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How to start a TV channel in India – Complete Guide 2021

How to start a TV channel in India - Complete Guide 2021
How to start a TV channel in India - Complete Guide 2021

How to start a TV channel in India 2021 with Complete Guide of Application form for a tv channel, registration, Application Form, License Cost, Investment, And Profit

This article will help you with the step-by-step process for starting a TV Channel (entertainment/news) in India. The details like investment required, channel license, TV Channel registration fees, TV Channel registration documents required, etc. are included in this content.

Currently, cable TV and digital satellite television are the major modes of signal delivery. However, with the passage of time, there have been changes in the broadcasting world where earlier people used to receive signals through antennas, dishes, cables, etc. Presently the set-top box is used in digital satellite television systems. Before we talk about the process of starting a TV channel, let us know what a television channel is called.

What is a TV channel?

You can call a TV channel a broadcast frequency or it can be called a virtual number on which a television station is built. That is to say, a TV channel is a physical or virtual channel on which a television station or television network is distributed.

It is a network on which different television programs are seen by the listeners. Talking about the world, there are many TV channels, out of which some channels are run by the governments but mostly all the channels are private i.e. private. This is the reason that often people looking to become entrepreneurs in India try to know how they can open their own TV channel.

Requirement of TV Channel 

Keep in mind that any business runs only when people need it, so before people understand the need for a TV channel, we have to understand TV and to understand it, we have to understand broadcasting. Talking about the oldest or earliest form of public broadcasting, it was radio. Before the invention and transmission of television, the radio was the only medium for broadcasting news and entertainment. This was the reason that television networks were also mostly radio channels in their early stages.

Doordarshan, India’s first and oldest broadcasting network started its services across the country as a radio station through All India Radio. Here the purpose of telling our above history is only that the need of television has been there for the people since ancient times. But where earlier broadcasts were through radio channels, presently television has emerged as a very large form of mass communication.

Television and the Internet are currently the two most important and largest means of communication. However, the role of newspapers is also in the forefront. With the passage of time, as the number of television users continues to increase, people are becoming more aware about television and the services provided by it. This is the reason why people today decide what they will watch on television, how much they will pay for it, when to watch it, etc.

And so different TV channels falling in the same category try to show different programs to their customers. The TV channel has had a very deep impact on our society, due to the presence of television in people’s homes, awareness has increased in them and they have started knowing things better. Because along with entertainment, people also work to get news and information from them.

Through these mediums of communication, awareness has come among the people about the diseases prevalent in society, which helps them to overcome these diseases. There are many people who have got the opportunity to make their talent reach the people through television and they have got a new identity in the world.

Presently many channels have talent shows which provide opportunities to talented people. Apart from this, there are many disadvantages of TV, which some children become so crazy about television that they do not feel like doing other work like studies, sports, etc. But in spite of this, society, country, abroad all need TV channels and television. Is

How to start a TV In India

However, in the present scenario in India, starting a TV channel has become difficult than ever because, in the year 2014, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued strict guidelines in this regard. Where earlier any irresponsible or non-serious person could also open his TV channel, at present no non-serious person will be able to open his channel because the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had issued guidelines in the year 2014 to stop them.

Requirement for start a TV channel

It is natural for people wanting to start a TV channel or even in the minds of the general public, the question that how much would it cost to start a TV channel. So we would like to tell our respected readers that only a company can open a TV channel whose net worth is at least five crore rupees. Apart from this, this limit is different for the news channel, the net worth of the company should be at least twenty crore rupees to open a news channel.

Companies that meet the above standards can apply for a TV Channel License but it will be mandatory for them to start a TV channel within one year of getting the license.

This one year time is given to the company because it has to establish correspondents, editor, studio, marketing team etc. An entrepreneur starting a TV channel will also have to arrange for proper cash flow to keep the business going. In this, the entrepreneur can keep in mind the expenses that may come in the first few months or years. If the entrepreneur wants,  by preparing an effective business plan, he can determine from the expenses of the business to his goal.

Sources of earning after start a TV channel

Once the entrepreneur comes to know about the cost of opening a TV channel and starts his business by arranging it. That is to say, when the TV channel is fully operational, now the entrepreneur should think about earning from his TV channel. Although there are many ways to earn money from a TV channel, the most effective and best way is to earn from advertising.

In this, the entrepreneur can earn his earnings i.e. money by selling advertising spots. Another way to earn from TV channels is to earn money through sponsored programs, in which a particular company is sponsoring some or the entire content shown on that channel.

Subscription is also a technique to earn money in this new system of DTH. However, this fee is applicable to the carriage fee paid by the channel to the operator. The TV channels is also earning through royalty fee. Therefore, the entrepreneur must consider all possible avenues of earning.

Producing Programs and Content for TV Channels:  

If the entrepreneur starting a TV channel has completed all the work, then now he has to create a program or content for his TV channel which he can show to his audience. The entrepreneur may need to take the following steps to manufacture the material.

  • Entrepreneur has to decide what kind of TV channel he wants to start and he will also have to prepare a list of shows and their types to be seen in the show.
  • Manage Studio Any TV channel absolutely needs a studio. And if the entrepreneur wants to start a news channel, then there should also be a studio from where the news is broadcast. Although entrepreneurs can build studios themselves if they wish, it would be prudent to rent a studio in the early stages of business.
  • Running a TV channel is not just a matter of one man, it requires a whole team, so now the next step of the entrepreneur should be to appoint employees for the TV channel. The entrepreneur will also need marketing staff, show staff, finance besides clerical staff and low level staff.
  • Shoot own shows or downlink shows from other channels. However, shooting one’s own show can be extremely rewarding for the channel. There are more chances of earning and getting sponsored companies in this. However, the entrepreneur can also downlink any foreign channel on his TV channel as per the guidelines given on the website of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

How to Get License for TV Channel in India

The process of starting a TV channel in India may vary depending on the type of channel but the main method remains the same. Below we are mentioning the step-by-step method of registering a TV channel in India. This is a process that requires a lot of thinking and preparation.

  • Uplink Hub is required for setting up a TV channel and it is a stage of licensing in which the entrepreneur or company wishing to open the channel has to tell its agenda behind starting the channel to the concerned authority. After this the entrepreneur has to work closely with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Once TV Channel Uplinking is approved or permitted in India, the entrepreneur becomes a legitimate player in the broadcasting sector who wish to uplink their channel from India to be shown to audiences across the globe. To do this, the entrepreneur has to apply to the concerned ministry and when the entrepreneur receives the affidavit, then his form is sent for security clearance and satellite usage clearance. After all the necessary clearances, the company opening the TV channel is given approval for the uplink. After that the entrepreneur can use this facility.
  • If the entrepreneur wants to start a news channel, then the process of getting his uplinking license may be slightly different. Although this also has to go through the above mentioned process but it also requires a NOC after clearance. After this the entrepreneur has to approach the Wireless Planning Commission to maintain the operation and maintenance facility of his news channel. Finally the firm will also have to pay the license fee and royalty as prescribed by WPC for the use of spectrum.
  • Despite all this, a TV channel’s shareholding pattern and content approval may require submission of various forms.

For more information on this subject,  the official website of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting can be visited.

How much does it cost to start a TV channel?

5 Lakhs per channel as permission fee for a channel in uplinking guidelines for a term of 10 years. As far as downlinking guidelines are concerned, there is a registration fee of Rs. 5 Lakhs per channel for a period of 5 years.

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