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What is Gi Tag (Gi Tag), who gives (Gi Tag Full Form, List in Hindi)


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India is a country known for unity in diversity, here different types of things are made, different types of things are made in different regions! There are many such products in India which reflect the culture of India! The yield of these commodities is protected by the GI tag. GI tag provides an identity to the production of goods legally. In this article What is GI tag to you? Its usefulness and other information related to it will be found in detail.

Gi tag kya hai in hindi

What is GI (Gi Tag in Hindi)

Name GI Tag
when did it start year 2003
who started WTO
where do you think on specific commodities and crops
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Latest News about Gi Tag

Some time ago the rasgulla of Orissa was given Gi tag. But as we know the best rasgullas are made in West Bengal! That is why there is a dispute between Orissa and West Bengal dispute regarding Gi tag. The rasgullas of West Bengal were awarded the Gi tag in the year 2017. Due to this dispute between West Bengal and Orissa, the GI tag has become even more famous. ‌

What is Gi Tag, Full Form)

The full form of Gi tag is Geographical Indication Tag! GI tag in Hindi is called “Geographical Indication”. A GI tag is given to a commodity when that item or product reflects the specialty of a region. Like dal baati churma of Rajasthan! And Mishti Doi of Kolkata etc. A GI tag gives a unique identity to a product. A GI tag is a type of label / tag that gives a geographical identity or a permanent identity to a particular item or a product. According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, GI tag is given to a product on the basis of its make, identity and quality.

When an object is formed in a particular place, then the identity of that object is made from that area. This happens not only with food items but with all kinds of items. GI tag is given specifically to those goods which are produced in more than one region. Although rice is grown in many areas of India, GI tag has been given especially to states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh. Similarly, Darjeeling has also been given GI tag for the production of tea. In this way, different regions are given GI tags for the production of different items.

GI Tag in India

If one counts the names of such items in India which have received the GI tag, then this list will be quite large. Because in India different types of goods are produced well in different areas. There are many such items in India which have been given GI tag and their names are – Strawberry of Marleshwar, Banarasi saree of Banaras, Orange of Nagpur, Laddu of Tirupati etc.

Why Gi Tag Started

When India had an agreement with “WTO”, there was a danger in India that different countries would copy India’s goods and sell them back in the Indian market at a higher price, which would not only cause problems in India’s economic condition but also India’s culture. will also have a bad effect. When this agreement was signed, the fear of copying things like Banaras sarees, Lucknow’s chicken curry, Kanjeevaram sarees had increased tremendously. That is why GI tag was implemented to preserve the heritage of our country in our country.

When did GI Tag start?

The GI tag was started in the year 2003 to preserve the heritage of India in India itself. GI tag is given to the product to be produced and manufactured. The GI tag is somewhat similar to a trademark.

GI Tag Act

The Gi Tag Act has been enacted to make the GI Tag legal. According to the Gi Tag Act, some things have been clarified –

  1. The GI Tag Act has been implemented under the Paris Convention on Intellectual Property Rights to protect the industrial property of our country.
  2. The GI Tag Act is run by the WTO.
  3. This Act came into force in 1999 for the regulation of GI tag and the registration and protection of goods. But on the basis of their quality, GI tag was given to the goods from the year 2003.
  4. To get the GI tag one has to apply to the Eye database of Chennai.
  5. GI tags are valid for 10 years. If an item gets a GI tag, then the benefit of the tag continues for 10 years but the GI tag has to be renewed after the completion of 10 years.

Who gets the GI Tag

Before assigning GI tag to any item, the production quality and characteristics of that item are examined very closely. Before giving the GI tag, it is ensured that the product is being produced in the same area or that is to say, the originality of the item is checked before giving the GI tag. At the same time, it is also seen that in which particular area the product is being produced or in every area of ​​that state. Sometimes the weather also plays a big role in the production or making of a commodity. Before giving the GI tag, it is seen that the weather is affecting the production of that commodity.

After examining such small details, the item is assigned a GI tag according to its geographical area.

Who gives GI Tag

In India, GI tag is given to specific crops and products manufactured in specific regions of India. Sometimes this GI tag is given to 2 states together because both of those states produce one type of commodity, like in rice production, both Punjab and Haryana have been given GI tag. GI tag is given to any item by the Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce. GI tag is given not only to the commodity but also to the state, institutions related to that commodity. For the first time in the year 2003, the GI tag was given to teas of Darjeeling. Since then till date this GI tag has been given to many items.

GI tags received so far

So far 272 items have got GI tag in India. GI tag is given internationally by WIPO. Germany has got the highest GI tag so far. In Germany 9,499 items have been given a GI tag. After that, the country which has got the second highest GI tag, its name is China! China has a GI tag on 7,566 items.

Benefits of GI Tag

There are many benefits of GI tag and those benefits are given below –

  1. Goods are protected by GI tag and they address a certain area.
  2. Prohibition on copying of goods is imposed by GI tag.
  3. It exaggerates the importance of a geographical area!
  4. By GI tag, the object is known as a geographical area, which gives it a new identity.
  5. The culture and art of India is protected by the GI tag.
  6. GI tags also help Indian local goods to get international recognition.
  7. Through GI tag, the sale of the item increases a lot because people of other countries also understand the importance of the item and buy it more.

Disadvantages of Gi Tag (Gi Tag Side Effects)

While there are many advantages of GI tag, there are also some disadvantages of GI tag-

  1. The GI tag creates differences between states.
  2. The farmer suffers a lot due to the GI tag because even after getting the GI tag, the farmers do not get any profit for the product they produce.
  3. With the GI tag, a commodity is restricted to the name of a specific area.

How to Get Gi Tag

If you think that you will get the GI tag if you make or produce a particular item, then it is not at all because no one gets the GI tag like that. Even if you apply for GI Tag, you will not get it because GI Tag is provided to the association, body corporate and not to any person. This happens because this tag is provided at the government level.

GI Tag Official Website

To know about the GI tag or if you want to apply to get this tag, then you have to visit its official website. you this official Link You can apply with the help of

GI Tag Certificate

A GI tag certificate is also given to the commercial goods or production goods to which GI tag is given. . In the GI tag certificate, every small and big information is given from the quality of the item to its certificate number.


Q: Which item was given the first GI tag?

Ans: Darjeeling tea!

Q: When was the first GI tag given?

Ans: in the year 2003

Q: Which country has the highest GI tag?

Ans: Germany has it!

Q: Where to apply for GI tag?

Ans: Applied with the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce.

Q: For how many years is the GI tag valid?

Ans: up to 10 years

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