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The Best Android Emulator for Bitlife – Life Simulator – Its Time to Boost Business Online


Bit Life: Life Simulator, more commonly known as Bit Life, is a mobile life simulator game created on September 29, 2018, by developer Candy Writer LLC. While the game tries to create some accurate simulators using a text-based format, there is still a strong level of playability and frustrating humor.

It has become one of the most downloaded apps in 2019 in both Google Play Store and App Store. In October 2018, the app created its official accounts on Twitter and Reddit, and in February 2019, it launched the YouTube channel. On October 18, 2019, Bit Life began selling its products such as iPhone cases, Hoodies, Pillows, Caps, etc.

You have learned from the past to build a better future. This is the basic principle of living that Bit Life Simulator teaches us. Bit Life Simulator is very different from the fantasy world. This game teaches us to make the right decision and take them at the right time. Choose your choices wisely, so that you do not regret your decisions in the future. Learn about bitterness, sweetness, reality, imagination, goals, and decisions in real life. See who this game is for and learn how to download BitLife Life Simulator for PC.

When playing bit life for the first time you will see the main menu consisting of a few different options like “New life”, “Cemetery” and settings. Once you click on the new life button to start you will be given two options to start a “Random life” or a “Custom life”.

Note: This game has some restrictions so kids please don’t download this game with the permission of your parents or otherwise you will get into trouble.

Bit Life having the fun of playing a life simulator, you can’t be considered limited to a small screen of your phone. Play like a pro and gain complete control over your game with the keyboard and mouse. The LDPlayer offers you everything you are hoping for. Download and play Bit Life – Life Simulator on PC. Play as long as you like, no more limits on battery, mobile data, and annoying calls. The brand new LDPlayer is the best choice to play Bit Life – Life Simulator on PC.

This application is developed with expertise, the sophisticated preset key mapping system makes Bit Life-Life Simulator a real PC game.

Your presence on this page shows that you are interested in downloading bit life applications on your PC right.

To download this application you need the best Emulator because this is not a game for nonprofessionals, You need a professional Emulator such as LDPlayer to enjoy this application on your PC.

Before downloading LDPlayer you should be familiar with LDPlayer. LDPlayer is an amazing emulator in the market right now but let’s talk about what makes it different from other emulators.

What is LDPlayer

LDPlayer is the safest emulator in the market right now and billions of people trust us because they know we provide quality to our consumers. We have millions of downloads in our account. We support over a million games and that’s a record. We have million+ daily active users on the emulator.

Play games on LDPlayer

LDPlayer is the best free android emulator. You can play millions of games on your desktop by using our emulator. We provide the world’s most popular android games on desktops. We also have a blog section on our website which guides you on how to download games on PC as well as tips and tricks about games.

Reasons to use Android Emulator

There are different reasons for different users. In most cases, the Android emulator is designed for gaming-based. This way, players can play mobile games on PC easier and faster.

But for developers, before launching a new android application or game, they will test it as much as possible on different devices, and most of the time they will try the android emulator first.

The most common reason for players is that they can easily play games with the emulator on the PC, and do not have to worry about the battery life of their devices. And most importantly, they can enjoy the big screen.

The last important type is productivity. Any gaming emulator works to some extent as a productive tool.

Is LDPlayer Safe?

LDPlayer takes security very seriously because our products are backed by users and with the help of any malware, spyware, or any kind of malicious programs that have nothing to do with our LDPlayer.

 Why us when there are so many other emulators for bit life

There are so many emulators in the market right now but they don’t provide quality and customer satisfaction as we do. Our emulator has 100 million+ downloads from all over the world. Our emulator is safe from viruses and malware and we support over a million games that other emulators don’t do.


I hope you are now familiar with LDPlayer now let’s move towards the steps which you need to follow to download bitlife on PC.


  • Download LDPlayer on your PC
  • Search for bit life and download it from our LD store
  • Install Bitlife on your emulator
  • Now you are eligible to play bit life on your PC


LDPlayer is an amazing and user-friendly Android emulator for enjoying Bitlife on PC. Bitlife may be a game for all people. It allows you to explore what life will become if you create a special choice at a particular moment and you can enjoy your life in any you like. Now, don’t be shy to download LDPlayer the Android emulator for Bitlife on your PC.


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