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Shanti Ek Aurat Ki Kahani Old Doordarshan Serial Story & Cast

Shanti Ek Aurat Ki Kahani Doordarshan TV Serial  Remember the days of television when dish TV was not in trend in most homes. During that time only Doordarshan channel was there to watch. The telecast of serials had started on Doordarshan, but a serial used to come only one day in a week and that too only for half an hour. That is, what would happen next in the story of a serial had to wait for a week. Neither Doordarshan nor any serial producer wanted to take the risk of airing the show daily on TV. But in the year 1994, Doordarshan took the risk of starting a daily soap and this effort was quite successful. However, this risk was also raised for the afternoon of the day by not taking it in prime time i.e. between 8 and 10 pm. The reason was clear. Doordarshan was targeting that large audience who lived in the house i.e. house wife. Then the plot of the serial was also selected according to the interest of the women. Eventually Doordarshan’s assessment turned out to be correct and the first daily soap in Indian TV history became a hit.

This was the first daily soap in the history of Indian television ‘Shanti-Ek Aurat Ki Kahani’. Its broadcast was started from the year 1994 on the national channel of Doordarshan in the afternoon of the day. Then in later days it was re-telecast on Star Plus channel. It starred actress Mandira Bedi in the lead role. Due to its powerful story, this daily soap gained a lot of popularity at that time and got the status of classic category.

Storyline of TV Serial Shanti-Ek Aurat ki kahani

The story of this serial revolves around Shanti, a female journalist. Shanti is the owner of a big and famous production house of Bollywood, Kamesh Mahadevan and Raj ji. J. To write Singh’s biography, he comes to his residence Shanti Mansion. Both are not only producers but also writers and directors. A dark secret is hidden behind the walls of this grand Shanti Mansion. The secret is not hidden only in that house, but every person living there has a hidden past of his own. Shanti comes to know about all this when she comes to Shanti Mansion and a servant there tells her the whole story of Mahadevan and Raj Singh becoming king from rank.

After the journalist Shanti comes to the Shanti Mansion, one curtain after the other begins to rise from the past of that house. Kamesh Mahadevan’s eldest son Ramesh suffers from mental illness. His younger son Somesh is struggling as a director in Bollywood itself. He goes everywhere with one of his scripts but no one is ready to work on it. Even his father, who is himself a big producer, rejects Somesh’s script. Kamesh’s wife Ayesha, who is a film producer’s daughter, his career is also destroyed by the two friends together. Kamesh Mahadevan has an adopted daughter, Nidhi, who is revealed to be Kamesh’s illegitimate child.

Shanti Ek Aurat Ki Kahani

On the other hand Raj J. Singh’s wife goes to the ashram in the affair of saints and saints. Meanwhile, Raj’s youngest son, Nihal, returns from America with a white girlfriend, Michelle, and theatrically introduces her as his wife. Raj’s eldest daughter Maya goes into depression after visiting her mother’s ashram, while her eldest son, Rohan, who is always in the throes of girls, pressures a model into marriage. He threatens the model that if she does not marry him, he will destroy her career by revealing their relationship to the media.

However, in Shanti Mansion, all these developments keep happening in the presence of Shanti. The interesting thing here is that Shanti also has a dark past of its own associated with this Shanti Mansion. Kamesh Mahadevan and Raj G. J. He has a father from among the lions. Shanti’s past is that her mother was a laborer and worked there when Shanti Mansion was built. During this, both had raped Shanti’s mother. Finally, in a nutshell, it can be said that in this serial, Shanti is a facilitator through which Kamesh and Raj ji. J. The entire past of Singh and his family is presented in an interesting way.

Highlights of serial Shanti – Ek Aurat ki kahani

serial number Fact Description
1 serial name Shanti – A Woman’s Story
2 Country India
3 Language Hindi
4 Subject family drama
5 the director aadi pocha
6 producer UTV Software Communication
7 script Tejender Sharma
8 start of broadcast 1994
9 broadcast channel Doordarshan Metro, Star Plus
11 episode duration 24 minutes
12 aired season number One

Main Characters of Serial Shanti-Ek Aurat Ki Kahani (Cast of serial Shanti – Ek Aurat ki kahani)

serial number character name Real Name
1 Peace Mandira Bedi
2 Tulsi (Mother of Peace) Mohini Sharma
3 victory Amit Behl
4 Sekhar Anoop Soni
5 Kamesh Mahadevan yet again
6 Raj G. J. Lion immortal sword
7 Somesh Mahadevan Vijay Aidasani
8 Ayesha Mahadevan Sumukhi Pendse
9 Nidhi Mahadevan First Iravati Hershey and later Richa Ahuja
10 Ramesh Mahadevan Jitu Shastri
11 Indu Singh Anita Kanwal
12 Nihal Sanjeev Kapadia
13 Spell Sukanya Kulkarni
14 Rohan Singh First Salim Fatehi and later Shoaib Junaid
15 Sasha First Amikeya Singh and later Ashwani Kalsekar
16 Bhandari Sunil Shende
17 Mannu (Elder son of Bhandari) Rajesh Tailang
18 Nanu (Bhandari’s younger son) Rajesh Jais
19 Ranjana (Sister of Ayesha Mahadevan) Shilpa Tulaskar
20 Sundari (Ayesha’s mother) Naina Apte
21 beauty’s husband Ashok Banthia
22 Earth Prithvi Zutshi
23 bindiya Supriya Karnik
24 bindiya’s mother Neelima Azeem
25 Sanjay aman verma

Ultimately, in a nutshell, “Shanti – Ek Aurat Ki Kahani” brought about a revolution in the history of Indian television. After the successful telecast of this serial, the daily soap opera started and the attraction of the people towards television increased. On the other hand, with the success of the story revolving around a woman, the television serial makers also got a recipe to weave the story keeping the woman in the center and make her successful. If we talk about this serial, then all the actors including Mandira Bedi had contributed to the success of the serial by acting strong, which people still remember and will continue to do.

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