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Trusted Alternative to Selenium IDE

Read this hands-on Katalon Recorder review to understand important features like Quick Time-to-Value and Easy Test Management and thus opt for Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE for an increase in productivity:

Testers Amidst the Automated Testing Trend

The software has shifted from process enablers to strategic differentiators. Accompanying this shift is the ever-increasing demand for software to be released faster. But software is complex. Therefore, the speed of development is positively associated with the risks of software defects. Software defects affect shareholder values. They translate into undesirable business risks.

A major component to solve this conundrum is automated testing. Automated testing enables organizations to expose software defects faster. After being aware of software defects, managers can evaluate business risks, and determine if a release is acceptable. Lacking that, companies must rely on manual testing, which cannot keep up with the development pace.Opportunities are lost, and software has become a bottleneck instead of competitive advantages. Therefore, automated testing is a necessary step in the evolution of the software industry.

Katalon Recorder

Software testing is traditionally a manual process. For testers, the industrial adoption of automated testing is a cause of concern. Such a transition must occur gradually because manual testers cannot become automation testers overnight. Furthermore, testers must continue to produce values for their organizations while learning automated testing. The appropriate tool must accommodate both the need of organizations for productivity and the need of testers to acquire more automated testing experience.

Katalon Recorder And Selenium IDE For Automated Testing

02_Katalon Recorder vs Selenium IDE for automated testing

Websites remain the most popular ways to make your business accessible to the rest of the world. When testers look at automated testing solutions for websites, there are two products that they most likely will encounter: Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE.

In 2016, only one person maintained Selenium IDE, and Firefox 55 was released, which introduced breaking changes that broke the tool. In 2018, the project resurrected, supporting both Chrome and Firefox.

Katalon Recorder is an alternative to Selenium IDE that was introduced around the same time that Selenium IDE stopped working on Firefox. Katalon Recorder is a companion product to Katalon Studio – the advanced codeless automated testing solution. Since its introduction, Katalon Recorder has undergone many improvements that make it even more powerful.

Both tools implement the record-playback approach to automated testing, which strikes a balance between ease of use and getting the job done. The popularity of Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE is proof of how they manage to solve the problems described above for testers.

However, there are subtle but important differences between Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE. After interviewing with a lot of people, we have identified several value propositions that made our respondents choose Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE

Katalon Recorder Vs Selenium IDE

Provides Fast Time-To-Value

In Selenium IDE, you need to create or open a project, then specify the URL before you can start automating your test. These extra steps, while they hardly make a difference at the moment, add up to a considerable amount of friction in the long run. Every time you close Selenium IDE, you have to perform these steps again. Testers naturally fluctuate between different tasks that do not involve automating, meaning they may experience such a minor annoyance repeatedly.

selenium ide

In contrast, with Katalon Recorder, you can start recording your test immediately after you open the extension. There is no need to create or open a project, nor there is a need to specify a URL. Just press the Record button, then switch to the tab you want to record and start automating. According to our users, this proves to be a major time-saving feature. Most Katalon Recorder users interact with the extension almost every day, so that may explain why they would value the extremely fast time-to-value.

Helps You Combine Manual And Automation Efforts

Surprisingly, some of the Katalon Recorder users are not even automation testers. They are manual testers who work in teams that do not apply automated testing. Nevertheless, they have discovered that being able to automate repetitive actions in the browser frees up their time to spend on more valuable activities.

However, parts of their work are necessarily manual, such as exploratory testing. Therefore, their workflows frequently contain some steps that can be automated and other steps that can’t. This use case excludes Selenium IDE from being a good fit because it cannot execute automated actions on an existing tab. In Selenium IDE, tests are always executed in a new window. While this is indeed useful for automated testing in order to isolate the test cases, it doesn’t allow integration between manual efforts and automated efforts.

This is another reason why our users love Katalon Recorder. Here, you can execute a series of automated steps on an existing tab. This means that you can execute the automation for the repetitive actions in your workflow, pick up from the end-result to perform manual actions, and then execute the automation on the end-result again.

The fact that Katalon Recorder supports this use case means it can be used for other purposes besides automated testing as well. Indeed, a lot of users are using Katalon Recorder to automate filling forms, playing sweepstakes, and other activities.

Provides Easy Way To Test Management

Another benefit of being in a product portfolio is the integration with other companion products. Particularly, the integration between Katalon Recorder and Katalon TestOps enables users to store, manage, and share their execution results. Testers not only need to assure the quality of the product, but they must also report to the stakeholders about the status of their testing activities.

With Katalon Recorder, once you enable integration with TestOps, uploading execution results is only one-click away.

Katalon Recorder Provides an Easy Way to Test Management

Professionally Motivated Team To Improve The Product

03_Katalon Recorder has a team professionally motivated to improve the product

Katalon Recorder is one product in the product portfolio of Katalon – a leading automated testing solution provider. When users are looking for an automated testing solution in their projects, one of the major concerns is support and community. If you have a problem, can you count on the team or the community to address that problem?

For Katalon Recorder, this has been a resounding yes. Katalon Recorder has a dedicated team that commits to continuous improvement. Katalon Forum is also a very active community with daily questions and answers. These factors are important when choosing an automated testing solution.


Katalon Recorder is a trusted, quick time-to-value browser automation tool with easy test management. It is an alternative to Selenium IDE, available on both Chrome and Firefox.

This post explains use cases where automation testers, manual testers, developers who need to test their software or people who want to automate repetitive tasks on the web, can leverage Katalon Recorder instead of Selenium IDE to increase productivity and level up their skills.

Hope this post will give you an obvious idea of multiple reasons to opt for Katalon Recorder instead of Selenium IDE.

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