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Story of Chandrakanta on Life Ok Tv Serial

Chandrakanta Life Ok TV Serial story (kahani) in hindi Chandrakanta is a fantasy TV series partly based on the novel by Babu Devaki Nandan Khatri. Produced by Neerja Guleri, this series was directed by Sunil Agnihotri. This serial was broadcast on Doordarshan’s DD 1 channel in 1994 and became very popular in those days. It is an important novel in the world famous Aiyaary novel. It is said that many people learned to read and write Hindi to read this novel.

Premya Paheli Chandrakanta Life Ok Serial 

Prem or Paheli Chandrakanta is going to prove to be a very big and important serial of Life OK this year. Romance, war, magic, revenge etc together make this serial very unique and special. This is a completely spicy serial which people of almost all ages like to watch. This serial used to come in Doordarshan earlier and was very famous among the people, but due to some legal reason its broadcast was stopped in the year 1996. Although this serial was closed, but its characters remained in the hearts of the people for a long time. Now this story is going to be repeated again on Life OK channel in a new way, which will create a great thrill among the people.

Chandrakanta in a new form (Chandrakanta new serial Life Ok Channel)

Keeping in mind the old popularity of Chandrakanta, it is being brought in a new form on Life OK channel. During this, the makers have given a serious thought about what mistakes and shortcomings were made last time while making Chandrakanta. In this Chandrakanta, changes have been made in the character and plot as per the need. The full name of this Chandrakanta is being broadcast as ‘Prem or Paheli Chandrakanta’. It is being broadcast every Saturday and Sunday on Life OK from 4 March 2017.

Serial plot (Chandrakanta serial plot)

The story of this serial is the love story of Raj Kumari Chandrakanta, who falls in love with Prince Virender. On one hand, where these two lovers want to spend their lives with each other. On the other hand, there is a war between the kings of these two states. Because of this, after overcoming many troubles and struggles, both these lovers go through a very difficult journey and fulfill their dreams. Each character in this story is very alive, which keeps it moving forward and forcing people to stay connected with it. To make the serial interesting and interesting, many new techniques have been used. Special effects have also been used very beautifully.

Apart from romance, with the help of this serial, the audience will also be able to feel the grief of the two lovers not being able to meet each other very well. In the middle of the story, Chandrakanta has to face many types of witchcraft, tricks, illusions etc. Prince Virender succeeds in protecting Chandrakanta in every way. Apart from these witchcraft and magic, Chandrakanta and Prince Virendra also have to face the elusive spies of Kurk Singh. During this, Prince Virendra has to enter this elusive world. To understand all these mysteries, it is very important to watch this serial. That’s why it has been brought to you in a new form.

Chandrakanta Life Ok Channel serial cast

Many best actors have been selected for the serial for Prem or Paheli Chandrakanta. The names of these artists are being given below along with the names of their characters.

princess chandrakanta Kritika Kamra
Virendra Singh Gaurav Khanna
Rajkumar Shiv Dutt Ankit Arora
kroor singh sandalwood anand
Marich Sudesh Berry
Jai Singh Harsh Vashist
Badrinath Puneet Vashist
Ayer Nazim Jitendra Bohra

Chandrakanta Life Ok Channel Serial Information

serial name love or puzzle Chandrakanta
zener fantasy
Banner Ten-Speed ​​TV India
based Chandrakanta by Devkinandan Khatri
Author Steven Pilemer, Amanda Lane, Alex Yazbek, Fathu Maquarella
the director Zolani Fakde, Sisanda Hina, Shaft Maropane, Mathew Jankes
Country India
season number 1
Language modern hindi
the creator Darien Amos
Location Hyderabad
Channel life ok

Chandrakanta Serial Story 

Chandrakanta is a traditional love story. All the spices of entertainment are present in this love story. The love story of Prince Virendra Bikram and Chandrakanta flourishes amidst the years-long enmity between Navgarh and Vijaygarh. The brother of the Raja of Vijaygarh is murdered as part of a conspiracy and the blame is put on the Maharaja of Navgarh. The victims of this conspiracy, both the kings start hating each other. The intention behind this conspiracy of Krur Singh was the rule of Vijaygarh and Chandrakanta. Along with this central story, many other legends and magic go hand in hand. The love story of Aiyar Tej Singh and Aiyar Chapala also provides interestingness simultaneously. At the end of the story, the trick of Krur Singh is exposed and Bikram Singh and Chandrakanta are tied in the knot.

Chandrakanta Serial

Controversy and review (Chandrakanta serial controversy)

This serial has been in the headlines for many reasons. With the telecast of the serial, its popularity started to skyrocket. Controversially in 1996, Doordarshan stopped the telecast of this serial. Producer Neerja Guleri filed a case against this decision in the court. This serial was started again in 1999 with a change in the story, but it was closed due to financial reasons.

Later Devaki Nandan Khatri’s grandson Kamalapati Khatri also objected to the telecast of this serial and said that the serial did not do justice to the novel. He also objected to showing the mystery of tilism and Aiyari as witchcraft.

  • Mamik Singh as Deva
  • Shahbaz Khan as Kunwar Virendra Vikram Singh
  • Shikha Swaroop as Princess Chandrakanta
  • Javed Khan as Tej Singh
  • Mukesh Khanna as the brave man in the later part of the story
  • Vijayendra Ghatge as Sumer Singh
  • Parikshit Sahni as Maharaja Surendra Singh (King of Navgarh)
  • Pankaj Dhir as Shiv Dutt (King of Chunargarh, a poison man)
  • Durga Jasraj as Rani Kalavati
  • Rajendra Gupta as Pandit Jagannath / Shani (his twin brother, a villain)
  • Akhilendra Mishra as Krur Singh aka Yakku
  • Irrfan Khan as Badrinath / Somnath (his twin brother)
  • Sonika Gill as Amrapali’s mother.
  • Anu Dhawan as Tara (Vishkanya)
  • Kalpana Iyer as Dum Dami Mai / Sultana (Tara’s ally)
  • Roopal Patel as Jamuna (Rupmati’s cousin, a villain)
  • Vinod Kapoor as Amarjit Singh / Barkat Khan
  • brownie as a dragon
  • Asif Sheikh as Nagmani Devta (the Serpent King)
  • Surendra Pal as Raja of Vijaygarh
  • Pradeep Rawat as Himmat Singh
  • Arun Mathur as Vaidya Baba (Damini’s father)
  • Deepak Parashar as Devadatta (Shivadutt’s father)
  • Sudha Chandran as Satyavati (Shivadutt’s mother)
  • Bhushan lives as Dalpati Devta
  • Roopa Ganguly as Damini
  • Waqar Sheikh as Vishwajit Singh (Illegal son of Raja Surendra Singh and Damini).
  • Nazim Aiyar as Brahmachari

The editing of this serial was done by famous filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani. Akhilendra Mishra’s Yakku speaking in the role of Krur Singh became very famous. Especially the children liked his role very much. Shikha Swarup, who became Chandrakanta, later worked in some films as well. After about 12 years, she appeared in the role of Kaikeyi in Ramayana. Bhishma Pitamah Mukesh Khanna of Mahabharata left his mark in the form of Jaanbaaz. Chandrakanta’s hero Shahbaz Khan is seen in the role of villain in films these days.

Some important highlights related from serial Chandrakanta

Some important information related to Chandrakanta Old Serial is shown on the basis of the following list-

number.NS. information point key information
1. serial name Chandrakanta
2. Country India
3. Language Hindi
4. Subject historical
5. production company M/S Prime Channel
6. the director Neerja Guleri
7. creative director Sunil Verma
8. the creator Neerja Guleri
9. Executive Producer Mr Guleri
10. story writer Neerja Guleri
11. Narrated by Harish Bhimani
12. theme music composer Usha Khanna
13. total season 2
14. total episodes 130
15. editor Rajkumar Hirani
16. telecast time 52 minutes
17. Broadcasting Doordarhan
18. broadcast date Between 1994 and 1996


played the main character

  • Shikha Swaroop as Chandrakanta
  • Shahbaz Khan as Virendra Vikram Singh
20. Location film city mumbai
21. cinematography Nadim Khan and Manoj Soni

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