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What is Title Tag? How to make a Perfect Title Tag for SEO?

What is Title Tag? How to make a Perfect Title Tag for SEO?
What is Title Tag? How to make a Perfect Title Tag for SEO?

What is title tag, how to optimize , Title tag in HTML (use,Length, generator, optimizations)

If you are a blogger then you must know what is Title Tag? But many bloggers even after knowing that the title tag kya hota hai and how important it is for their blog post. Then they make a mistake in writing the title tag, due to which their blog is not able to rank well in Google’s search engine. Is the same thing happen with you too? Yes, then I will give you all the information about Title Tag in this article.

Title Tag acts as a face for your blog post in front of Google’s bots and any visitor. In other words, when Google’s bots or any visitor visit your blog, first of all, they get to see your title tag. Title Tag tells them to write about what the article is | Title tag is also very important from the point of view of SEO .

Your article is incomplete without Title Tag. Almost all bloggers use Title Tag in their post.

Have you ever noticed that when all bloggers use the title tag, why only a few bloggers’ articles rank in Google’s searach engine, why not the rest? Don’t know what happened, let me tell you because those bloggers do not write their title tag well, so their article is not able to rank.

If you also make the same mistake then it can be a problem for your blog. But you will get the solution of all your problem in this article.

In this article, I will provide you all the information related to Title Tag that Title Tag kya hota hai, Why Title Tag is important for SEO, How to Optimize Title Tag? So this article is going to be very interesting for you, so do not miss one point of it.

What is Title Tag?

Title Tag works as an HTML Element, meaning Title Tag is a Header Section in any Web Page. Where Title is written. Title Tag can be used in any kind of website. Title Tag tells any visitor what they will get in that article.

Without this, you will not get any benefit by posting in the website. The title of any post is visible to the user in the browser . Title tag is a very important element, which helps the search engine to understand the post.

According to Searching Keywords, your page will get ranking only after reading the title. Due to this organic traffic comes to your page. The titles in the post of every web page are completely unique.

Just like doctors are given the tag of doctors, engineers are given the title tag, similarly any blog is given a title tag. Just like a person’s name is important to him, because it identifies him. Its HTML Title Tag is very important for a blog post, page.

If you use the same type of title in every post in your website, then change it today. This can be one of the main reasons due to which traffic is not coming to your website.

Now you must have understood that what is the title tag?

Why is Title Tag Important?

It is not easy for a blogger to bring traffic to his blog. He keeps on doing some optimization according to SEO so that he gets good ranking in the search engine.

Title tag and meta description are both very important elements in on page SEO . Title tag does the job of defining any page.

Title Tag is written as an H1 heading | way Keywords, any article Internal Linking , Heading Tags, External Linking is important, formatting, etc. Similarly, Title Tag is also very important |

How to search Title Tag in search engine?

Now you understand what is the title tag and why is it important. Now you know how to search the title tag in the search engine. Whenever you search for any topic or keywords in the search engine, you will find many related to the same there. websites appear in the Link Blue color.

image 2

The data written in light color just below it is called Meta description. If you want, you can set some title and meta separately in Meta title tag and Meta description.

Will look like the title and meta with Set in Search engine | If you did not set, Search Engine Your Post picking Normal Title shall him Title show |

This improves the ranking of your website. Google will give good ranking to your blog post in terms of SEO.

Where does the title tag appear?

The title tag going to the web page mainly appears in 3 places –

  • Social Networking Sites
  • Web browser
  • SERPs Page

How to Optimize Title Tag

Title Tag kya hota hai, why Title Tag is important, how to optimize Title Tag after searching Title Tag by search engine is also very important to know. Like I have already told you that if you want to search any of your Post I will not explain Meta title tag and Meta description well.

So Search Engine by default will pick up any line according to Searching Keywords from your article post and show it as a title. This is absolutely wrong according to the rules of SEO.

If you want to make the best Ranking of your Website then Title Tag Optimization is very important.

  • Make sure in your blog that the Meta title tag and Meta description are set according to SEO. By doing this, the search engine will show the set title and meta in the search result.
  • It is very important to put the required keyword in the title . In this, the same keyword should be entered which is the main topic of your article. This keyword will get a good ranking in the search result.

How to set Meta Title Tag?

1. To set the meta title, you have to install the plugin separately. By this you can set the title well in word press. You can install Yoast plugin for meta title and activate it.
2. There, when you edit any article before publishing, there you will see a box to set the title in the WordPress Post Editor page itself.
3. There you have the option to set both title and meta description separately. Which is also called SEO title.

While setting the Title Tag, keep these things in mind –

  • A blogger knows the importance of keywords very well. If you have written many articles but have not added the main keywords, then it will be the same thing that good looking food but without salt. Therefore, whenever you write an article, definitely put the main keywords in its meta title and description.
  • While creating Meta Title or HTML Title Tags, also keep in mind that you do not stuff keywords in your title too much. Due to this, the length of the title will be too much, and it will not be clear to read. In the title, you enter the necessary keywords so that it looks natural , as well as the user can read and understand it and go to your site and read it.
  • You also have to pay a lot of attention to the length of the meta title. Because it should not be too long or short. Google shows the title tag only up to a fixed length. So take special care of it.
  • When you add meta and title in Yoast Plugging , if the length is correct then green will show, otherwise red will come there.
  • One more thing to keep in mind is that whatever keywords are necessary, they should not be written in the title itself at the beginning. Because Google shows keywords at the beginning.
  • Title is the main gate or center of attraction of any article. If it is eye caching then users will read it and enter themselves in your website and organic traffic of your website will increase.

What should be the length of Title Tag Optimization for SEO?

All Search Engines have different Rules and Guide Line for how and how big the Title Tag should be for SEO. According to the search engine in which you want your website to be ranked, follow the rules in your article. I cannot make changes according to all the search engines because it will become slang in the post and nothing will be clear.

  • The length of the title in the Google search engine is set to 60 – 65 character rs.
  • In both the Bing search engine and the Yahoo search engine, the length of the title has been fixed at 65 – 70 .

How to Write a Unique Title Tag?

After understanding what is Title Tag, it is also very important to know how to write a unique Unique Title Tag. If the title of your post matches exactly with the title of any other website or other post on your own site, then it should be a duplicate title. will go With this, your website will not get a good ranking in the search engine. Before creating the title, you can also go to the search engine and check what kind of title is already present in the search engine. Then you should make the unique title thoughtfully.

Free Title Optimization plugin –

  • Rank math
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • All in SEO
  • Simple title tag


Q: How long should a title tag be?

Ans: Often by writing the length of the New Bloggers Title Tag longer, they understand that it will give good ranking to their blog. But it is not so at all. Rather its opposite seems to be happening. Ranking starts decreasing instead of increasing. Therefore, the title tag should always be written between 60 to 65 characters.

Q: What is SEO page title?

Ans: SEO Page Title Tag is also known as HTML Title. This HTML title tag boots your post to Google’s search engine.

Q: What should be written in SEO title?

Ans: Always remember that you should add only the necessary keywords in the SEO Title Tag. These keywords should be such that they can represent your post well in front of your users.


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