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Speech on International Day of Non Violence Peace 2021, Quotes


Speech on International Non Violence Peace Day Anmol Vachan ( International Non Violence Day 2021 Date, Quotes In Hindi)

In January 2004, Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, to tell the importance of non-violence to students, put the matter of International Day of Nonviolence in front of everyone. When this matter reached India, the Congress party was in power and for this reason Congress President Sonia Gandhi It felt right. On receiving support, the Foreign Minister of India placed it before the United Nations, for which the voting was done duly. After this proposal came to the fore, 140 countries out of 191 countries supported it, after which on 15 June 2007 International Day of Non-Violence on Gandhi Jayanti was declared.

International Non Violence day

International Non Violence Day

Gandhiji was born on 2 October 1869, he was a symbol of non-violence, history of india I was the only leader who set an example in front of everyone by embodying the power of non-violence and truth, so his birthday was celebrated as non-violence day.

when is it celebrated 2 October
in whose memory it is celebrated On the occasion of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
since when did it start June 15, 2007

Ahimsa which literally means attitude without violence. This word will be easy to hear, but it is extremely difficult to follow it while battling with the difficulties of life.

Violence has increased so much in today’s time that no one thinks once before cutting humans, leave animals. In such a situation, how will the coming generation know the importance of non-violence? Keeping this in mind, Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel Prize winner, had highlighted this point.

There is a lot of power in truth and non-violence, it is said that the fingers are bent when there is no work, that is, in non-violence, there is that power, which is ready to do any work.

Violent attitude gives victory to a person, but soul peace is never attained and soul peace is necessary for leading a right life.

are an example of Life of Emperor Ashoka. Emperor Ashoka fought many wars, became the king of Chakravarti. Spread the flag of his victory over India, but ultimately he did not get happiness and accepted Buddhism by accepting being the epitome of non-violence. Then he got that happiness, which he did not get even in state luxuries.

Today, a person does not understand the importance of non-violence, he finds these big examples of history like the story of a film.

life of gandhi ji was also normal, but to fight the adversity in front, he had two ways, one violence, one non-violence. He chose non-violence. He believed that the power in peace is not in war, many people opposed his words, but Gandhiji did not back down from his principles. Because of his principles, he Bhagat Singhhandjob Raj Guru and Sukhdev’s hanging Accepted, because in his eyes he responded to violence with violence. He did not give up non-violence in his entire life time, due to his determined intentions, the people of the country stood with him, which fulfilled Gandhiji’s dream of independent India.

A few years ago a film was made on this principle of Gandhiji, whose name was Lage Raho Munna Bhai. There were small parts in this film of Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Seeing them, it can really be said that there is strength in non-violence. Suppose it is a film but in real life also if you try it, many things get resolved without fight, like everyday a person spit paan in front of other’s house, that person used to fight with him everyday, but he is not Hear, but the day that person started cleaning that place peacefully without fighting, the person who spitting himself felt ashamed of his actions and he corrected the habit, which could not be done by fighting, that peace Gone from.

Violence is increasing very fast in today’s time. There is no benefit to anyone, so it is necessary that the coming generation should be shown the path of non-violence. For this parents, schools, teachers and film industry need to be awakened because it is they who influence the coming generation the most. It is very important to show the path of non-violence to the youth of today. At the same time, countries also need to learn from this. Violence harms not only the individual but also the country.

Today, due to mutual enmity, the amount of expenditure is being spent on the borders of states and countries in terms of security. If that much is invested in the development of the country, then no one should sleep hungry in the country. The tendency of violence has increased so much that countries have started giving more importance to nuclear instead of food and nuclear. Even if he opens his mouth, he talks of violence and war. So what message will be sent to the coming generation? If this continues, then one day only man on this earth will end the existence of mankind by eliminating man.

In such a situation, non-violence day should be celebrated on a large scale. It is a matter of pride that the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi was made the basis for this day.

in the country of India Mahavira Lord Buddha, the originator of Jainism and Buddhism He always kept the importance of the principle of truth and non-violence in front of everyone. The life of Lord Buddha is also an example of peace found on the path of non-violence.

Similarly, there are Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela etc. in foreign countries who set examples by following the path of non-violence.

Anmol Vachan (International Non Violence day Hindi Quotes)

1 Anger and pride are the biggest enemies of non-violence.
2 Non-violence is not a garment, which is worn whenever it wants, it is a feeling that resides in the heart of man.
3 Non-violence is a path in which the steps never waver.
4 Non-violence is the only ambush that inflicts deep injury without shedding blood.
5 Going towards war is not the solution to any problem, the solution to the problem is found only on the path of peace.
6 Nonviolence is not mental behavior but mental thoughts
7 There is no problem whose solution is not found on the path of non-violence.
8 In today’s time, non-violence is simply buried in the pages of the book, while its need is the most today.
9 Only those who have unbelief in God ask questions about non-violence.
10 The more difficult the path of truth, non-violence is, its end is equally easy and brings peace to the soul.

The precious words written on non-violence highlight the importance of non-violence in front of you. On the day of International Non-violence Peace Day on 2nd October, we all should churn the idea of ​​non-violence within ourselves so that we can give a happy life to the coming generation.

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