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What is Robot.txt file and why it is important for SEO

What is Robot.txt file and why it is important for SEO
What is Robot.txt file and why it is important for SEO

What is Robot.txt File, How to add in blog, ( SEO, Generator, Checker, Blogger, WordPress, Use )

Are your Blog Post’s Crawl and Index not being able to be as you want? Do you know what is Robots.txt File? What are the Benefits of Robots.txt File? How to add a Robot.txt file to Blogger and WordPress? Often new bloggers have many problems due to not knowing about the Robots.txt file properly.

NP Digital’s Co-founder , according to Neil Patel, Robotsktxt File File available on the Internet a little bit of Post all Website Text File is | Robots.txt file is specially made for Search Engine and SEO . Robots.txt file helps a lot in ranking your post. But still, many bloggers do not understand its value. Are you one of them too? If yes, it is not good for your website.

If you want your website to rank well in the search engine like other bloggers, then you will get all the information related to Robots.txt File in this article that Robots.txt File kya hai, Robot.txt file for SEO. Why is it necessary?

This article is going to be very useful for you, so do not miss a single point of it

What is Robot.txt File?

Robots.txt file is also called robots exclusion protocol. Robots.txt file is known as a text file. Robots.txt File tells Google’s Web Robots what is worth crawling in your post and what is not. Robots.txt File sends the command given by you to the Search Engine.

There are many bloggers who do not yet know that Robots.txt File kya hota hai. From the name of Robots.txt File, it must be guessed that it is an extension of Text File in which you can write only text.

In other words, if you want to show a page from your blog in the search engine or if you want that your page does not appear in the search engine, then you should give all these things in Robots.txt file .

In this way, later when the search engine like Google, Bing or Yaho o starts indexing your post, then the search engine will get an instruction from the Robot.txt file. In which there will be a message that what are the things of that blog. Which one has to be indexed and which one does not.

It Your Blog Post would be the biggest advantage of the SEO Friendly is | By which the search engine easily understands which part to index and which not to do.

Why Robots.txt file is important for SEO?

Now you know what is Robots.txt File. Now understand why Robots.txt File is important for SEO. Robots.txt File plays a very important role in Technical SEO . While doing SEO of your post, you should keep in mind that you must add Robots.txt file to it.

Because when you submit the Sitemap of your post to Google search console once, then Google’s bots come to your post and if they do not find the Robots.txt file there, then in that situation they will crawl and crawl the content of your entire post. starts indexing.

In this, even those content gets indexed which you did not want them to be. SEO does not have a good impact in this process. Indexing the content with Google’s Crawlers instruction, hence the Robots.txt file is used.

What are the Benefits of Robots.txt File?

Now you have understood why Robots.txt File kya hai, Robots.txt File is important for SEO. Now know what are the advantages of Robots.txt File.

1. Robots.txt File makes any section of the website private.
2. Low quality page of any website can be blocked through Robots.txt file.
3. Robots.txt File is very useful in improving any website with useless SEO.
4. Robots.txt file instructs the search engine bots to crawl and index the content in the proper way.
5. Robots.txt File tells the search engine bots which part of the content to crawl and which part not.

Important things related to Robots.txt File

Now let me tell you about some important things related to Robots.txt File which are used in Robots.txt File.

  • Allow- When you have something in your Text file which is Allow, then this means that the part in the search engines want to show 
  • Disallow – If you disallow any of your posts, it means that you do not want them to appear in the search engine.
  • User agent – With the help of this, you can show the people visiting your blog whatever you want to show them. Like- source of the image or where is the file saved, etc.
  • User Agent Media Partners Google (user-agent: Media Partners Google) – You can use this to hide your Adsense code from visitors. But let us tell you that if you disallow it, then Google Adsense will not be able to show ads on your blog or page at all. It would be better to keep it allowed.

How To Add Robots.txt File In Blogger?

Due to the new update in Blogger, the way to add Robots.txt file has changed, in which you have to first go to Settings and then allow Custom enable robots.txt in Settings.

Whenever you want to make your blog SEO Friendly , then Robot.txt file is used at that time. But most people leave it that way. But Blogger is an ideal Post Best Robot.txt File Create lets |

But let us tell you here that if you have migrated your blog from Blogspot to WordPress, then you must use this feature.

In this way you can easily use Robot.txt File in your Blogger with ease. By the way, I will give you the same opinion that if you do not use this feature on Blogger, then it will be better for you. And you must use this feature if your website is on WordPress.

How to Add Robots.txt File in WordPress?

  • If you are using WordPress you Yost SEO will know of course about (Yoast SEO) and have him Install will be done |
  • To add Robots.txt File, you go to Yoast SEO of your website and click on Tools and press the button of file editor .
  • Now here’s your website , copy the Sitemap by Paste turn and then press Save Changing to Robots text button | just then Your Robots.txt File will add to WordPress |

Robot.txt File Some other information

file nameRobot.txt File
where do you usein website
what do you useto command search engines
how to add itIn WordPress, Robot.txt is managed by Yoast SEO and by Google itself in Blogspot settings.


Q: What is the function of Robot.txt File?

Ans: To give command to the search engines.  

Q: Where is the Robot.txt file present in a website?

Ans: In the root folder of the website.

Q: Is it necessary to use Robot.txt file for blog or website?

Ans: Yes.

Q: What happens if Robot.txt File is not used?

Ans: In this way the search engine can index all the things.

Q: Should be used in Robot.txt file or in WordPress?

Ans: In WordPress.

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