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What is CTR: How to improve it?

What is CTR: How to improve it?
What is CTR: How to improve it?

Do you know what is CTR: How to improve it? Are you aware of your Adsense CTR? Do you know what kind of problems you are going to face if your Adsense CTR becomes low? No, if you do not know the answer to all these questions, then I will give you complete information about Adsense CTR in this article.  In Internet marketing, CTR stands for click-through rate: a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions.

I have noticed this many times that most bloggers use Adsense for monetization strategy , but let me make one thing clear to you that Adsense is a CPC based network, in which you get money per click and not Impression.

Adsense works in such a way that suppose you have got 100 Views(Impressions) on your Ads and out of them 8 clicks on your Ads then your Adsense CTR will be considered as 8% and not you will consider 100 Views as Adsense CTR. 

Bloggers who have already been blogging, they will know what is CTR? (What is CTR In Hindi) But I would like to tell those bloggers who are new that there are many types of CTR, but today you will get CTR related to Adsense. I will tell about 

CTR is very important to maintain advertising and to increase money, but many times the Adsense CTR of many bloggers gets reduced and once Adsense CTR is low, the first effect falls on your earning. 

If you do not want that your Adsense CTR is also low, then you will read every point of this article carefully. This article is going to be very helpful for you, so let’s start with what is CTR. 

What is CTR

CTR is the per though click rate on the ads shown on any website. Many websites earn through CTR. Let’s say that CTR is a good way to earn money through the website. CTR is also known as Click Through Rate. 

CTR kya hai Most new bloggers remain confused about this question. CTR means how many times your Adsense has been clicked. CTR is the link between Views (Impression) and Clicks, such as how many times your ads have been seen by a visitor or how many times the visitor has been shown. 

In simple words, the number of times a visitor has clicked on the total impression of your ads is called CTR (Click Through Rate). like

CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of Exposures 

Do you know that Adsense CTR Earning is very less in India? If not, let me tell you it’s absolutely right. Adsense Earning is really less in India, but if you work well for it, then you can make a sizeable income from Adsense, for that you have to focus on Click Through Rate and Cost per Click which means CTR and CPC. |    

To understand CTR, first of all you have to know how the formula of CTR is calculated, so let’s start. 

How to Calculate Adsense CTR?

Now you understand what is CTR but do you know what is the formula of CTR? And how does Google Adsense calculate CTR ? If not, then here I will try to understand you in a very simple way, what is the formula of CTR? And how does Google Adsense calculate CTR?

Total Number of Ad Clicks / Total Number of Impressions = CTR (Click Through Rate)

As you have seen in the formula that if you have got 100 impressions on your ads and clicks on it 20 times, then your Adsense CTR will be considered as  20%.

It is also worth noting that the higher your CTR, the better ads you will get and you will get money according to the number of clicks on those ads. 

Do you know that Adsense CTR is never calculated for your different websites. Rather it is always calculated for your Adsense account only. Like you have 3 to 4 different websites and the CTR of one of them is very useless then it will affect all your Adsense Account CTR. 

How to check Ads CTR?

Like now you know what is CTR? (CTR ka Meaning) and how to calculate it? But do you know how to check Adsense CTR? If you do not know, then this is a matter of great problem for you. how? If you are not able to check your Adsense CTR then you will not know how much is your Adsense CTR? More or less?

 Do you know how much Adsense CTR should be? no, so let me tell you 

Ads CTR should always be less than 15% , if your CTR is more than 15% then your Adsense will be closed for Lifetime. 

To check Adsense CTR, first you have to go to your Google Adsense account and then open Adsense account there, then refresh the home page when the page is loaded then you will have a performance chart visible in that you can see your CPC , CTR, RPM, Clicks and Impressions can be checked.

There you can also check it according to Day By Day. If you want to check in more detail, then for that you will click on Interface’s Reports in your Dashboard, then you will get all the details there. 

If your Adsense CTR is 12 to 13% then you have to remove Google Adsense from your blog immediately, for that you will have to give an application to Google Adsense that your Adsense has Invalid Activities which you have not done and after that Google Adsense your Earning Cut it and save it in Google Adsense. Then you can reinstall Google Adsense on your website after 24 to 48 hours.  

How to Increase Adsense CTR: 7 Simple TIps

Here I will tell you 7 such simple tips by using which you can increase your Adsense CTR. 

1. Focus on the Size of Ads

Friends Many Blogger common mistake is that she Only Ads that focus only on Ads of Size on! Do you also make the same mistake? If yes, then your Adsense CTR will also be down. 

By having CTR down, I mean that there will be less clicks on your ads. The fewer clicks, the more your ads CTR will go down, so you should always pay attention to the length and width of your ads, as well as give a standard color to the colors of your ads, so that your visitors will be attracted to them, then they will click on these ads. will click more

Adsense CTR ka size

2. Create Mobile Friendly Blog Post

Friends, you must know that in today’s time more searches are done than mobile, but do you know that up to how many percent of daily searches are done from mobile only? No, then I’ll tell you only Mobile only daily of searches 70% is far | It’s amazing isn’t it! 

This is because in 2021 the internet facility has become very good and most of the people have mobile to search, you can easily carry it anywhere. That’s why you must make  your blog post mobile friendly.

If your Blog Post will be Mobile Friendly then it will give a good experience to your visitors and there will be more clicks on the ads shown on your blog so that your Adsense CTR will be good.

3. Stay Focused on Your Topic

This tip is going to be very important to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). A good content brings more and more visitors.

Do you know that many bloggers create countless websites? On whom they are not able to focus well and its result is that their Adsense CTR starts decreasing. 

The thing to note in this is that if the CTR of any one of your countless websites has decreased, then it will affect the CTR of all your websites. 

 That’s why you should always stick to your topic . You should create as many websites about which you have good information and you can give correct information to your visitors, this will benefit you that the CTR of your Adsense will increase. 

4. Allow only ads with high CPC

First of all you have to decide what type of ads do you want more on your website? Low CPC or High CPC? 

If you do not know which of the two is better? So let me tell you that with low CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, you will have to put more ads in your website and having more ads will reduce the loading speed of your website, which will result in that your visitors will not stay on your website for long. Due to which the Bounce Rate will increase. This will not be good for your blog. 

That’s why always allow more CPC (Cost Per Click) . 

5. Do not put more ads on your website

Like I told you earlier that you should not put more ads on your website, this reduces the number of visitors to your website because life has become very fast in 2021, visitors need the topic they have been searching, they should hurry. Get it soon and if they do not have to wait for it, if they get good service for your website, then it will increase your Adsense CTR.   

6. Lower the Bounce Rate

Do you know that Adsense CTR also depends on how long a visitor has stayed on your website? No, then let me tell you that Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate) increases only when visitors stay on your website for maximum time. 

Bounce Rate is 2 crucial due to increased first you have a good right to the Content and the other on its Website to find more Ads less CPC | Both of these reduce your Adsense CTR. That’s why you have to focus well on both of them.

 To reduce the bounce rate, you have to make your content meaningful and interesting and you will have to put more CPC ads on your website.  

7. Focus on Organic Traffic

It is most important that you should focus on Organic Traffic because this is the best idea to increase Adsense CTR, if there are organic clicks on your website’s ads, then this increases your Ads CTR. You can increase your Organic Traffic through Google’s search engine, through Youtube, through Facebook page, through Pinterest. 

Difference Between Website CTR and Adsense CTR

Do you know the difference between Website CTR and Ads CTR ? Do you consider both Website CTR and Ads CTR the same? Yes, if you consider both Website CTR and Ads CTR to be the same then let me tell you that it is not so at all. Let me explain you the difference between Website CTR and Ads CTR. 

You may wonder what is CTR of Website |

Website CTR is called when a visitor searches a topic in Google’s Search Engine and if the impression of your blog’s article is visible to the visitor in the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) if that visitor sees your article. If you click on it, it is called Website Click Through Rate (CTR). 

Your article comes on the first page of Google’s SERPs only when you have done both SEO (like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO) of your website well.  

Now you must be wondering what is Adsense CTR? (CTR kya hai) 

Adsense CTR is called when a Visitor Your Website Click on Impression comes to your article by it if it is shown some Ads by Google Adsense she Visitor that does Click on Ads then called Ads Click Through Rate (CTR) goes to 

Adsense CTR is very important for Technical SEO.

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