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Sunanda Pushkar murder case [जीवन परिचय] | Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case Details in Hindi


Sunanda Pushkar biography of [हत्याकांड] | Sunanda Pushkar Biography In Hindi Murder Case Husband Shashi Tharoor Death Controversy

It was during her marriage to politician Shashi Tharoor that Sunanda Pushkar gained a recognition in the media and Sunanda was known as Tharoor’s wife. But Sunanda was murdered only a few years after she married Tharoor. His murder case is currently going on in a Delhi court.

Sunanda used to be a business woman, she had done many business and she was a very successful woman. But Sunanda’s personal life was full of sorrows from the very beginning and even after getting married for the third time, the sorrows of her life had increased instead of decreasing.


Sunanda Pushkar biography of-

Full Name (Name) Sunanda Pushkar
Surname (NickName)
date of birth (Date Of Birth) 27 Junehandjob 1962
birth place (Place Of Birth) sopurhandjob Jammu and Kashmir
place of death (Place Of Death) Delhi
date of death (Date Of Death) January 17handjob 2014
cause of death (Cause Of Death) Poison
profession (Occupation) business woman

Sunanda Pushkar’s birth Birth and Family

  • Sunanda Pushkar was born on June 27, 1962 in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and belonged to a Kashmiri Pandit family. Sunanda Pushkar’s father’s name is Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Pushkar Nath Das and her mother’s name is Jaya Das.
  • Born in Bomai area of ​​Kashmir, Sunanda Pushkar also has two brothers, of whom Sunanda used to work with one of her brothers in Dubai. While his second brother is serving as a Brigadier in the Indian Army.
  • Sunanda Pushkar had a total of three marriages in her lifetime and she first married a person named Sanjay Raina. But this marriage could last only till the year 1988.
  • After the breakdown of her first marriage, Sunanda remarried in the year 1991. And her second husband’s name was Sujit Menon. But in the year 1997, her second husband died in a car accident.
  • Sunanda also had a child from her second marriage and the name of this child is Shiv Menon, who lives in Dubai.

Third marriage in the year 2010

Sunanda married Shashi Tharoor in 2010 and it was a love marriage for both of them. Well-known politicians Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda married in Kerala according to Malayali customs.

Information about Sunanda’s family-

father’s name (Father’s name) Pushkar Nath Das
Mother’s name (Mother’s name) Jaya Slave
first husband’s name (First Husband Name) Sanjay Raina (- 1988)
second husband’s name (Second Husband Name) Sujit Menon (1991–1997)
third husband’s name (Third Husband Name) Shashi Tharoor (2010-2014)
total children (Children) A boy, Shiv Menon
total siblings (Siblings) Two brothers

Education of Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda Pushkar, who belongs to Kashmir, has done her schooling and college education from this state. Sunanda had obtained a degree from the Government College for Women, Srinagar in 1988, although there is no information about the subject in which she obtained the degree.

Personal Information related to Sunanda Pushkar’s personal life –

  • At the time when Sunanda Pushkar’s second husband died, Sunanda used to live in Dubai and run a business with her husband. But one day her husband had suffered a lot in this business, after which her husband Menon had come to India and during this time her husband died in a car accident in Delhi.
  • After her husband’s death, Sunanda left her four-year-old son to take care of her husband’s sister and later to her parents. However, later Sunanda brought her son with her to Dubai.
  • After the death of her second husband, Sunanda single-handedly took care of her son’s education, taking care of her parents and her brother’s education.

Sunanda Pushkar’s Look

Sunanda Pushkar used to be very beautiful to look at and her look is given below

Colour (color) White
hair color Golden
length (Height) 5′ 3
Weight (Weight) 58 kg
body size (Body Measurements)

Business Career of Sunanda Pushkar –

  • He started his career as a front desk receptionist at the Santo Lake View Hotel in Kashmir. After doing this job for some time, Sunanda went to Dubai and here she opened her own event management company named Expressions, which used to organize various shows.
  • But this event management company of Sunanda could not last long and was closed. After the closure of this company, Sunanda joined an advertising company named Bozel Prime as a marketing manager. But to spend more time with her son, Sunanda left this job.
  • Sunanda had also started the retail business of artificial jewelry in Dubai itself, but after some time her business was also closed.
  • Sanunda’s son had a communication disorder and Sunanda went to Canada to get treatment for this disorder. Going here, Sunanda got her son treated and during this time she started working with an IT company named Valley Resources. But Sunanda’s business suffered a lot due to the 9/11 attacks in America and her company was closed in the year 2001.
  • After the closure of the company, Sunanda did a course in Emotional Intelligence and started working in a company named Noble House International. But after some time Sunanda also left her job and came back to Dubai from Canada. However, after spending so many years in Canada, Sunanda had become a citizen there too and she came to Dubai Canada’s passport.
  • After coming to Dubai, Sunanda worked closely with many companies and during this time her financial situation had also become very good and Sunanda had also bought three houses in the posh areas of Dubai.

Controversy related to Sunanda

IPL Controversy

  • In the year 2010, Sunanda Pushkar and Tharoor came under the scanner for buying an IPL team. And due to this controversy, Tharoor had to resign from his central minister post as well.
  • In fact, Tharoor was accused of getting Sunanda a free stake of Rs 50 crore in the new Kerala team of the Indian Premier League.
  • This stake was given to Sunanda on behalf of the company because Tharoor had misused his chair to help a company named Rendezvous Sports World get this team and this company gave 50 rupees to his wife as this help. The share of Rs.
  • Following these allegations, Sunanda also announced that she would leave the Kochi team that she was part of. However, according to the rules of BCCI, Sunanda could not give up these shares.
  • Sunanda and Tharoor got married only a few months after this controversy i.e. in the month of August. At the same time, before Sunanda’s death in 2014, he had also given a statement regarding this controversy. In his statement, he had said that he had taken Tharoor’s crime upon himself.

Twitter controversy

  • The above-mentioned statement of Sunanda regarding the IPL controversy came at a time when Tharoor’s relationship with a Pakistani woman came to the fore.
  • In fact, on January 15, 2014, a message sent by Mehr Tarar to Tharoor was posted on Tharoor’s Twitter account and in that message, Tarar was expressing his love to Tharoor. However, later Pakistani journalist Mehr had given a statement saying that his Twitter account was hacked and he had not sent any kind of message to Tharoor.
  • After this dispute, problems started coming in Sunanda’s third marriage as well. However, Sunanda and Tharoor had issued a statement after this dispute and said in that statement that their married life is going very well. But Sunanda had died a few days after giving this statement.

Death in Delhi hotel

Sunanda died suddenly on January 17, two days after the Twitter controversy, and at the time she breathed her last, she was staying with a room at the Leela Palace Hotel in Delhi. Actually some work was going on in Tharoor’s house and due to this both of them were staying in room number 345 of this hotel for several days.

Controversy over Sunanda’s death

  • At the time when Sunanda died, she was alone in her room and in her post-mortem after her death, it was found that Sunanda had committed suicide. However, it was later revealed that Sunanda’s body also had several injury marks and she died due to drug overdose.
  • The doctor who did her checkup before Sunanda’s death also gave a statement after Sunanda’s death and said that Sunanda did not have any serious health problems.
  • In the year 2014, Sudhir Gupta, a doctor of AIIMS also gave a statement in this case. And he had told that he was pressurized to make a false post-mortem report of Pushkar.

On 10 October 2014, the medical team investigating Pushkar’s death concluded that his death was due to poison.

Police Filed FIR (Summons Shashi Tharoor As An Accused)

  • In 2015, Delhi Police had registered a First Information Report (FIR) in this case and Pushkar was mentioned in this FIR.
  • The police has also made Tharoor an accused in this case and recently orders have been given to Tharoor to appear in the court for the hearing of this case.

A total of seven people have been made accused in Sunanda’s murder case, out of which Tharoor is also one and recently the trial of this case has also started. And it is also expected that soon the decision will also come in this case.


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