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What is Coaxial Cable, uses, Category and Advantages

Coaxial Cable, is a kind of transmission wire which is used for the high frequency of the signal. Let me explain it in more simple words.

Actually Coaxial Cable is a thick, four layers thick wire, which most of you must have seen while installing TV and setup box.

It is helpful in connection of cable TV to setup box, by applying which the quality of signal coming from setup box becomes very good. With which you can see the change in any kind of picture quality and the quality of any kind of picture visible in TV increases.

Category of Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are generally divided into three categories according to Radio Government (RG) ratings.

What is Coaxial Cable in Hindi?
  • RG – 59: Which has impedance 75W and it mainly cable TV is used in.
  • RG – 58: Which has impedance 50W And it is mainly used in thin Ethernet.
  • RG – 11: Which has impedance 50W And it is mainly used in thick Ethernet.

Coaxial Cable Diagram 

The structure of this cable is like a circular insulator, this cable is quite safe and secure due to being surrounded in four layers. Talking about their layers, the top layer consists of a plastic cover / outer jacket, then a metal insulator, followed by a dielectric flexible tube and then a metal insulator core or copper wire (inner conductor).

Coaxial Cable Diagram in Hindi

This is the last part of it. It is the inner conductor which is connected for the quality of the signal.

Uses of Coaxial Cable

As you must have come to know a little bit about the uses of this cable, where it is used in general.
To connect most antennas to a TV or digital setup box.

  1. To connect the VCR to the TV.
  2. For computer’s wire connectivity.
  3. Security System
  4. Shared Cable Network
  5. In Digital Telephone Network
  6. In Cable TV Network

Types of Coaxial Cable

This cable is mainly of two types, let’s know

ThikNet Core Coaxial Cable The metal insulator core of this cable ie (inner conductor) which is made of copper, its thickness is more. Due to the high thickness of its inner core conductor, there are many differences in it – as its frequency speed is very high and it can transmit its signal easily up to 500 meters.

ThinNet Core Coaxial Cable – Thinnet core has less thickness of its inner conductor, due to which its frequency speed is very low in it, it can easily transmit its signal up to about 200 meters.

Advantages of Coaxial Cable

  • They are used more in high frequency applications.
  • Their price is quite affordable as compared to others.
  • EMI (Electric Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) are very less in this cable.
  • This cable instead of twisted pair cable The bandwidth is very high.
  • In this you get to see high transfer rates.

These were some of the benefits that you get if you use Coaxial Cable.

Disadvantages of Coaxial Cable

  • These cables are heavier than other cables.
  • This cable is more expensive than twisted pair cable.
  • Since only one single cable is used in this, so if any kind of problem occurs in this cable then the whole network will come to a standstill.
  • There is a lot of difference in the safety of this cable, as it can be tangled quite easily, plus you can tamper with it using a T-joint (of BNC type) in between.
  • It is necessary to ground it in most places to prevent any kind of interference.

These were some of the disadvantages that you may see, if you use Coaxial Cable.

What is Coaxial Cable commonly known as?

Coaxial Cable is usually referred to as “coaxAlso known as “.

Who invented the Coaxial Cable first?

Coaxial Cable was first invented by an engineer and mathematician from England. Oliver Heaviside It was constructed in 1880 by

Which category of Coaxial Cable is used in cable TV?

RG – 59 of Coaxial Cable: Which has an impedance of about 75W, it is used in cable TV.

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