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Sad Shayari – Deepawali

Hindi Kavita Poem1


Sad Love Breakup Shayari In Hindi The compilation has been done for you, if you like it, then do share it. Heartbreak in love is made for you. Only then does the real feeling of love happen. It is not easy to express your emotion in words, but many poets make it easy. But it is said that love makes poetry, read further some sad sad poetry (Dukh Dard Bhari Shayari) which have come out of my heart, do they reach your heart.

sad sad poetry

Sad Love Breakup Shayari In Hindi

  • smile comes on the face
    before I miss you

the lips tremble
before taking your name

Why did those moments become memories like this?
Whom I used to be afraid to forget even by mistake


  • I left my heart
    Loneliness has held hands with love
    I am so proud today
    good feelings left
    But there will be no loneliness
Sad Love or Breakup SMS Shayari


  • We know the value of tears
    Till we were together there was no sorrow
    felt it as soon as he changed his side
    A priceless treasure got lost today


  • I never understood the language of love
    Never put feelings in words
    Didn’t know they were waiting for words
    We kept talking with our eyes, those stones left us thinking of hearts


  • Love has become a fashion in the 21st century
    The sea of ​​feelings has turned salty
    Now there are songs of love in the drain of the locality
    Know in what depth true love is buried


  • we said goodbye laughing
    But there was a memory of him in every tear
    whenever it was dark with me
    my eyes told the truth


  • love never tries to get
    does not expect happiness for himself
    who has loved without any desire
    his heart is never afraid of hate
  • love is not money that ends by sharing
    Love is the treasure that grows by sharing.


  • memories never fade
    memories never ask for anything

memories are sweet
but never leave


  • don’t lose your tears
    it’s a sign of love
    What was said, what is the pain
    Laughing silently is the real life


Dukh Dard Bhari Hindi Shayari Here are some shayari full of heartache, if you like it, then do share it.

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