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What is a router and how does it work


You can think of a router as a small electronic device that connects or connects several computer networks together through a wired or wireless connection. Understand that Router connects a computer network to another computer network or connects a computer network to the Internet.

do you know What is Router (What is Router in Hindi) and how does this networking device work?. If you have any other questions along with these questions in your mind, then I am going to answer them in today’s article.

You must have heard the name of the Router because it is nowadays It is used for the Internet. Whenever you leave the mobile network and connect to the Internet do access. Then you understand that you are accessing the Internet from a Wireless Networking Device.

Still don’t believe my words. You once ask anyone, brother, do you use any device for WiFi. His answer will definitely be related to today’s article. The question also comes, what is the work of this device.

Think you are a post man and your job is to deliver letters to different houses everyday. But you can send the letter only when you have their address and with this you will also know the way to go to the house of the letter.

the letter one what is router that Works to transmit the data to the receiver. Let us now know in detail about this networking device.

What is Router (Router in Hindi)

What is the Router in Hindi

Router One Hardware is a networking device. It is used in the network. Whenever any data which is a Travels from one network to another in the form of a packet.

Then the Router receives the packet data, and after analyzing whatever hidden information is in the data packet, forwards it to the Destination Device. This networking device is used to connect different networks in aapsa wire or wirelessly.

By the way, it is also used in the house, which we call Wireless Router. Which you access the Internet.

Note :- On which layer and where does it work?

As you would know CompuInternetwork follows the OSI Model. Router works on the Network Layer out of the 7 Layers of the OSI Model. I told you this device is made of hardware and software.

It has an Internet work Operating System, CPU, Memory Storage and some I/O Ports as you must have seen. This operating system is not like Windows or MAC. Routing Algorithm and Routing in Storage Memory The table is stored.

Through Routing Algorithm and Routing Table, it is known that the Input Packet Receive has been done. To which network or which device has to send that packet. Which is called Analyze. You will understand better from Ex, friend.

EX– Like courier boy, there is a Router. courier boy Receives Parcel from Office. After this, the address of the Parcel in whose name it has come is placed on the top of the Parcel. After seeing the courier boy address, he decides in which location and where to give Parcel.

Only after this he sends Parcel to the address of the receiver. (This process is applicable on all parcels. The list of addresses is kept with the courier boy). Now let us understand this example through router.

according to the above example “Parcel” your data packet is. like courier boy Address searches for. Similarly Router too Routing Table by Packets Receiver Address find out Shortest Path selects.

After that Receiver sends to.

One near Courier Boy address In the same way, the details remain in the Routing Table as well.

Chalir now knows this Device How does it work?

How Router Works

As you know, Router works to forward packets from one network to another. It can also be said that it sends packets from Source to Destination Address. Its main job is to receive the packet and deliver it to the receiver.

Your own one from computer Sent a Facebook message to a friend who is currently in Delhi. First the message gets converted into a packet and reaches the nearby router. Now the Router checks the Routing Table with the Routing Protocol.

All the nearby routers in the routing table have their address and path distance. Then after this the packet is forwarded to the nearest router, in which the IP address of the receiver remains.

As soon as the packet reaches the next Router, it also checks the Shortest Path again and is sent to the next Router. In this way the packet reaches near the receiver computer.

A Router also connects many networks and also maintains its Routing table. maintain means keeps updating. Each router keeps information about the router around him.

Routing Protocol resides in all the routers, with the help of which they communicate with each other. And along with this share the information of their connected networks among themselves, update the routing table. This is how this networking device works.

Router Components

what is router

As you know, its information has been given in this article above. It is a specialized computer. It also has different parts. Whose names are given below.

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  2. Flash memory
  3. Non-Volatile RAM
  4. RAM
  5. Network Interfaces
  6. Console

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU which is a brain, it runs special software named os. There are some OS like Junos, Juniper RUN Routers and Cisco IOS runs Cisco Routers. This operating system manages all the components of the routers.

Flash Memory :

Every electronic device requires memory in which the operating system is stored. Compare Flash Memory with Computer, then this one Hard disk is the same. This Flash memory contains Routing Algorithm, Routing Protocol, Routing Table Store.

Non-Volatile RAM:

You must have understood from its name that it is Memory Permanent. Inside it is the back up and startup Version Store of the Operating System. Whenever the router boots, programs are loaded from this memory itself.


Whenever the router is on, the operating system is loaded into RAM. After this the Router determines the Routes. From other Routers it sees Routes Information (via RIP RIP (v1 and v2), OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS or BGP).

ARP tables, routing tables, routing metrics and other data are stored inside RAM. ARP tables, routing tables, routing metrics With the help of these, Packet Forwarding Process Speed ​​is done.

Network Interfaces:

There are always many network interfaces in routers. There are many drivers in the operating system. With the help of these drivers, the routers get to know in which port which network’s WIRE is connected. There is the ability to learn Routes from other Routers and the packet is transmitted on the correct route.


All the work of managing and configuring the router is done in the console itself. Configuration and troubleshooting commands are provided from the console.

Functions of Router (FUNCTIONS OF A ROUTER in hindi)

Now let’s know about the functions of Router :-

  • Prevents LAN from broadcasting.
  • this default Works like Gateway
  • Protocol helps in translation
  • Works to make a route in the middle of the network.
  • Works to deliver data from sender to receiver
  • Works to connect two networks together.
  • Keeps building loop free path
  • Finds the shortest path to reach the packet to the destination.

Routing Table

Routing Table is made up of many rules, as its name is Table. That is why it always remains in the form of a table. It is used to determine in which direction the packet will be sent in the Internet Protocol network.

All the IP enabled devices like Router and Switches all use Routing Table.

The Routing Table contains all the information that can be used to select the best path to send the packet to the destination. Source and destination information is kept in every packet.

After the packet is received, the network device scans the packet and matches the information received with the Routing Table entry. After this, to which network device this packet will be sent next, it is determined.

Routing Table Table contains the following information

  1. Destination: The IP address of the destination to which the packet is to be sent.
  2. Next hop: IP ADDRESS of the next network device
  3. Interface: The network in which the packet is sent has information about its interface.
  4. Metric: How much will be the cost of all the routes present in the routing table and it is easy to know from which route it will cost less to send the packet.
  5. RoutesAll the connected networks or other devices with routers have their information and information about the routes.

Routing tables can be maintained manually or dynamically. The table of static network devices does not change until the administrator changes.

Devices in Dynamic Routing make their own Routing Table and also maintain it. For this, devices use Routing Protocol. They also exchange information with each other.

Types of Routers

You will get to see different types of routers in the market. According to the use they have been separated. Let us know about them in detail. .

Broadband Routers

Broadband Router can do many types of work. They are used to connect computers and connect them to the Internet.

If you want to connect your phone to the Internet through Voice Over IP Technology. So you understand that for this VOIP connection, you have to use Broadband Router. These are a special type of Modem which also have Ethernet and Phone Jacks.

Wireless Router

Wireless Router Nowadays everyone knows about them. They are used more in home, office, college. Do you know that you are currently accessing the Internet from this Wireless Router. This wireless router creates an area of ​​​​wireless signal and all the computers in this area, Tablets are mobile phones, all of them can use the Internet.

Keeping in mind the security, there is a password system in them. Password and IP address are used for security. You must have seen when you use WiFi. Then you need to enter a password before you can connect to a WiFi. This is its security feature.

Some Other Types of Routers

Edge Router

This type of router is placed on the side of the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Configure external protocols such as BGP (Boarder Gateway Protocol) with another ISP’s BGP.

Subscriber Edge Router

Subscriber comes under the Edge Router end user (Enterprise) organization. It is configured to broadcast external BGP as the provider’s AS

Inter Provider Border Router

Such Routers are taken to connect ISPs to Apsa. Like Airtel with Reliance and Vodafone with Jio. It maintains the BGP session.

Core Router

of LAN networks The router that works like Backbone is called Core Router. This is for interconnecting different Distributed Routers. Meaning if there is a company which will have many routers which will be in different locations. Core Router is used to connect all these routers together. Its name is also Core for this reason.

What is the use of router?

Routers have many uses. The most important uses include that it controls the flow or effect of data via Layer. 2 By using addresses. There this layer 2 Provides segmentation in

Explain what is router?

A router is an electronic device that connects one network to another.

What is TP Link Router?

TP Link router is actually a router made by TP Link company. TP Link manufactures routers and other networking devices. The main competitor of TP Link router is D Link router.

my final opinion on this article

It has always been my endeavor that you get correct and accurate and complete information. you go today what is router (What is Router in Hindi) and how it works . Right now it is already present inside computers. As a result, the speed and routing protocol of the routers will be taken care of as much as possible.

It is hoped that you must have liked this article, how did you feel, you must tell below. If you want to ask any question now, then definitely write in the comment box below. If you want to give any suggestion or advice, then definitely give it which is very useful for us.

If you have not subscribed to our blog yet, then definitely subscribe, you will get the first information. Have fun and be happy. Let’s make Digital India Jai ​​Hind, Jai Bharat, thank you.


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