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Surdas life introduction couplet with Hindi meaning. Surdas Dohe Jeevan parichay jayanti in hindi


Surdas life introduction and couplet with Hindi meaning. Surdas Dohe, Jeevan parichay (biography), jayanti in hindi

Surdas is said to be the poet of Bhakti Kaal Sagun Dhara. He is the supreme devotee of Shri Krishna, so the feelings of Krishna devotion are revealed in his creation. Surdas was blind since birth, but the description of Krishna Leelas found in his works raises doubts about his birth blindness. The poignant description of the pastimes of Shri Krishna will not be easy even for a person with eyes. There was such a poignant detail in the compositions that as if he himself had experienced the childhood of Kanha. The poet Surdas of Bhakti Kaal Sagun Dhara was called a king among the poets.


surdas biography

Surdas Pad and Dohe with meaning (Surdas Dohe with meaning in hindi)

Maya Mohin Dau is very angry.

Mo son kahat mole ko lehenho, when do you go to Jasumati?

Where should I do it, Ihi ris ke maar mein khelen haun nahin jata.

Who is called Puni Puni, who is your mother?

Gore Nand Jasoda Gori Tu Kat Syamal Gaat.

Chutki dai gwal nachawat laughs sabai musukat॥

You have learned to kill the mohen, when you do not get angry.

Yeh Baatin Jasumati Suni Suni Rizai of Mohan Mukh Ris.

Sunahu ear Balabhadra chewed the public opinion itself.

Soor Siam Mohan Godhan’s dear mother, you are the son.

In other words :

Surdas ji says that when Krishna ji was young, being very sad because of his elder brother Balaram, he says to his mother Yashoda that hey Maiya Balaram Bhaiya teases me a lot, I say that Maya has bought you at a bargain price. Because of the behavior I do not go to play, they repeatedly ask me who are not my parents. And it also says that both Nand Baba and Mother Yashoda have fair complexion and mine are black. Repeatedly teasing me in front of friends and making me dance a lot, everyone laughs at this condition of mine. Mother, you eat the scent of mother cow, I am your son. Surdas ji says that Mother Yashoda is also smiling after listening to these captivating words of Krishna Lalla.

Who are you fair?

Where is the aunt’s daughter, I have not seen the daughter, Braj Khori.

Kahe ko hum brajatan avatin khelte rahin aapni pauri.

Sunat raati sravani nand dhota kart firat makhan dadhi stealing.

Where did you go chori hum lehain khelan chalo sang mil jori.

Surdas Prabhu Rasik Siromani Batani Bhurai Radhika Bhori.

In other words :

Surdas ji says that Krishna ji asks a little friend who are you, he says to his mother, where does this daughter of yours live, never seen in Braj, why does your daughter come to Braj and play with us? She is silently listening to Nand’s Lala who is doing chauri, Krishna says, come on, we have got another partner to play. The fierce pandit of Shringar Ras is transmitting the conversation of Radha and Krishna in a unique way.

Surdas Biography

Surdas is said to be a fifteenth-century saint, poet, his compositions are full of devotion to Krishna, just like his name, he is the slave of Sur, whose music and devotion to Krishna are everything in his life.

Birth 1478 Runkta
death 1580
father’s name Ramdas (singer)
guru’s name Vallabhacharya


Soorsagar, Sur Saravali, Sahitya Lahiri, Nal Damayanti, Byahlon

Surdas is famous from the time of Akbar, he used to sing hymns of his own, through which he gives knowledge of the life of Krishna to the devotees. Their hold is said in Braj Bhasha. It is said that both Emperor Akbar and Maha Rana Pratap were very much influenced by Surdas.

Surdas as a Krishna devotee:

There are many legends about them, it is said that once they fall into a well and get absorbed in Krishna devotion there, then Lord Krishna himself saved his life, then Goddess Rukmani asked Krishna why he himself was Surdas. When Krishna said that I am helping a true devotee, this is the fruit of his worship. Then Krishna asked Surdas to ask for any boon. Then Surdas replied that he has got everything and he wants to blind him back because he does not want to see anyone else after seeing his favorite. Krishna fulfilled the wish of Surdas and blessed him to get fame till birth after birth.

Surdas as a poet:

Surdas is called the Sun of Hindi language, in his works the description of devotion to Krishna is found. His creations like Sursagar, Sur Saravali, Sahitya Lahiri, Nal Damayanti, Byahlon are famous.

  1. Surdas ji has given this message through his posts that devotion is above all things.
  2. Feelings of love, makeup and calm rasa are found in his posts.
  3. Surdas ji also composes poetry in the field of code policy.
  4. In his verses there is such a description of Krishna’s childhood as if he had seen all this himself. He spreads aliveness in his creations.
  5. There are also descriptions of nature in his compositions, which fills the mind with emotion.
  6. Surdas ji is dense with emotions, so his compositions are very captivating from the emotional point of view.
  7. The words of Surdas ji have been written in Braj Bhasha. His creation named Sursagar is the most famous.

Differences about Surdas ji:

There are many differences regarding their birth and death, information about them is received differently. On the basis of the history written in many texts, there are doubts about Surdas ji being blind since his birth. Shyam Sundar Das ji says that the way he portrays Vatsalya Rasa and Shringar Rasa, it is impossible for any blind person who has never seen it. Dr. Hazari Prasad also said that in many of his posts, there is mention of blindness from his birth, but this fact cannot be confirmed only on the basis of those compositions.

Even though he may not be blind by birth, but it is clear from his compositions that he is a fierce devotee and Surdas, the slave of the tunes.

When is Surdas Jayanti celebrated in 2021? (Surdas Jayanti 2021 Date)

Nothing can be said exactly about the date of birth of Surdas ji. In this year 2021, Surdas Jayanti will be celebrated on 17 May 2021, the day Friday.

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