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What is a robot and how does it work


Today’s post is very special because today we are going to talk about unique technology, What is Robot And how does it work? And they will also know how different they are.

People often ask such questions.  some also want to know whether they can really work like humans? In the movies, the robot has been shown to be very advanced. So, what kind of robot scientists have created right now?

There will be someone who has not heard of robots. Every person has heard about it from somewhere, but there will be very few who have knowledge about it.

In today’s article, you will get answers to all such questions, so now you will know What is robot Information in Hindi

What is Robot

Robot There is a type of machine that works exclusively on the basis of programs or instructions inserted by the computer. It is able to easily do many difficult tasks on its own.

The robot consists of a mixture of mechanical, software and electronic engineering. In this, the role of everyone is almost same.

Definition of Robot 
A robot is a machine built in such a way that more than one task can be completed by itself with a speed and precision.

An external control device is used to control some robots and many robots have a control device inside to control them.

They have nothing to do with shape and size. The person who looks like a human being is called a robot, this is totally wrong. It can be of any form. It depends on his work.

Because we have to take the work like scientist, in the same shape. If only robots that look like humans are made, then they will work like humans, will they not?

Whereas they are also made of very large sizes which are used for heavy engineering.


For example, I tell about my own company where I do the job. My company is an automobile company here body parts of 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers are made.

By welding large and small parts, large assemly is made which you see in the car. It would consist of many small and big parts. Who add these small parts and convert them into big parts?

Yes you thought right! Robot.

So you must have understood that robots speak not only a machine with the shape of humans but also a large automated machine as a robot. So let us now talk about how they work.

How does a robot work

You must have understood what the robot means. Different machines are installed in robots to do all kinds of work. It has 5 main parts to make it work.

  • Structure body
  • Sensor System
  • Muscle system
  • Power source
  • Brain system

Any robot has a physical structure that moves. In which a type of motor, sensor system, source for power, computer There is brain which controls the whole body.

Robots use pistons that help them move in different directions. A program is inserted in its brain. Accordingly, the robot brain operates the body.

It works and runs only on the basis of the program written. The program is rewritten to do another task.

Not all robots have a sensor. In a robot, there is also a sensor for listening, smelling.

What are the types of robots?

By now you must have understood what a robot is and now you will know what are the types of robots. Although they are of many types, but they are divided into different parts based on their work and their technique.

First of all, we know about the robot used on the basis of mechanics.

  • Stationary
  • Legged
  • Wheeled
  • Swimming
  • Flying
  • Swarm
  • Mobile spherical
  • Stationary Robots

Such robots are fixed in one place. They do all their work in one place. Their position and direction of movement is fixed and they are made to work just in the same position.

For example, robots that perform welding, drilling, and gripping are stationary robots. So let’s know the use of robots.

Legged robots

When the grip of wheeled robots became very strong in the world of robots, scientists worked hard to make a better choice instead, so that it had some limitations that would be over. Like wheeled robot has to work, it can work only on flat surface.

Wheel robot cannot climb stairs but if it is set foot in it will definitely climb. It is enough to make a machine work with its feet. But the way it takes 1 – 2 years for a human survivor to learn to walk, then can he be made to walk with the feet of a robot?

Yes, it is also possible. There are many robots that have started walking.

Such robots are capable of moving in any environment and on bumpy surfaces.

Wheeled Robots

Wheeled robots are robots that move on the surface with wheels. Such robots are easier to create, programming and design than leged. But they can only run on a flat surface.

Swimming Robots

The robot fish is a water swim robot. Whose shape and way of swimming is similar to that of a fish. Research on Swimming Robots was first brought to the fore by MIT University in 1989.

Flying robots

Flying robots are robots that are capable of flying. It also has small size and non-human robots which can do many things. Such robots are used in search and rescue missions. It can easily find people trapped in any natural calamity in large areas of land.

Swarm Robots

When small robots work together in a large system, it is called swarm robots. The work that many robots have the ability to do is based on their interaction with each other and the environment.

Mobile Spherical Robots

Spherical robots are called mobile spherical robots. They roll by rolling or rolling on the surface.

Now let us know what kind of robots are based on working.

Domestic Robots

Robots that are used indoors. Such as vacuum cleaners, sweepers, gutter cleaners, etc.

Medical robots

Their use has become very important in the medical world. One to one robots are being used. Nowadays, with the help of robots, doctors are conducting operations using artificial robotics hands.

And in the medical world, it has emerged as a revolution because doctors keep people’s lives even by staying away.

Military robots

Robots are very helpful in military. They are also used for safety. They can easily go to such places where it is difficult for humans to go. They are effective in finding the whereabouts of enemies by going to any area.

Space robots

In the International Space Station, a lot of work is done with the help of robots. In Mars house too, a robot named Rover has been sent.

Industrial robots

Today, in every part of the world, the things needed by humans are made in common life. There are many things like all kinds of food items, clothes to wear, vehicles that are made in industries. And robots are also used in these industries.

Now you know about different types of robots.

Robots have been created on the basis of different types of usage in the world. More recently, the third version of the robot called cheetah has been made and brought to the world. It is just as fast as a leopard and it specializes in jumping, jumping and running and running in every way. It is one of the most developed robots in animal-like robots.

Very developed forms have been made in human-looking robots, which are adept at walking, getting up, sitting and working, while looking exactly like humans. Even Honda-designed ASIMO specializes in kicking football.

what did you learn today

So friends today you What is Robot You have known a lot of information related to it, if you have any kind of question, then you can ask. And if you like this post, then share it as much as possible.


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