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What is Google EAT Algorithm Update 2019

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What are Google EAT Algorithm Updates 2019? [ What is Google EAT, Full Form, Guideline]

Google keeps on launching new algorithms from time to time, under which the main objective of Google is to provide authentic information to its users in a short time. Also, make your search engine so much better that it is easy for the user to reach the right website through it. All the updates of Google are brought keeping in mind the user experience, but the most impact of these algorithms is on the web sites, either the ranking of the websites increases or decreases very much, so it is necessary that the people who want to go to the website. When they work, they learn about Google’s new algorithm. In this article, we will talk about Google’s new algorithm Google EAT.

What is Google EAT Update?

Generally hearing this word it feels like it is a food item but it is not so, it is a score which will be provided by Google to its website through which the performance of those websites will be better on Google search engine and this Like Google will provide a website giving authentic and truth full information to the user.

Under this update, Google will give website score and the websites which have this score will perform well in Google search engine, but what are the factors by which Google will score the website. This is a very important question.

What is the full form of EAT?

E- Expertise



These are all the same parameters through which Google will provide the score to the website and through which the user will get a chance to use a good site.

What is Expertise?

Friends Expertise is not a new word, generally whenever we have any disease like toothache, we never go to any eye doctor, we go to dental doctor only, that means we trust an expert. We do .

In the same way, if any content is written on a website, then if it is written by an expert, then that content will be considered more worthy. Under this parameter, Google wants to tell the owner of its website that whatever article it posts, if its expert writes that article, then in the eyes of Google, the value of that article will be more for which the author section of the website has It is necessary to have in which he can write the information of his author. Also, under this parameter, Google also says that it is necessary to have such a page about Us or About Us in the website.

What is authoritativeness?

Whatever content is put by the site, that site should have a reasonable right to put that content such as medical information given by a doctor or a person associated with the same profession, then it will be more valid. This is called Authoritativeness

What are Trustworthiness?

Also, the information provided on the site should be true, which your readers can trust and share your site with others without any hesitation, and the security of the site should be of high level so that the user can use any payment mode. If you do this on the site, then his bank related data and his personal data should be secure. That is what comes under Trustworthiness.

All sites related to your money or your life will come under the purview of Google EAT, also known as YMYL.

What is the meaning of YMYL?

Sites that write data related to the user’s life and his money and through that data write or take information related to the user’s life and his money and can give effect to them, are all included in YMYL.

What type of content sites will be affected under EAT –

  • Health-related sites – All those sites that write data related to health, such as information about any disease, its treatment or information about any medicine or write about its use, then such information will be available to the reader. have a profound effect on health. If this information is not correct then it can have serious consequences, that is why Google includes these sites under YMYL and if Google feels that all these sites are fraud then Google can take a section against them.
  • E-commerce website – Sites in which the user enters his account details or shares any of his personal details for tasks like bill payment, purchase or sale, then even if such a site does not seem right, then Google will also take action against them. can take, it is also covered by YMYL
  • Apart from this, Google such sites on which financial advice, tax related information, investment, retirement and loan information, information related to illness, nutrition, diet, health related information, legal information related to cases of divorce etc., and information related to government programs, they are all YMYL. will be included under

Apart from this, EAT  will also have an effect on all sites because Google cannot play with its reputation. In today’s time, everyone gives the most importance to the information coming on Google and calls Google with words like “Google God”. That’s why it is important that Google does not take any risk with its content.

If all these sites do not follow the rules of EAT, then Google can give them negative marking, which will have a special effect on the ranking of these sites, so it is important that all these sites follow the algorithm of Google EAT and avoid trouble.


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