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What is Bus Topology?


Bus Topology To Lan Used in (Local Area Network). Where different types of Nodes connect to a particular cable Link live. In this topology, all the nodes are connected through a single cable called its ‘backbone’. When this backbone is damaged, the entire network ends.

To check whether the network is working properly or not bus topology There is a kind of Terminator at each end of the . It is very simple as compared to other topology because it is very easy to arrange.

How will all the devices in a network connect to each other? topology is called. In other words, the arrangement of computers in a network is called topology.

bus topology Definition of

bus topology (Bus Topology) Nodes do their work as servers and carry data from one end to the other in a single direction. The data is removed from the line by the terminator upon reaching the end of the data.

bus topology kya hai hindi

In this, a Coaxial Cable / Rj-45 Cable is used to connect various types of devices.

Transmitted via Bus Topology Cable Handles data as data goes to each node. After which the node checks the Destination Address (Mac / Ip Address), by which it is known whether it meets that address or not.

Computer Network in bus topology

In the bus topology that is used in computer networks, all the computers are connected only by a single cable. By the way, Ethernet cable is used to use the bus topology.

Under Bus Topology, the desired information for the last node has to pass through all the computers present in the network. Bus Topology If you compare it with other topologies, then it does not require additional cables at the time of its installation.

Also, if another node in the network stops or stops its work, then the remaining nodes will still work, so it is very easy to add new nodes to the network.

If networking is to be done over a long distance, then there is also a possibility of data loss, for which this topology is not suitable. This is good for short distance networking This topology does not work for nodes spread in different directions. If Extra Devices are added to it, then the data transfer will be in slow speed.

bus topology network access

Do you know bus topology Where is it used?

Bus Network Topologies Talking about its use, it is used when there is a need for cheap, small and temporary network. Which has nothing to do with the fast speed of data transfer. Which can work even on slow data transfer.

Mostly Laboratory and This network is used only in places like Office.

Bus Topology Concepts and features of

The main concepts are covered in Bus Topology.

  • Backbone Cable The cable used as Backbone Cable is a Coaxial Cable. Backbone cable is just a type of cable that connects all the network nodes with a cable so that the bus topology is present.
  • Drop Link – Drop Link is a kind of patch cable which is used to make a lane to move signals. Drop Link is important in attaching Network Node to Backbone Cable.
  • Terminator It is a kind of device, which is used to connect one end of the cable to absorb the signal. So that Signal Reflection can be avoided.
  • Node A node is a kind of server, computer network or client. It performs a variety of functions. Its main role is Server, Client and Intermediate Node.

Bus Topology Examples in Hindi

There are also some main examples of bus topology networks such as,

  • bus topology It is used by Ethernet network.
  • The main function of the server is to exchange information between different types of client computers.
  • In bus topology, one computer acts as a server and the other as a client.
  • One By Using Single Line Bus Topology It is used to connect two floors.
  • Bus topology is used to connect printers, I/O devices in office or home.

Bus Topology Of the profit

Use of Bus Topology There are also benefits of doing it, which have been told to you further.

  • It uses less cabling than other network topologies. Because of which this cost is effective.
  • This is the best topology for small networks.
  • It is very easy to extend the cable by connecting it to the connector and repeater.
  • It is very easy to connect and disconnect devices in the network without disturbing other devices.
  • If a computer or device fails, it will not affect other devices or networks in any way.
  • It is very easy to implement Bus Topology and add more nodes to the network.
  • It is very simple to understand it.

Bus Topology Of Loss

Bus Network Topology It also has some disadvantages which have been told to you further.

  • If network traffic or devices increase then network performance decreases.
  • Cables are only of limited length.
  • If one main cable is damaged, the entire network fails.
  • When the entire network is down, it becomes difficult to identify the problem.
  • The chances of data clash are high when the network is slow.

What is Bus Topology?

Nodes in Bus Topology work as servers, which transmit data from one end to the other in a single direction.

Where is this network mostly used?

This network is mostly used in the office or laboratory.

What is Bus Topology in Computer Network?

In the Bus Topology of Computer Network, all the computers are connected by a single cable only.

What is a bus in bus topology?

In bus topology, the bus major is called the backbone cable. All devices are connected with this cable only.

what did you learn today

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