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What is Black Lives Matter movement


What is Black Lives Matter Movement 2020 (Protest, logo, news, campaign, essay, importance, founder)

Along with Corona, the Black Lives Matter movement has also made a place in the headlines of the news and in the social media accounts of the people. This movement has become famous among the people due to an incident of 25 May 2020. Many people have joined this movement till now but not many people are aware about this movement. A brutal murder committed by American police officers on May 25, 2020, has led to the rise of racism institutional and traditional institutions in America, which is not the first time. Let us tell you what is the Black Lives Matter movement and what is its goal?

Black Lives Matter movement

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25 May 2020 Of accident

In fact, on May 25, 2020, American police officers, along with their associates, brutally murdered a black person from color. This whole incident was carried out on the beach road, which was also captured by many people in their cameras. The man killed by the police was named George Floyd. This was not the first time in the US that an African American named Michael Brown was murdered by police officers 20 years earlier in August of 2014. Even before this, many murders have been committed in this way due to the apartheid between white and black. After this incident on May 25, American people started this campaign on social media.

How Hui black Lives Matter protest Of Beginning?

The Black Lives Matter movement has been going on not only in America but outside America in Europe Latin America as well as in the UK since 2013. Because apartheid continues between white and black people in all these countries, in which white people are suppressed and they are unnecessarily killed only for the slightest mistake. To stop and protest this ruthless crime, Black Lines Matter movement was started by black people which is still going on now.

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George flide Of with What Happened?

According to the information, it is being told that George Floyd was definitely black in color but he had not committed any crime, yet he was brutally murdered by American police officers. Actually this accident happened on May 25 when George Flight reached a nearby shop to get biscuits, where he bought biscuits by paying $ 20 to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gave the biscuits to George but later he realized that the $20 given by George was fake, due to which he insisted that take his money back and give me back the packet of biscuits. But George left with a packet of biscuits and went to the adjacent shop and started eating biscuits. He was sitting there with his friends, when the shopkeeper called the police and informed that there is a man here who has taken biscuits from me by giving fake dollars.

You know about the US police, how quickly they reach that place with a small matter and catch the criminal. The same thing happened while arresting George, immediately the American police reached there and they arrested George. The police started making George sit in the police car, but in the tussle, George fell to the ground. He told the police officers that I suffocate in a closed room, please do not make me sit in the car. But the police officers did not listen when the third police officer came there and pressed George under his knee.

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For about 9 minutes, the police officers held George’s neck under their knee. People were capturing this whole incident on camera. 9 minutes later when the police removed their leg from George’s neck, they saw George was dead because he had suffocated and he died there. This accident gradually started becoming viral on social media and people of America also started protesting against this accident. Gradually this demonstration spread to the whole of America and through America it reached many countries of the world.

People say that the police officers did this because of the apartheid of white and black and it has been happening for centuries and even now the officers do the same. Due to this protest, the Black Lives Matter movement is going on on social media.


Q: Where did the Black Lives Matter movement start?

Ans: America

Q: When did the Black Lives Matter movement begin?

Ans: 13 July 2013

Q: What is the Black Lives Matter movement?

Ans: Some police officers in America had killed a black man without any reason, after which people started a movement against the police.

Q: Who was killed in the Black Lives Matter movement?

Ans: African American named George Floyd

Q: Who is the founder of Black Lives Matter campaign?

Ans: Alicia, Patrisses, Opal

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