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What are Broken Links, how to fix them in WordPress

What are Broken Links, how to fix them in WordPress
What are Broken Links, how to fix them in WordPress

What is broken links, how to fix it (causes, disadvantages) How to fix (remove) in wordpress, How to check)

Do you know what is Broken Link? And due to which these Broken Links are formed, have you ever got to see 404 Page Not Found error while opening any website, if found then do you know its meaning. Do you know that there are more than 100 crore websites available all over the Internet, out of which about 60% to 70% of the websites have 25% to 30% Broken Links, due to which these websites are ranked down in Search Engine Results.

No matter how good these websites provide content, but due to these broken links, the ranking remains down. Therefore, these Broken Links should be detected and fixed as soon as possible. Do you want to correct the Broken Links present on your website, then this article is going to prove to be very helpful for you. In this article, I have told some tools to check Broken Links and have told everything in detail about how to fix and redirect those Broken Links. Therefore, you should read this article thoroughly so that you can easily fix the broken links of your website. 

Broken Links are those links which, when opened, show 404 Not Found Error or Page Not Found Error instead of showing the result, this type of link is called Broken Link . These Broken Links are also known as Dead Link and Link Rot. These Broken Links are very important for SEO. 

These Broken Links are created when a website deletes one of its blog posts, but if the link of that blog post is already present in any other website, then that link becomes Broken Link. 

When visitors open that link, that link does not open and shows 404 Not Found Error or 404 Bad Request. These broken links have a bad effect on both visitors and search engines. 

Now you must have understood what is Broken Link. Let me now tell you some examples of these Broken Links.

Types of Broken Links

Here I am giving you some examples of Broken Link which you can get to see because of Broken Link. which are as follows;

404 Page Not Found: 404 Page Not Found is shown when the content is not present on the server. 

404 Bad Request: When the server does not understand the URL of your content, a 404 Bad Request is shown. 

Bad URL: If the URL of the content is not correct, there are problems in it, the protocol is wrong, slashes are more and brackets are used less then the bad URL is shown. 

Reset: Host server discards the connection only when it is busy or wrong.  

Empty: Host Server always gives Empty Response without any Content and without any Response Code. 

Bad Host: It is shown when the server of this name is not available. 

Reasons for Broken Links

Do you know what a Broken Link is? But for what reasons are these Broken Links formed? There can be many reasons for their formation which are as follows;

  • When the wrong URL is entered by the owner of the website, which has a spelling mistake or the protocol is wrong. 
  • When the URL structure of the website is changed and it is not redirected, then for this reason a 404 error occurs. 
  • When the website owner removes any content from his website whose link is already present in any other website, then that link will not open and will show 404 Page Not Found. 
  • The website may be closed if the domain name registration period is not renewed, due to which it shows a 404 error. 
  • If the links of the content which are moved or deleted also start showing 404 error. 

How to Fix Broken Links

Friends, what is Broken Link (Broken Link in Hindi) You understand this, but do you know that due to these Broken Links, Search Engine as well as Visitors are affected. So you have them on finding out about the Links Fix should. 

Now this question must be coming in your mind that how to fix Broken Links, so let me tell you. 

How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress 

There are many plugins available to search and fix Broken Links in WordPress. You can find all the broken links on your website by using the Broken Link Checker Plugin.

For this, you have to first install the Broken Link Checker Plugin. After that you have to go to the menu option on the left side of WordPress, here you will find Broken Link Checker Plugin. 

After activating it, it provides you a list of all the broken links on your website, then you can remove, update or even unlink these links. But I will advise you to update those Broken Links only.  

You can also search for Broken Links and redirect them to a similar page with 301 Redirection. For this you have to install Redirection Plugin in your WordPress. 

After that, you can activate it by going to the menu of WordPress and then you can set Redirect with its help. In this, you have to enter Broken URL in the option of Source URL and New URL in Target URL. 

After this click on the Add Redirect Button, by doing this your Broken Link will be redirected to another similar page.

How to Fix Broken Links in Wix 

There is neither any feature to find Broken Link in Wix nor can you use any plugin in it. But in Wix you get a good feature by which you can redirect your old page URL to new page URL. 

For this, you first check Broken Links on your website with the help of any tool. After that you go to the Dashboard of your website and click on the option Manage Website given in the left side.

After that you will get the option of SEO, click on it so that you will see the page of Manage 301 Redirection. On which click on Get Started at the bottom . 

There will be a page open in front of you in which there will be 2 options, first Old URL where you have to enter Old URL and second option will be Redirect To in which you will enter New URL and then save. 

Broken Link Checker Tool

With the help of Broken Link Tools, you can easily find all the broken links on your website in a short time and then you can also fix them. 

You will find many Broken Link Checker Tools on the Internet that you can use. The names of some Broken Link Checker Tools are as follows;

  • Sitechecker
  • SEMrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Webmaster
  • Dead Link Checker
  • Ahrefs Broken Link Checker
  • Integrity Link Checker
  • Dr. Link Checker


Friends, through this article, we have learned that what does Broken Link mean and why are these Broken Links formed and how to fix them by checking them in WordPress and Wix. 

Some Broken Link Checker Tools are also mentioned in this, with the help of which you can find the Broken Links present in your website and also Unlink, Update and Redirect those Broken Links. By doing this your website will grow . 

Because these broken links have a bad effect on both visitors and search engines, so you should keep on locating the broken links on your website from time to time with the help of these tools. When Broken Link is found, they should also be fixed.


Q: What is a broken link according to SEO?

Ans: Broken link means the website which no longer works, that website is now closed.

Q: What is Dead URL?

Ans:  Broken link is also called dead URL.

Q: What is a Broken Backlink?

Ans: Broken backlink is a link between two websites which is no longer working.

Q: How to find Broken Link?

Ans: You can find it manually or with the help of plugin.

Q : What is Broken Links Hijacking?

Ans: About Broken Link Hijacking (BLH), I will explain you in easy language. When a good Website’s Domain Expire gets Related to this Domain are all Links can be Use to fulfill their wrong purpose by Attacker. These attackers keep doing this search on the Internet and when they find an Expire Domain of a website with good traffic, they buy that domain and all the Broken Links of the website containing that domain to fulfill their faulty purpose. For you redirect to any wrong page. 

Q: What is Broken link building?

Ans: If you know what is Broken Link then I will tell you about Broken Link Building. Broken Link Building is a technique by which you can find and fix the broken links present in your website. Because these Broken Links have a bad effect on the Search Engine, so you should find the Broken Links of your website with the help of any Broken Link Checker Tool and then Unlink or Update those Broken Links.

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