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Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsham and Meaning


Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsha With Hindi Meaning

This text is considered to be a proven text, whose daily recitation removes the obstacles of life.

Sri Ganapati Atharvashirsham and Meaning in Hindi

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha .

In other words:- Hey! My salutations to the deity Maha Ganapati.

Verse 1

Hello Ganpataye.
Tvameva Pratishvat Tattvamasi.
Tvameva only doers.
Skin only.
Tvameva kevalam hartaasi.
Tvameva sarva khalvidam brahmasi.
Tvam sakshadatmaऽsi nityam.

In other words:- Hey! Ganesha salutations to you, you are the living manifestation, you are the karma and the doer, you are the destroyer, and you are the destroyer. In you the whole universe pervades, you are a holy witness.

Verse 2.

Rita Vachmi. Satya Vakmi.

In other words :- I say knowledge, I tell the truth.

Verse 3

Oh my mother Now speaker.
Oh audience. Ava dataram.
Ava Dhataram. Avanuchanamava disciple.
After that. Now earlier.
After all. Now south.
Ava Chodhravattat. Awadhattat.
Sarvato Mama Pahi Pahi Samantaat.

In other words :- You are mine, protect me, protect my voice. Protect those who hear me Protect the one who gives me, protect the one who holds me. Protect the Vedas, Upanishads and its readers, as well as protect the disciples who take knowledge from them. Complete protection from all the four directions East, West, North and South.

Verse 4

Tvam vammayastvam chinmayah.
Tvam anandmayastvam brahmayah.
Twam sachchidanandadvitiyosi.
Tvam Pratikham Brahmasi.
Tvam Jnanamayo Vigyanmayoshi.

In other words:- You are the Left, You are the Chinmaya, You are the Ananda Brahm Gnani, You are the Sachchidananda, the unique form, You are the manifest doer, You are the Brahman, You are the giver of the science of knowledge.

Verse 5

Sarvanj jagadidan tattto jayate.
Sarvanm jagadidan tvattastisthati.
Sarvanm jagadidan tvay lyameshyati.
Sarvam jagadidan tvayi pratyeti.
Tvam bhumiraponloऽnilo nabhah.
Tavan Chatwari Vavpadani ||

In other words :- You are the creator of this world, you have given protection to the whole world, the whole world is contained in you, the whole world is visible in you, you are the water, land, sky and air. You are pervasive in all four directions. |

Verse 6

Skin quality.
(Tvam statetrayatayathah.)
Tva dehatrayatiah. Tv timeless.
Tvam muladharasthitsi nityam.
Skin power.
Tva yoginos dhyyanti nityam.
Tvam Brahma Tvam Vishnustvam Rudrasthvam
Indrasthvam Agnistvam Vayusthvam Suryasthvam Chandramastvam
brahmbhurbhuvah swaram

In other words :- You are different from the three gunas, Sattva, Raja and Tama. You three times are different from past, future and present. You are separate from the three bodies. You are situated in the basic foundation of life. In you, the three powers, religion, enthusiasm and mental are pervaded. Yogi and Maha Guru meditate on you only. You are Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Sun, Moon. You are the incorporation of virtues, Saguna and Nirguna.

Verse 7 .

Varnadin subsequently.
Answar: Later. Ardhendulasitam.
Tareen Ridham. Ettava Manuswaroopam.
Gakar: Purvarupam. Akro medium.
Naad: Sandhanam. Code treaty.
Saisha Ganesh Vidya. Ganaka Rishi.
Nichridgayatri verses. Lord Ganapati.
Om Ganpataye Namah.

In other words :- After pronouncing “Gana”, pronounce the latter Adivarna Akar. pronounce car. Chant this whole mantra Om Gana Ganapataye Namah with devotion.

verse 8

Ekadantay vimahe. Vakratundaya slow.
Tanno Danti: Prachodayat

In other words :- We meditate on Ekadanta, Vakratund. May God inspire us to walk on this path

verse 9

Ekadantham Chaturhastam,
Radancha varadam hastarbibhranam,
Mouse flag.
Raktam Lambodaram,
Shoorpakarnakam bloodvasam.
blood smelling,
Raktpushpai: Supoojitam.
Bhaktanukampinan Devan,
Avirbhutan cha creation,
Prakriti: Purushatparam.
Avan Dhayati Yo Nityam
s yogi yoginam varah ||

In other words :- Lord Ganesha is having four arms in which he holds the pash, ankush, dent and var mudra. There is a mouse on their flag. This is a red cloth stripe. Sandalwood paste has been applied. Wearing red flowers Those who fulfill everyone’s wishes are everywhere in the world. Creator of the universe Those who meditate on them with a sincere heart are Maha Yogis.

Verse 10

Namo Vratpataye, Namo Ganpataye,
Hello Pramathapatye,
Hello Astu Lambodaray Ekadantay,
Vighnanasine Shivasutaya,
Varadamurtaye Namah ||

In other words :– Vratapati, Salutations to Ganapati, Salutations to the first husband, Salutations to Ekdanta, Destroyer of obstacles, Lambodar, Salutations to Shivatanaya Shri Varad idol.

verse 11

Etadtharvashirsham Yodhite.
S brahmbhuyay kalpete.
All the obstacles are obligatory.
Always happy.
S Panchamahapapat Pramuchyate.
syamadhiano daykritam
Sin perish.
pratradhiano nightkritam
Sin perish.
PrayunjanoऽApapo bhavati in the evening.
Sarvatradhiyano-pavighno bhavati.
Charitable work moksham cha vindati.
Idam atharvashirsham ashishaya na deyam.
yo if mohaddasyati
S sinner bhavati.
ya ya kamadhite
Tan Tamenen sadheet..

In other words :- One who recites this Atharvasheesh, he gets away from obstacles. He always becomes happy, he gets away from the five great sins. Reading in the evening removes the defects of the day. By reciting in the morning, the defects of the night are removed. By reciting it 1000 times, the worshiper will become a yogi by attaining accomplishment.

verse 12

Ane Ganapatimbhishinchati.
S Vagmi Bhavati.
chatuthryamanna japati
S Vidyavan Bhavati.
Brahmadyavaranam Vidyat.
No difference maybe.

In other words :- Whoever anoints Ganesha with the recitation of this mantra, his speech becomes his slave. One who fasts on Chaturthi and chants becomes a scholar. One who knows the cover of the universe is free from fear.

verse 13

Yo durvaankurayajati.
S vaishravnopmo bhavati.
Yo lajariyajati, sa yasovan bhavati.
Good luck.
Yo modakasahren yajati.
The desired result.
ya sajyasamidbhiryajati
Sa sarvam labhte, sa sarvam labhte

In other words :- One who worships by means of Durvakuro becomes like Kuber; one who worships through Laja becomes successful, becomes meritorious; one who worships with Modko gets the fruits according to his mind. One who performs Havan by means of Ghrattak Samidha gets everything.

Verse 14

Ashtau Brahman Samyaggrahayitva,
Suryavarshi Bhavati.
Suryagrahe Mahanadyam Pratmasanidho
Va Japtva, Siddhamantro Bhavati.
Mahavighnat Pramuchyate.
Mahadoshat Pramuchyate.
Mahapapat Pramuchyate.
Sa Sarvvid Bhavati, Sa Sarvvid Bhavati.
Ya and Veda.

In other words :- Those who make the eight brahmins the knower of the Upanishads are as brilliant as the sun. If you recite this Upanishad on the banks of a river or near your Ishta at the time of solar eclipse, one attains siddhi. By which the obstacles of life are removed, sins are cut, he becomes a scholar, this is such Brahma Vidya.

peace mantra

Om bhadra karnebhih srunuyam deva.
Bhadram Pasyamakshabhiryajatra.
Vyshem devhitam yadayuh.

In other words :-Hey! Ganapati let us have such words in our ears which would give us knowledge and keep us away from blasphemy and misconduct. We were always engaged in social service, stay away from bad deeds and always be absorbed in the devotion of God. May you always be blessed on our health and we enjoy Stay away from luxury May God reside in our body, mind and wealth, who will always make us partakers of good deeds. This is the prayer

Swasti na Indro Vriddhashrava.
Swasti na pusha vishwaveda.
Swasti Nastaksharyo Arishtanemi:
Swasti no Jupiterarddhatu.
Shantiः Shantiः Shantiः ..

In other words : Whose fame is spread in all the four directions, that god Indra, who is the god of the gods, who has fame like him, who is the immense ocean of intellect, who has powers like Jupiter, under whose guidance the direction of action is given, so that the whole human race is benefited.

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