google in English only. 

Now Google Question Hub has made the work of Hindi bloggers easy. On Google Question Hub, Hindi bloggers will get countless topics, using which they can rank their blog in the search engine and earn money through blogging. 

You must be well aware that Google’s Algorithm is getting smarter day by day. Therefore, all the queries that come on Google have to be given exactly the right answer to Google. Only then Google’s bots try their best to answer their visitors in great speed. So that their visitors should be completely satisfied. If the visitor is satisfied, then there will be no need to search anywhere else. 

Now since Google’s bots have a very limited time for each post, the publisher should keep the concept of your blog easy and impressive . So that when Google puts your blog in front of users, then users will get a good experience from your blog.

How to create an account on Question Hub?

Now you know what is Google Question Hub. But do you know how to create an account on Google Question Hub? No, then let me tell you. On Google Question Hub Account Create much more difficult is | Google Question Hub has been launched just some time back, so now not many bloggers know much about it.

The process of creating an account on Google Question Hub is the same as that of everyone else. To create an account on Google Question Hub, you need an email . 

Note: The thing to be noted in Google Question Hub is that the email from which you are running your Google Webmaster Account. Use the same email id here as well. This is Mandatory for all Bloggers. This is because the website whose link is verified from Question Hub. You can share the same link. 

Google Question Hub Home Page Not me
  • First of all, search Google Question Hub on Google, then press the OK button. 
  • Click on the first link you will  see in the search result.
  • After entering Google Question Hub, you will get to see some kind of interface . 
  • Then you login by signing up with your email id.  

Question Hub के Features

After signing up on Goggle Question Hub, you   must know about the features of Goggle Question Hub. I will tell you about all the features of Goggle Question Hub in this article so that you can use this feature easily. Some of the features of Google Question Hub are as follows. 

Features of Google Hub

1. Questions 

The first feature in Goggle Question Hub you Questions get the | In this feature you can see all the questions which have been searched by the people. From here you can choose the questions that you need. If you think that you know the answers to these questions, then you can also  add them.

Now you must be thinking that add the questions to the case? So for that let me tell you that there you will see the option of Add Question . You have to click on it. On clicking, you will see 2 more options. Out of which in option 1 you have to search Topic wise and in option 2 you have to search Keyword wise. Now it depends on you which one you want to choose. 

While adding questions, you always have to keep one thing in mind that you have to take only 5 questions at a time. You can add up to atleast 100 questions to your Question Hub. 

If you think that the questions you have added. If you can answer them, then you have to click on the Answer Button on the side of the questions and put the link of your article there and submit it. And if you do not know the answer to those questions then you Side Reject on Button Click giving | By doing this those questions will be removed. 

2. Starred

In Goggle Question Hub you will find the second fearture of Starred. In this feature you can starred questions, meaning by doing this the questions will be added to your Starred section. This will give you the advantage that you can answer the questions according to you. For example, if you do not have the answer to that question at a time, then you can answer it later also. 

3. History

This feature all History of questions can see who you’ve never search or Add did or did Reject | You can know all this in this option. In the option with History, you can take all the information  from the beginning to the present time.

4. Topics

The next feature of the Goggle Question Hub is Topics . In this feature, you will get to see many types of topics like Business & Industrial, Computer & Electronics, Food & Drinks, People & Society etc. You can answer the questions according to you on all these topics. Because all these topics are Categorize wise. 

5. Settings

The setting option in Goggle Question Hub is of great use to you. Because in this option you have full power to control the Question Hub tool. Let’s know how?

Display Language

In this, you can choose the language according to you, meaning you can take any language you are comfortable in. Like Hindi, English, Indonesian etc. 

Question Language

In Question Language, you can see the question according to you . Like which language do you understand quickly or in which language do you feel comfortable. You can  convert your question in that language.

Delete Your activity & account

In this you get to see 2 options . First Delete Your activity and other Delete Your Account | If you want to delete whatever activity you have done so far, then you can do it with Delete Your activity. And if you want to reset or close your account, then you can do it from Delete your account. But while doing this, remember one thing that once you reset it and some important questions have gone from it, then you cannot bring it back.  

Export Your Data

In Export Your Data, you can download and watch all your activities. If you have any activity until you feel right now, that’s okay you to Save can also | If you want, you can also export those activities through  CSV file.

6. Send Feedback

Send Feedback Goggle is the last feature of Question Hub. In this feature the team of Question Hub will collaborate with you. 

Such as if you Question Hub tool in the Problem So come Question Hub of team your full support will | 

How to answer on Question Hub?

There are many bloggers who find it difficult to answer on Question Hub, they do not even know what is Question Hub. But in this article you will get complete information about Question Hub. It is very easy to answer questions on Question Hub. Let me understand you how?

  • For this, first, you have to sign up on To sign up, you will need an email id with  Google Webmaster.
  • As soon as you sign up, you will see the home page of Question Hub.
  • After that, you add questions by clicking on additional questions. 
  • Then you will get the answer button on the side of the question, click on that answer button. And there’s your Blog Post Link Submit give | 

Just in this way you can answer all the questions. 

What are the benefits of using Question Hub?

As you already know Question Hub has been launched some time back. So this platform will prove to be very good for both blogger and publisher. It can be used by both Hindi Blogger and English Blogger bloggers. Let me now tell you the advantages of using Question Hub.  

1. New bloggers will get the idea to start their blog through Question Hub.
2. Bloggers who are already blogging but their blog is not able to rank well in the search engine. His Question Hub will prove to be very beneficial.
3. Old bloggers can also get their blog ranked well in Google’s search engine by taking new ideas from Question Hub.
4. With Question Hub, you can increase traffic on your website and also improve the quality of your content.
5. Through Question Hub, you can answer those questions of users, they are searching on Google. With this you can gain the trust of the users.
6. Once users have trust on your website, then they themselves will come searching for your website.

Conclusion: What is Question Hub?

Question Hub do to you in this Article the like (What is Question Hub In Hindi) Question Hub Google is a tool that is specifically designed for Blogger and Publisher on | Question Hub is an absolutely free tool from Google. Due to being a free tool, even new bloggers can use it easily. And you know why it is important for Question Hub Publisher?

 With the help of Question Hub, publishers can find out new ideas for their blog. Together you learned how to create an account on Question Hub? You can create your account on Question Hub through your Webmaster Email Id. 

Mainly 6 types of features are found in Question Hub which are as follows. 1.Questions, 2.Starred, 3.History, 4.Topics, 5.Settings, 6.Send Feedback All these features are very useful for bloggers. Along with this you learned how to answer on Question Hub? 

What are the benefits of using Question Hub? Through Question Hub, you can get a good ranking of your blog on Google’s search engine and increase traffic on your website. Through Question Hub, you can answer those questions, which are most searched on Google. By doing this your blog will benefit a lot. 

FAQ: What is Question Hub?

Since Google has launched Question Hub some time back, bloggers are not getting so much information about it. That’s why they have many doubts related to Question Hub. Out of which I will try my best to answer the 2 important questions searched by him here.

Q1. What is Question Hub Contest?

Ans. Bloggers copy and Blogging Dedicate 2018 to provide Google’s Question Hub Contest was held | In this contest, he asked bloggers to use as many keyword tools as possible to write articles. Because Google wanted to increase the morale of bloggers through the contest. Those most in this Contest to Participate pronounce |

After this contest, there has been an increase in the number of bloggers. To increase the enthusiasm of bloggers, Google also gave prices. Such as Platinum Members, Gold Members, Silver Members, and Bronze Members. About 300 bloggers participated in this competition. Google keeps on doing this type of contest from time to time. 

Q2. How useful is Google Question Hub for SEO?

Ans. First of all, it comes to the mind of bloggers that is Google Question Hub useful for SEO? If so how much? So very much to tell you, I for Google Question Hub SEO Important is | 

That is because bloggers will get countless questions on the Question Hub tool, whether it is in English or in Hindi. Bloggers can use these questions to write their blogs. Since you know that there are such questions in the Question Hub on which no one has written an article, then the competition on these questions is also low. By doing SEO, you can easily and quickly rank your blog.

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