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What is How To Structured data, how does it work?

How to use structured data for SEO?
How to use structured data for SEO?

What is How To Structured data, how it works, benefits

One new thing that has come to the fore in SEO is a schema. It is a very powerful tool, but in today’s time, few people are taking advantage of using it. Once you understand the concept and method of scheme markup, then you can get your website a good place in the search engine results. If you want to understand Structured data well, then read this article of ours till the end. You can increase the traffic of your site to a great extent by using it, and you can get a rich place in the search result. Let us understand in detail what is Structured data, how to works.

What is Structured Data?

This is a kind of code that you add to the site, which helps the search engines to understand your site, and they are able to show your content to the user in a better way. Rich snippets you may have seen or heard of during your search, schema markup is similar. Schema tells search engines what your data means, not just what it is saying. The search engine will understand your entire content well through this and you will get a further position in the search, which will increase clicks on your site. Structured data can be of any content, such as music, recipes, products, reviews, books, articles, jobs, business, etc. Structured data is becoming famous day by day, in the coming years, we will be able to see more of its use.

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How to use structured data for SEO?

Based on the schema, HowTo is a command that tells you how to get that result by following this sequence step by step. You can use HowTo structured data to markup articles, but it should not be a recipe. If it is something to be eaten or consumed, then it should be a recipe. The HowTo schema came out in April 2017 and is now heavily used in the Google search engine.

If you have added How-to structured data in WordPress, then Google will know that your page has How-to content, according to this Google will show your data in the search result. For example, someone asked how to tie a tie or how to complain to the Prime Minister? Now you have the answer on your page, then you will get the answer in the step-by-step search result. How-to Structured Data will greatly benefit your content in this way.

Earlier Google used to read HowTo data from a website and show it only in mobile results, not on desktop. But over time the search engine changed and now the HowTo schema can be seen as a rich snippet in search results on desktop too. You can add the HowTo page to your article in many ways. There are many types of tools and coding in Word press, by which HowTo structured data can be added to the content. Here we are telling you how to add structured data through Yoast SEO in Word press, what is the difficulty in it, how to avoid making a mistake.

How to add structured data using the WordPress content block in Yoast SEO –

In Yoast SEO, structured data is brought in the form of a content block, in the block editor, this block contains a FAQ and How to structure data. You can use it by putting the code of the content in it. This is fully validated in Google’s rich results. If you keep adding step by step in how to structure data, then your data can come in rich snippets by Google. You just have to fill all the blocks shown in it, here you do not need to do any coding. You are required to fill these blocks here –

  • Time Needed (Total Time)
  • Description
  • step title
  • step description

It is mandatory to fill all these fields, otherwise, there may be an error in your article by Google, due to which your page will be removed by Google and you may also get a warning mail. You can add as many steps as you want. You can add to the image if you want.

Feature availability –

The result of How-to has been launched from Google in all languages ​​in all countries. The better way you add data to the How-to, the chances of it showing up in the search result will increase. For example, if you have added an image in every step in the How-to content, and have given a link or information separately, then your page will get more weightage.

Why is it important to use How-to Content Blocks, its benefits –

The great thing about the new WordPress block editor is that you can make your content look good instead of just writing it. The How-to article is a very good example of this, you craft the page here. Along with writing all the steps, you can also explain it well through images and videos. How-to has the following advantages –

  • You will get rich result – If you use How-to structure data, then your chances of getting rich result by search engine increase manifold. Your site will appear in the search engine in a very rich format so that users can click more in it.
  • Helpful for both the user and the search engine – both humans or machines like block based structure data. It looks good, which is also easy for people to read and understand. If you add content using How-to Structure Data in WordPress, then your page will be good to look at, as well as it will be helpful for both the user and the search engine machine.
  • Will make a good article – The most important reason for using How-to block is that you can easily create a good How-to article with it. All you have to do is add the block, fill the steps in it, put the image, just publish it. Yoast SEO will automatically generate the required code for Google, so that Google will be able to easily understand that your article correctly contains a How-to block.

We hope you have understood How-to Structure Data through this article of ours, and you can also use it to get your website rich results in the Google search engine. If you have any problem then you can ask us by commenting.

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