Satyanarayan Pooja in Marathi – Satyanarayanachi Katha Pdf, सत्यनारायणाची कथा MP3 Song Download

Worshiping the truth in the form of Narayan is the Katha and Pooja of Satyanarayan Bhagwan. Its second meaning is that only Narayan is the truth in the world, the rest is Maya or Mohh. The whole world is contained in Truth alone. Only with the help of truth, the rest of the Lord sustains the earth. According to the belief, this is the story of the true form of Lord Vishnu. Although Lord Vishnu is worshiped in many forms, his Satyanarayan form is mentioned in this story.

Lord Vishnu himself has given the description of Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Katha (सत्यनारायणाची कथा) on the request of Devarshi Narad ji with his own mouth. Lord Shree Satyanarayan is the fulfiller of all desires, the destroyer of all sufferings. By fasting, worshiping and listening to the story of Lord Sri Satyanarayan with a true heart, one definitely gets benefits. If you also want to fast and Pooja of Satyanarayan then you can do it anytime but if you choose the day of Purnima, Sankranti or Thursday then it is best. According to the Hindi Panchag, Satyanarayanachi Vrat Katha is worshiped on every full moon. The Narayan form of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu is worshiped on this day.

By observing this fast, along with the annihilation of sorrow and sorrow from the life of the fast, happiness, peace, and prosperity comes in life, son is attained and one gets the boon of victory everywhere. This fast does not require any specific date.

Here we have to go to write the post on Shree Satyanarayan Pooja in the Marathi language with PDF file download format so that Devotees can easily download on this mobile phone. Also giving you Satyanarayan Katha (सत्यनारायणाची कथा) and pooja/puja in MP3 song format as well. Just go through the below full post of Aika Satyanarayanachi Vrat Katha online and puja Vidhi in Marathi lyrics.

Satyanarayan Pooja in Marathi (Puja Samagri List)

Check out the list of Sri Satyanarayanachi Vrat pooja Samagri list in Marathi to worship the Hindu god Vishnu. Satyanarayan Vrat pooja gives you blessings of health, wealth, prosperity, good education, and relief from troubles and sickness.

  • १. देठासह विड्याची पाने – २५
  • २.सुपाऱ्या – ३१
  • ३.नारळ – ६
  • ४.आंब्याचे डहाळे (उपलब्धतेनुसार) – २
  • ५.चौरंग – १
  • ६.पाट – ३
  • ७.ताम्हने (पडघे) – २
  • ८.तांब्या पळी पंचपात्र – १ संच
  • ९.जानवी – २
  • १०.घंटा – १
  • ११.समई – १/२
  • १२.आरत्या/निरांजने – ५/६
  • १३.किमान पाच प्रकारची पाच फळे
  • १४.तांदूळ कमीत कमी १ किलो
  • १५.बंदे रुपये – ११
  • १६.पंचामृत = दुध, दही, तूप, मध, साखर एकत्र करून एका वाटीत
  • १७.नैवेद्यासाठी सुक्या खोबऱ्याच्या वाटीच्या छोट्या छोट्या ३/४ तुकड्यांवर छोटे छोटे गुळाचे खडे
  • १८.हळद, कुंकू, गुलाल, पिंजर, अबीर, बुक्का, रांगोळी, लहान लहान वाटीत घालून वाट्या एका ताटात ठेवाव्या.
  • १९.अत्तर, उदबत्ती, कपूर, धूप, वाती/फुलवाती, कापसाची वस्त्रे.
  • २०.नानाप्रकारची फुले. त्यात काही लाल रंगाची असावी.
  • २१.दुर्वा कमीत कमी ३० व बेल व तुळशी १००० पाने (दुर्वा ३ पानी किंवा ५ पानी असाव्या.)
  • २२.रक्तचंदन किंवा चंदन उगाळून (हे शक्य नसल्यास बाजारात चंदन पावडर मिळते. थोडी पावडर घेउन त्यात पाणी घालून पेस्ट करावी.
  • २३.हातपुश्या ( नेप्कीन किंवा ओला पंचा घट्ट पिळून.)
  • – केळीचे किंवा कर्दळीचे खांब ४
  • – बाळकृष्णाची किंवा श्रीविष्णूची मूर्ती.
  • – फुलवाती तेलात भिजवून घातलेली निरांजने किमान तीन
  • ( एक निरांजनाची आरती नैवेद्यापूर्वी व दोन निरांजानांची महाआरती नैवेद्यानंतर, शिवाय कापूर आरती वेगळी )

In their worship of sri Satyanarayan, we need apart from banana leaves and fruits, Panchamrit, Panchagavya, betel nut, betel, sesame, moli, roli, kumkum, durva are needed from which God is worshipped. For the worship of Satyanarayan, Panchamrit is prepared by mixing milk, honey, banana, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves, dry fruits, which is very much liked by God. In the form of prasad, apart from fruits, confectionery, roasted flour and mixed with sugar, a prasad is made, which is called Sattu (Panjiri), which is also enjoyed.

श्रीसत्यनारायण कथा – Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi Android App

श्रीसत्यनारायण कथा – Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi iOS – iPhone App

Satyanarayan Pooja Samagri List (Materials) in English

Satyanarayan Pooja Samagri List (Materials) in English

Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )

Click Here for PDF Download

Most of Hindus have a tradition of doing the Shri Satyanarayan katha in the first of the houses when there is an opportunity for any virtual work, which has been going on for the last many years. The सत्यनारायणाची कथा is prevalent in the world. The Satyanarayan Vrat Katha of the true form of Lord Vishnu is considered as the most revered fasting story among Hindus.

Some people organize this Katha on the fulfillment of the wish, some others regularly. Satyanarayanachi Vrat Katha has two parts, Vrat-worship and Katha. Satyanarayan Vrat katha has been compiled from Rewakhand (Rewakhand) of Skanda Purana. God is worshiped in many forms, among them his Satyanarayan form is mentioned in this story. In its original text, about 170 verses are available in Sanskrit language, which are divided into five chapters. There are two main themes of this story – one of which is forgetting the resolution and the other is the insult of Prasad.

Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )
Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )
Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )
Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )
Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )
Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi PDF (सत्यनारायणाची कथा )

Satyanarayana Vrat Katha in Hindi PDF

Click Here for PDF Download

Satyanarayana Vrat Katha in Hindi
Satyanarayana Vrat Katha in Hindi
Satyanarayana Vrat Katha in Hindi

Satyanarayan Katha and Pooja in Marathi MP3 Song Download

Satyanarayan Katha FAQs

How to do Satyanarayan pooja at home, step-by-s

Here we have updated all details of Lord Satyanarayan Bhagwan pooja Samagri list and Satyanarayan Vrat Katha in Marathi
White Altar Cloth
Brass Kalash with Nariyal
Hindu Tilak set
Gomutra – 30 ml
Gangajal – 100 ml
Rosewater – 100 ml
Dry Coconut (Khobra vati)
Ghee diya – set of 5
Ghee – 100 ml
Dhoop stick – 50 gms
Supari (betel nut)
Puja Coin (German silver)
Akshat – 50 gms

How to download Satyanarayan Pooja Vidhi in Marathi PDF free?

Check out the post in which we have attached a pdf file of Satyanarayan Katha and pooja in Marathi.

How to download Satyanarayan Katha in Marathi Mp3 song or audio?

Check here all details in my post of a section of Satyanarayan Katha in Mp3 song version. Here you can download and listen online as well.

How to do Satyanarayan Puja at home without pandit?

Yes, it is possible, here we have mentioned Satyanarayan Puja and Katha. you can read and do at home without pandit.

Which day is best for Satyanarayan Katha?

Thursday is the best day for Satyanarayan Katha. Or as per the ritual you can do anytime or day to perform the Satyanarayan Katha.

What is the Satyanarayan Puja Samagri list pdf?

Yes, you can find here Shri Satyanarayan pooja samagri list in marathi, Hindi and English.

Where can I find the Satyanarayan Katha PDF online?

Here you can find the Satyanarayan Katha PDF online. This post is specially witteen for devotees one can easily find.

How Can I do Satyanarayan Pooja in myself?

Here we have mentioned steps or Satyanarayan pooja and Vrat Katha so you can follow my post to do Satyanarayan Pooja in Marathi myself.

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