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Sona Mohapatra Reacts To Twitter User Who Asked ‘Who Is Making A Vaccine To Protect Us From Kangana Ranaut?’

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While Kangana Ranaut has called out many celebrities for speaking in favour of the farmers’ protests, Sona Mohapatra took a dig at the actress for her recent tweet. After the Manikarnika actress said, she is the ‘Queen’ and others should bow down to her, Sona also reminded her fans that she is an ‘Icon’ in a unique way.

Sona Mohapatra, Kangana Rananut,

Kangana often gets trolled on social media by netizens and fellow industry mates. One Twitter user asked for a vaccine for people to save them from Kangana Ranaut and wrote, “Who’s making a vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranaut?”

“” तू कौन ? मैं icon ! ( it’s early in the day yet, so I have my humour intact)” (Who are you? I am an icon)”, Sona tweeted out.

Soon after, Sona also replied to the tweet with another response, as she added, “I finally found the answer @samirasood; Kangana herself. Cus only she is competent enough to make such a vaccine. She is the question. She is the answer. (Entertaining myself).”

Last week, Kangana had responded to former Rajasthan DGP Harish Chandra Meena questioning her credentials to comment on the political matters like the farmers’ protest. Kangana had tweeted saying, “My credentials …. ha ha I truly believe I am an average human being but among so many fools here on social media I am the best person to lead … so bow down to your Queen.”

This is not the first time, Sona Mohapatra has called out Kangana for her bold comments. Back in 2017, Sona had penned an open letter to the actress and said, “Dear Kangana, I have always cheered loudly, in private & in public for you. Long, long before you turned queen et all but your current run across the airwaves regurgitating personal details of your love life over & over again, washing dirty linen in public & more so as part of a professional PR campaign before your film release is in bad taste.” (sic)

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