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What is Android Pie and what will be new in it


do you guys Google New Mobile Operating System Android Pie is aware of? Google has finally released the brand new version of Android today, it has been named Android Pie, and it has many new and exciting features that make it special.

after all What is this Android P? What new features has Google added to it? Can you install this OS on your new Android phone? If you have all the same questions in your mind, then do not panic because today I am going to provide complete information related to Android P to you people, so that you will not need to go anywhere else.

That’s why today I thought why don’t you guys like this new What is Mobile Operating System Android P I am going to provide complete information about this, hope you like my effort, then without delay let’s start and Android Pie Know about it well.

What is Android Pie

What is Android P?

Recently when Google Android P When the preview was released, the curiosity about the features of this new operation system increased among Android fans all over the world. If we talk about Android Pie, then this is Google’s new mobile operating system.

Like other operating systems, Android is new Operating System You can use it by installing it in your Android Phones. In this, Google has included many new features that will help users to use Android phones better.

The ninth version of Android was codenamed and known as Android P for a few months. And with the announcement of its new name Android Pie, Google also told how with the arrival of Android P, it will increase the productivity of our smartphone and it will be able to work better for us.

Google finally released its new operating system today. Earlier only its preview version was released, which was done keeping only the developers in mind. Therefore, it may be a bit difficult for common users to use it.

So without delay, let us know what new features we are going to see in this new Android Pie operating system.

What are the new features of Android Pie?

Google has made available many new features in its new mobile operating system Android Pie, which users can use in the coming time. So let’s know again what are the new features of Pie 9.0.

1. Indoor Positioning
Google has given great importance to indoor positioning in its new update. Now like Google Maps, you can also know the turn-by-turn direction inside the house or mall in a better way. For this Android Pie has WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT) help.

Located in RTT 802.11mc With the help of apps can know that they are WiFi How far are you from the access point? All this information will be provided to the developers so that you get more indoors accurate location can be found. This feature was not available in earlier android phones but in the coming time you can also take advantage of this feature.

2. Revamped design
Google has not explicitly stated this, but the preview images do give a hint that Google has made a lot of changes regarding the design in its new operating system. Where some major changes such as showing the time in the left side of the screen, the notches being more symmetrical and the settings menu being more colorful.

With all these changes, Android 9.0 will look even more bubbly in the whole. With this, some other changes can be seen.

3. Slight improvement in Notifications
Google has also made a lot of changes in its Notification settings so that it is easy for the user to use it. in new update Image attachments And stickers has been placed in the notification, where earlier only the name of the person sent was visible.

Now with this new update at-a-glance messaging Has improved to a great extent. With this, it gives the option to the developer so that he can add features like quick replies as you must have seen in Google Allo and Google Reply app.

It is still not clear how much control the developers will get in these replies features. Heard that Google smart reply system Can integrate it into your notification feature.

4. Privacy has been greatly enhanced
Many security and privacy settings have been brought in Android P. The biggest security feature that is now new restriction system are included for sensors, cameras, and microphones when any app idle It happens then.

All these systems automatically stop reporting when the app becomes idle, and any other app that needs all this information does not get anything from these sources in return. Google has recommended that any language should now be backgrounded. Will not provide access because these features will not work anymore.

Google has enabled encryption for backups. client-side secret And per-network randomization of MAC addresses will also be made available, but all these features will be implemented in the full version of Android P.

With this now better in individual apps fingerprint The access system will be included.

5. Having Multi-Camera Support
The facility of multiple cameras is already available in many Android phones where the cameras are in both the front or back. But there are very few such phones where you can use your cameras simultaneously.

In this new update, Google is adding a new API so that developers can explore this feature more and use multiple cameras simultaneously.

By doing this, they can use many effects such as depth-sensing magic, Apple-style live portrait mode, can overlay two images, etc. Which were not available in earlier standard phones.

With this Google is now going to add support for apps so that image stabilization And display-based flash The features can be obtained in the primary camera of your phone.

6. Having Support from Data Notch
Now many manufacturers are shortening the bezels leaving the front-facing sensors notch on the display of your phone, so Android P is supporting such cutout in the display where such UI can be created with the help of API. Which can be used around such a notch.

This means that now these full-screen apps where the buttons will be placed on the sides so that it will actively avoid such notch areas in the display, which is very great for everyone.

Therefore, for the help of developers, many such notch styles have been added to the Android P simulator, with the help of which they can test it in a good way without even having a phone.

7. Faster ART
Now in this new operating system Android Runtime (ART) is also very fast compared to its earlier OS. Since as new OS will come, their ART is also being improved so that the apps run better and faster. With this, Google says that it will use less memory and will also have a faster startup time.

8. Having more media support
Now Android P will natively support HDR VP9 Profile 2 codec, so that it will be able to deliver better HDR video From sources like YouTube, Play Movies, etc. It supports with High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), which is a modern JPEG is the alternative, which is already being used in iOS.

As we know that JPEG has been around for 20 years, this new image format will work better than that, where it is of the same size. Can store double quantity information in the file. Which will be a better alternative because the image quality does not change in it.

9. Better power savings
It is heard that Google Android P in its new update Doze, App Standby, and Background Limits It is going to refine more so that the battery life is going to be better automatically.

10. Better backup encryption
We already know that Google automatically runs on our Android phone. data to your servers It does backup, and if ever our data gets wiped out somewhere then it can be restored again.

But in this, no lock facility was available from the side of the users earlier, but in this new update now users can further protect it.client-side secret” with the help of. With this new facility, users’ data will be more securely encrypted.

11. Adaptive Battery
Adaptive Battery has been used in this, which is Uses machine learning to make apps work properly. Apart from this, apps are used in an energy-efficient manner so that they are turned on only when the user uses them, otherwise they remain in inactive condition.

12. Adaptive Brightness
It provides ambient lighting according to your personal preferences, and it makes those adjustments in the background for you.

13. App Actions
This is a very new feature in which OS can predict what action you are going to take next on the user’s app usage. This App can be used for Predictions.

14. Android Dashboard
It has been specially designed to understand the habits of the user, which can provide you with meaningful engagement. It can show you how many times you unlock your phone, how many notifications you received, how many apps you used.

Along with this, it gives you control over how and when you are spending your time.

15. App Timer
This feature gives you control over how long you want to use your apps, it gives you notification when the time is over. This is going to be very important for those people who want to make good use of their time.

16. Slush Gesture
With this feature, you can turn your phone on and automatically bring it to Do Not Disturb mode.

17. Wind Down Mode
In this feature, all you have to do is tell the Google Assistant about your bedtime and when that time is near, it automatically turns on Do Not Disturb and turns on the greyscale mode of your screen.

When is Android 9.0 or Android Pie coming?

to Android Pie 6 August 2018 Just released. These updates would have become available on the phones of those who have Pixel Phone. Even if no one has done it, then you can do it now.

Android P: What was it named after?

Eventually Google named its new operating system Google Pie. Many names have appeared before such as Parfait, Pecan Pie or Popsicle, Pancake, Panna Cotta, Pavlova, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter, Peda, Peppermint, Pie, Pineapple, Pumpkin Pie, Popover, Pop-Tart, Praline, Pandoro or Poached Pear etc. But in the end, it was stabilized on Android Pie only after thinking.

Android P: Who can download it?

According to Google the first developer preview is only Pixel phones Can be installed in . This means that now the Nexus 5X and 6P, or the Pixel C It will not support any more in tablet as well. If you have a Pixel smartphone, then you will get all the updates of Android Pie very comfortably but except for the digital detox elements.

Other Android smartphones, such as Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential will get these updates within a few months. Google itself has told that all these devices are part of their beta program.

where if we smartphonesAs for Samsung, Google has told that they are trying to bring Android Pie to Smartphones by the end of this year in collaboration with other partners. Now it remains to be seen how long it will be available in our markets.

what did you learn today

I hope you guys What is Android Pie? Gave complete information about and I hope you guys have understood about what is Andorid Pie. I request all of you readers that you also share this information in your neighbourhood, relatives, your friends, so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your cooperation so that I can pass more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubts of any kind, then you can feel free to ask me. I will definitely try to solve those doubts.

You like this article What is Andorid Pie 9.0 in Hindi? How did you feel, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something. To show your happiness and curiosity towards my post, please share this post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter Share on etc.

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