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Story on Pride – Ego makes life difficult

by Sudhir kumar


Many years ago when education was received only in Gurukul. Then there was a Raj Kumar whose name was Viraj. Viraj always grew up in such comforts. Never went anywhere without servants but now he had to go to Gurukul to get education. He picked up his stuff for the first time. They were kept in such an environment where even their servants could not live. And such simple food was given to them which did not go down their throat, but seeing the dignity of the Gurukul, they ate it silently. But there was a strange feeling inside them. There was restlessness that was bothering them. As one day passed, he talked to one of his fellow disciples. Viraj asked them – who are they? Where have you come from? And what are their accomplishments? The fellow disciple replied with a laugh, O friend! I am also a Raj Kumar. I have come for education and this is my last year. And I have learned the art of living life, this is my accomplishment.

bacchon ke liye kahani

The next day, Viraj along with all the disciples had to go to the city for alms. It was mandatory to go for alms which gave equal life experience to all. This brought a sense of unity among all. Along with this came the art of living in adversity.

Viraj was finding all this strange. Where the people who were brought up by them. He had to extend his hand in front of him. Viraj entered the city with many questions in his mind. There were strange expressions on his face which a girl saw in the city and while giving alms, that girl threw the paddy outside the bag. Viraj looked at her in surprise. Even before Viraj asked anything, the girl said – Brother, the way this paddy was wasted, in the same way you are wasting your life in vain. You have got such a good life, you have got the support of a guru to acquire knowledge, but you are not feeling it. Just like this paddy was wasted, your life is going in vain. Throwing away the qualities in vain.

Hearing this, Viraj’s eyes were opened and he received education in Gurukul with full devotion and received education together with everyone under all circumstances. After this change, Viraj understood the importance of life by rising above his ego and soon he achieved the goal of life.

moral of the story :

Life is full of adversity until one lives above the ego. Till then he is restless and helpless. When a person lives life leaving the ego, then he easily achieves the goal, as well as he gets proper happiness in this priceless life.

Stories matter a lot in life. Sometimes even the biggest degree doesn’t give knowledge and a small story can change a life. Give true knowledge of life to your children by making the basis of instructive story.

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