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Take a knee Movement: Before the India-Pakistan match, Indian players took their knees, know what was the reason


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Friends, recently there was a match between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. You must have seen the pair of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, who came to bat in this match, sitting on their knees. Apart from these two, the rest of the players of the Indian cricket team have also been seen kneeling outside the dugout. Today, through this article, we will tell you what was the matter behind the Indian cricket team’s kneeling. Along with this, you will also be told why the Indian team took part in the Take Ane campaign. Also, through the article, you will also know what is the campaign related to Tech Annie and what is the meaning of displaying it. So read the article till the end for complete information.

take a knee movement in hindi

take a knee movement What (Take a Knee Movement)

Take a knee is a gesture that was first used during an American football match in 2016. The purpose of this campaign is to express our protest towards the racial discrimination and inequality i.e. caste discrimination and inequality. With this gesture, players also register their dissent against police brutality. The two players who started this campaign during a football match, kneeling before the American flag, wanted to tell that in a country where black people are oppressed, we cannot stand proudly. At that time he had to face a lot of criticism for doing so. This movement is also called Black Lives Matter.

Take A Knee Movement History What (Take a Knee Movement History)

Friends, there is also a historical reason behind protesting by kneeling. In the 50-60s, people kneeled and supported the campaign run by Martin Luther King for civil rights and equality. Martin Luther used to kneel to support the Protesters, which was followed by the rest. The purpose of this campaign was to show its support to the Protesters.

Take a Knee Movement Important

The Take A Knee campaign has its roots mainly in the USA, where the distinction between black and white was once widespread. But it is not that this gesture is limited to America only. Today it is used to protest against any form of racial inequality. Let us tell you that this campaign came into the limelight when George Floyd died in America last year at the hands of a policeman. Since this unfortunate incident, the take a knee gesture by players is brought to protest against racism.

take a ni Take a Knee India Pakistan Cricket News

The Indian cricket team was seen kneeling during the India Pakistan match. The entire team of India strongly opposed caste inequality and the discrimination associated with it. But still some countries do not show their support in this campaign by kneeling. In European countries, players sometimes face criticism for following the Take A Knee campaign. At the same time, we also saw that the Pakistani team, who competed in the match with India, expressed their feelings against caste discrimination by placing their hands on the chest instead of kneeling. The Indian team has tried to convey the message ‘Black lives matter’ through this gesture.


Q: Where did Take a Knee Gesture start?

Ans: America

Q: Does the take a knee gesture have any historical significance?

Ans: Yes

Q: In which match has the take a knee gesture been seen recently?

Ans: India Pakistan T Twenty World Cup Match

Q: What is the purpose of the take a knee gesture?

Ans: Opposing racial discrimination and inequality

Q: Who started the take a knee gesture in America?

Ans: It was introduced by Martin Luther King in the fifties and sixties. However, it was brought into practice again in 2016.

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