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What is Android Root – advantages and disadvantages of rooting

Android Root Kya hai

do you know What is android root the What are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Many of you will have these questions in your mind? Our regular readers ask these questions every day What is android root. So today I will tell you about it in detail.

You all will know that Android is a mobile operating system. Not only this, out of all the operating systems (OS) used in mobile, it is at the top. Why do you get to see an Android smartphone in the hands of every other person?

An OS works for the user and the device hardware Between link Keep intact. When the user gives a command, it accesses the command hardware through the OS and then processes it and gives an output to the user. You take mobile computer To, in every device, it works like this. So let’s know today What is android root.

What is Android Root – What is Android Root in Hindi

When a company becomes software, it also adds some limitations with it, so that no one can use it incorrectly. Android One Linux-based operating system. If you have ever used Linux then you must be aware that it is an open-source OS and most people use it for security and hacking.

You can also do many such things in your Android smartphone, if it is rooted. Root means root; It helps you get to the root of Android. You cannot do all this in an Android phone without root. Why do you need its system files access There is no permission to do it.

When you right-click on a software in a computer, you will see “Run as administrator” option comes. Just like when you root your mobile, you will be able to use your phone with an administrator power. You can also say that rooted Android smartphone I have the freedom to do anything. Why all its limitations are removed from the root.

How to Root Android Phone?

We can root your Android Phone in two ways. First with the help of computer and second with the help of computer. Rooting Android Phone with the help of a computer without these is a very easy task and anyone can do it. For this you can use KingRoot App.

Step # 1 First of all you Kingroot Of official website You will have to download the latest version of kingroot by going to.

Step # 2 If you ever before internet You have not downloaded the app since then you will have to change some setting in your phone so that that app can be installed easily.

Step # 3 For this, you have to go to the setting of the phone, then click in Security. After that unknown sources It has to be allowed by going to the option of After this you can easily install any app.

Step # 4 Install Kingroot here.

Step # 5 After installing it you will get “root access unavailableWill show the status of “and below that you will see”Get nowThe button of “” will also appear which you have to click. Rooting will be turned on this click and will stop at 97%.

Step # 6 After this you have to click in continue. This will cause the purify system download of the app.

Step # 7 Once the download is complete, your phone will be completely rooted. After this in the status “optimal state“Will appear written.

Android Phone Root is not how to check?

This question must have come in your mind that I have rooted my phone, but how do we know how to check that my Android Phone is root. This can be answered very easily. Because there is an app in Google’s Playstore named Root checker With the use of which you can know about the root status of your phone.

If your phone is rooted in it, then it will show you green color status and will write that Root access is properly installed.

At the same time, if your phone is not rooted, then your red color status will be shown here and it will say that Root access is not properly installed. With this, you will know the Root Status of your Android Phone.

Foots to Root – Benefits of Android Rooting

Root There are many benefits to doing it. That’s why everyone wants to know about Android rooting. I have given some important points below, which will make it easier for you to understand what happens with rooting the phone.

1 # Performance and Battery Life of your Phone: If your mobile is rooted, you can interrupt its performance by overclocking it with the help of applications. At the same time, by underclock, it can also increase its battery life. But you cannot do these two together. You have to choose one of these processes. If you want, you can hinder both speed and battery by balancing between them.

2 # You can install Incompatible Apps : Some older apps do not work in newer Android versions. But with the help of root you can also run them. Some apps may not run completely, but run to some extent.

3 # Can Uninstall System Apps : The apps that come with your phone are called system apps. You cannot uninstall these apps. But this is related in a rooted mobile.

4 # Many Root Only Apps Can Run : There are some apps that do not run without root access. You can run them comfortably and also increase the feature of your mobile.

5 # can do customization : With the help of Custom ROM, you can give a new look to your mobile. Along with this, you will be able to change its icons, notification bar, color, font and many such elements.

6 # You can have Full Device Backup : Titanium Backup There is an application by the name of. With the help of which you can do all your data Will be able to backup If you believe that there is some problem in your mobile or if you format the phone, then you will be able to do it again like the old one.

Rooting Tips – Demerits of Android Rooting

Each coin has two sides. Similarly, 2 results of every work come out. Android root Not only does it give fire, it also does some damage. Let’s know what that is all about.

1 # Your Phone May Be Bad :

This means your phone may be completely defective. If your rooting technique does not work properly, then your phone does not take boot and stops in Android logo. If you are not sure then you should not try.

2 # Rooting destroys Warranty :

Every phone comes with a one-year warranty. If you root it, then its warranty goes away. But there is no need to fear you. If you unroot it, the warranty is in force again. Why service center people will never be able to know that your phone was rooted earlier.

3 # more update issue occurs :

With Root you can never update your smartphone to the new Android version. You have to unroot first, after that you will be able to update it. Sometimes the update does not work even after unroot. In this case you will have to format your phone. And there is a problem that after updating, the first rooting procedure does not work in your mobile. Each new Android version comes with a new rooting procedure.

Is android phone routing correct?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because with this you can get many new features that you do not get in the earlier Android phones. Not because there is a warranty for your phone. Therefore routing should always be done on older phones.

Phone routing IOS What do I say?

Phone routing IOS In JAIL Breaking it is said.

Can I root my phone for free?

Yes. You can use free apps to root your Android phone. These apps are capable of rooting the phone.

Does Android Root expire the warranty of my device?

Yes, Android Root terminates the warranty of your device. Rooting your phone means that you are using the product in such a way that it is not prescribed by the manufacturer. Therefore, in that case, you cannot replace your mobile under warranty.

What are Android Rooting App?

Android Rooting Apps are programs that give you complete control over your phone or a device. They help you to increase the speed and battery life of your phone. These applications enable you to block advertisements in any app. Many such programs enable you to access important files which are usually hidden in your mobile.

what did you learn today

I sincerely hope that I have given you What is Android Root?The Gave full information about and I hope you guys What is root Must have understood about I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that we will have awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts.

Tell us how you felt by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something. To show my happiness and enthusiasm towards my post, please post this post like Social Networks Facebook, Twitter Share on etc.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pankaj Hingwe

    May 2, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    The information you have given is very good and knowledgeable and your way of writing is also good. thanku for giving information.

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